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Carisma GTB Belt Drive Buggy 16th Scale
Carisma Racing has been a force to be reckoned with in the UK micro racing scene and they have just announced their latest and greatest, the GTB Belt Driven 16 Scale Buggy. This electric off-roader should be a blast in small areas such as a carpet off-road track, and is loaded with features. Belt drive is new for the GTB, and the buggy also comes with ball diffs front/rear, large aluminum oil filled shocks, a new clear “cab forward” body, and a slipper clutch.

Horizon Hobby has been known to carry certain Carisma products here in the states, but it sounds like they are not carrying any of their new stuff. CML Distributing will carry the Carisma GTB for all you lucky drivers in the UK.

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Check out the video below for an even closer look into the making of the Carisma GTB Buggy.

You can also get more info and details here at the Carisma Website

Team Associated RC10B4.2 Factory Team Kit
The Associated RC10B4 platform has been around for over a decade now, but it keeps getting better and better, and most importantly, it keeps on winning. The latest revision to the B4 is the new B4.2 Factory Team edition. The B4.2 FT comes with all the latest uber pieces right in the box, saving you loads of money on hop-ups. Some of the revisions include-

* Factory Team 12mm “Big Bore” hard anodized aluminum threaded shocks
* TiN “Gold” 3mm shock shafts
* VTS slipper assembly featuring a high-resolution spring
* Factory Team blue aluminum bellcrank set
* Factory Team 12mm blue aluminum front and rear clamping hexes with hex wheels
* Factory Team 7075-T6 blue aluminum 0° rear hubs with oversized outer bearing
* +8mm B4 chassis and Pro-Line Bulldog +8mm body
* Updated shock towers optimized for the 12mm “Big Bore” shocks
* Ball differential with light-weight out-drives
* Factory Team carbon fiber battery strap and blue aluminum thumb screws
* CVA joints with pin retainer clips
* Factory Team rear ballast weight
* Factory Team blue titanium turnbuckles
* Complete set of precision ball bearings
* Factory Team blue aluminum hinge pin brace, milled motor plate, and servo mounts
* Part number- #9041

We have not received any pricing or release date information on this one yet, but HERE is the link to the official Team Associated website to check out all their fine products.

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Atomik V2MR Buggy Video
The new buggy from Atomik, their V2MR 10th scale 2wd buggy, has been teased for over a year now. To get you extra stoked on picking one up, Atomik has just released a new video featuring the V2MR. The video below showcases some of the excellent features of the buggy, and it has some nice action shots to boot. Check out the video to get your daily rc fix started, and hit up the Atomik Website for more information on the V2MR and all their other products.

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Hobao Hyper H2 Pro Buggy
New from Hobao is their Hyper H2 Pro 2wd electric buggy kit. The old school 2wd buggy class is still popular at certain tracks and the new H2 should be a nice option for those looking for something different. Some of the features and specs include-

* Rear or mid motor configurations
* 3 or 4 gear tranny
* CNC machined hard coated chassis
* 12mm Big bore aluminium oil filled shocks
* Aluminium inboard suspension mounts
* Rear CVD driveshafts
* Gear differential
* Dual pad slipper assembly
* Fully sealed ball bearings
* Adjustable turnbuckles
* Inline battery placement
* Accepts normal sized packs, shorties, and end-to-end saddle packs
* Clear lexan body
* 12mm Hex for wheels
* Metric hex screws throughout
* Fully adjustable suspension
* Length: 411mm
* Width: 250mm
* Height: 145mm
* Wheelbase: 285mm
* Front Track: 247mm
* Rear Track: 250mm
* Weight: 1250 grams
* Part number: #HBH2ES

The H2 Pro is being distributed by CML in the UK, but no word on a price or release date for the states. Hit up the official Hobao Website for more information on the H2 Pro and all their other fine products.

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Pro-line Racing ION 2wd and 4wd rear tires and 4wd fronts
Pro-Line ION tires have been a popular choice in 8th scale racing for quite some time. Pro-Line recently released a teaser picture of their new ION tires for 10th scale buggy. The new ION’s will be available in 2wd/4wd rears, in 4wd fronts, and should hook up quite well at your local indoor track. Look for more information on these soon, but until then check out the rest of Pro-Lines fine products on their Official Website. When there, don’t forget they have an Epic Huge Contest going on!

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Schumacher Cat K1 Buggy
Schumacher teased us last week but now they’ve released full information on their all new uber 4wd race buggy, the Cat K1. If you are looking to go really, really fast off-road, the Cat K1 looks up to job. Some of the features and specs include-

* New Optimized 2 belt transmission with efficient low tension belts running on large CNC machined pulleys.
* New 2.0mm aluminium chassis with aerospace grade carbon fiber top deck.
* New Molded side pods for superb dirt protection.
* New Mid motor layout with adjustable motor position.
* New Chassis mounted, angled steering bell cranks for low C of G.
* New Steering rack design for improved dynamic ackerman throughout the steering range.
* New Long top deck for superior flex characteristics.
* New Black anodized components for the aggressive stealth look. (We call that “murdered out” here in America)
* New Medium flex suspension arms as standard.
* New Stronger pivot blocks and pivot block mounting system.
* New ‘High agility’ small bore shocks with big bore springs, titanium nitride shafts, threaded collars and twin o-ring sealing.
* New Machined tapered pistons with different colors for easy identification.
* New Optimum weight distribution with adjustable saddle pack layout.
* New Larger layshaft bearings.
* New Belt adjustment for consistent driveshaft geometry at all belt tensions.
* New Cab forward body shell for improved jump handling, bump stability and high speed cornering.
* New Large high down force rear wing enhances cab forward aero package.
* Super free, limited slip ball diffs with extreme high strength silicone nitride balls.
* Strong steel universal driveshafts.
* Rubber sealed, super precision ball bearings throughout.
* Smooth twin pad vented slipper with easy access adjustment.
* Unique motor clamp mount to fine tune weight distribution.
* Optional gear diff available.
* Rigid 4mm aero space carbon fiber shock towers.

Hit up the official Schumacher Website for more information on the Cat K1 and all of their other fine products. While you are at it, click This Link to view more Schumacher news right here on BigSquidRC.

Schumacher CAT K1 Comp 4wd Electric Buggy
The guys across the pond at Schumacher put out a teaser today about their new CAT K1 4wd Buggy that is close to release. The new K1 is slated as new uber high end 10th scale racing rig, but we’ll have to wait a while longer to learn all the juicy details. Will it have shaft drive? Will it have an aluminum chassis? Time will tell. Till then, hit up the Official Schumacher Site to see what other fine products they have.

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Yokomo B-MAX2RS 2wd Electric Buggy Kit
Are you “one of those guys” that likes driving something different than the rest of the people in the pits? Check out this new Yokomo B-Max2RS 10th scale 2wd buggy kit. The new B-Max2RS is a lower priced alternative to Yokomo’s high end B-Max2, making it a bit more attractive to the bashing crowd. Check out some of the features-

* Newly developed 3 gear tranny for rear motor set-up
* Gear differential
* Full ball bearings
* Plastic bodied oil shocks
* Newly designed molded main chassis for mid or rear motor mounting
* Newly designed aluminum rear suspension mount  
* Cab-forward type body shell
* Steel turnbuckles
* Dual pad slipper clutch
* Aluminum front brace
* ‘C-clip’ universal shafts
* Gokuraku off-road wing
* Pinion gear and wheels included
* Tires not included

Look for a release date of late December and hit up THIS link for more information on the official Yokomo website.

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Caster Racing V3 US Spec S10B Perfect 10 Pro Kit
Winter is the time that many rc drivers grab their favorite 10th scale 4wd buggy and head to their nearest indoor track. Caster Racing USA has a pretty trick 4wd 10th scale buggy, the V3 US Spec S10B Perfect 10 Pro Kit. The crew over at Caster have bullet proofed the Perfect 10 buggy and it should be quite a weapon for racing or hardcore bashing. Some of the features and specifications include-

* 4wd shaft drive system
* High grade T6 aluminum chassis
* Super low center of gravity Lexan cab forward body
* Adjustable slipper clutch
* Center diff
* Uses saddle pack batteries
* All new captured CVD’s
* 13mm big bore shocks
* 2mm pin, pro hexes
* Hardened out-drives
* Gear diffs
* Metal ring and pinion gears
* Part #S10B V3

Street price for the 2013 Perfect 10 buggy kit is $360 and you can get even more information on all of Caster Racing USA’s products by visiting their Official Website.

Looking for more Caster news? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

X-Ray XB4 4wd buggy teaser
X-Ray has recently released a teaser for their upcoming 10th scale 4wd electric buggy, the XB4. This will be X-Ray’s first foray into a 10th scale dirt machine, and it should present quite a challenge to other buggies in its category like the Team Associated B44.1. The new XB4 is rumored to have- shaft drive, metal gear diffs, ultra fast diff removal, big bore shocks, and easy chassis flex adjustment. There is a lot more information to come on this one, keep your eye on BigSquid’s X-Ray News Section and on the official X-Ray Website.

Pro-Line Blockade Mx Compound 8th scale buggy tires
Our favorite tires for track use are Pro-Line Blockades. Blockades give fantastic traction and wear a long time, what’s not to like? Recently, Pro-line has announced their extremely popular Blockade 8th scale buggy tires are now available in MX (blue groove) compound. Pro-Line’s MX compound is specifically designed for hot outdoor blue groove outdoor tracks where premature wear can become a big problem. The MX compound gives you a more stable tire with high wear resistance.

Part number on the new Blockades is #9039-16, street pricing is $25 per pair, and you can hit up the official Pro-Line Website for more information.

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Tamiya RC Fighter Buggy SV - DT02
The crew over at Tamiya have recently announced their new entry level off-road buggy, the Fighter Buggy SV – DT02. This 2wd electric 10th scale buggy isn’t some high end race machine, rather it is intended for entry level drivers or general bashing. Some of the features and specs include-

* Kit that requires assembly
* Gear differential
* Fully independent double wishbone suspension
* Bell crank steering
* Plastic bodied oil filled shocks
* Clear polycarbonate body
* 540-brushed type motor
* Shielded ball bearings
* Composite chassis
* Adjustable camber
* Adjustable front toe
* Adjustable ride height
* Adjustable shock angle
* Requires: 7.2 battery & charger, radio gear, servo, receiver, polycarbonate paint
* Part #58553

Expect a street price of about $150 with an availability date of November. For more information click THIS link for the official Tamiya USA website.

Looking for even more Tamiya news? THIS is the link you want.

The folks from Duratrax have released an official video for their DXR8-E 1/8 Buggy. As always, it’s a very well done video, and may help you make a decision if you are on the fence about picking one up!

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