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Team C TC02C Evo Buggy

Team C TC02C Evo 1/10 2WD Mid Motor Buggy

While it may be blazing hot outside right now, the indoor season is right around the corner. For all you guys headed indoors in a couple of months, Team C has announced their latest 1/10 2wd buggy called the TC02C Evo. The Evo is loaded with many popular features and comes in a mid motor configuration for high bite surfaces. Some [...]


Team Associated

Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team Buggy Kit

The guys over at Team Associated have shot out a press release to let everyone know about the B44.3 buggy kit. The B44 series of 4wd buggies have been quite popular among the racing crowd, the latest version has received more updates to make it better than ever. The biggest news on the B44.3 is its aluminum chassis. The hard anodized [...]


Pro-Line Tires

New Electron and LockDown Buggy Tires from Pro-Line

Pro-Line has announced several new tires for your racing/bashing pleasure. First up are several new Electron VTR 2.4″ buggy front tires. There are four new sets of these available- M4 and MC compound for both 2wd and 4wd 1/10 buggies. These are all priced at $20 per pair. For the 8th scale buggy crowd, Pro-Line has announced a bunch of [...]


Kyosho Dirt Hog Type 2 4WD Buggy

Kyosho Dirt Hog Type 2 4WD Buggy

For those of you looking for an affordable 4wd buggy, Kyosho has just announced their Dirt Hog Type 2. The Dirt Hog should handle well due to its low buggy center of gravity, while its 4wd should help it get through grass and rough terrain. Oil filled shocks, slipper clutch, and adjustable camber links come as standard equipment. The Dirt [...]


Tamiya Hornet Black Metallic

Tamiya Limited Edition Black Metallic Hornet Buggy Kit

The Tamiya Hornet has been on the market a very long time, 30 years in fact, and over all those years it has brought many people into our fine hobby. The latest Hornet is a Limited Edition Black Metallic version. This Hornet is much the same as previous versions, but comes with a pre-cut/pre-painted black metallic polycarbonate body and wing, [...]


Team Durango DEX210v2 Review

Review – Team Durango DEX210v2 1/10 2wd Buggy

THE Team Durango DEX210v2 Buggy ReviewIf you are an “old timer” then you probably spent years driving/racing/bashing a 2wd tenth scale buggy. Now days the class has had a resurgence in popularity, making it arguably bigger than it has ever been. The “new crop” of 2wd buggies are loaded with tech from front to rear, and one of the companies [...]


Pro-Line Velocity VTR 2.4 2WD 4wd Hex Front Wheels

Pro-Line Velocity VTR 2.4″ 2WD & 4wd Hex Front Wheels

To run the new high-zoot 2.4″ tires from Pro-Line you are going to need the appropriate wheels. No worries mate, as Pro-Line has announced VTR 2.4″ Front Wheels for an array of tenth scale race machines. The VTR wheels are larger in diameter and come with the 8th scale buggy style bead needed to run the latest generation of race [...]


Pro-Line Electron VTR 2.4" Buggy Rear Tires

Pro-Line Electron VTR 2.4″ Buggy Rear Tires

2.4″, 8th scale type bead tires are all the rage in the 10th scale class now days, and Pro-Line has announced their latest entry into the class, Electron rear tires. These are part of their VTR line-up, meaning they are 2.4″ in size with the new style (for tenth scale) beads. The tread design on the Electrons is best suited [...]


Schumacher 2 row stud tires

Schumacher 2 Row Stud Front Tires

Schumacher has announced they are bringing back their 2 x 20 Stud front buggy tires. Stud tires are designed to penetrate and find traction in surfaces such as grass and AstroTurf, making them a good option for you guys that like to bash on the greener side of the fence. Schumacher is producing them in their long wearing yellow compound [...]


Sworkz S350 BE1 EVO USA

SWorkz USA Edition S350 BE1 EVO Pro Buggy Kit

If you want to go “really big” and “really fast”, an 8th scale brushless buggy is hard to beat. The latest to be announced is a new USA Edition of the SWorkz S350 BE1 EVO 8th scale buggy. What makes it the USA Edition? A number of upgrades for our style of tracks. These upgrades include- * 2.0 Pro Shocks w/ [...]


Kyosho Lazer ZX6

Kyosho Lazer ZX6 4wd Buggy Kit

The latest vehicle in the “6 series” line-up from Kyosho is their Lazer ZX6 4wd Buggy. Using a 7075 hard anodized aluminum chassis, the ZX6 has received multiple updates to make it the best 4wd from Kyosho to date. * High down force cab forward body * Heavy duty drive train * Diffs use Tungsten diff balls * Can use shorty or saddle packs * [...]


Tamiya TRF201XM Buggy

Tamiya TRF201XM 2wd Buggy Kit

There seems to be a never ending stream of high-end 2wd race buggies hitting the market, the latest is the Tamiya TRF201XM. The TRF201XM kit not only comes standard with a mid-motor conversion, but also comes with more goodies to make it extra trick. * Includes ball and gear diffs * Redesigned chassis, motor plate, and suspension mounts * New carbon fiber rear [...]


Team Durango DEX210v2 Unboxing

Unboxing – Team Durango DEX210v2 Buggy Kit

Team Durango, the relatively young company known for their high end race machines, recently announced their latest weapon for the 2wd buggy class, the DEX210v2. We recently got one in our hands, as we cracked it open we took pictures to show you what it looks like inside the box. The 210v2 is a kit, so inside you’ll find multiple [...]


Kyosho Scorpion

Kyosho Scorpion 2wd Buggy Re-Release

After a full week of teasing, Kyosho has released pictures and information on their upcoming re-release of the legendary 1/10 Scorpion 2wd Buggy. While the buggy retains the classic look of the original, it features some upgrades to increase durability. The re-release uses 48 pitch gears and a modern slipper clutch to put the power to the ground, while higher [...]


VBC Firebolt DM Buggy

Teaser – VBC Firebolt DM 2wd Buggy

The 2wd buggy class keeps on chugging along. It was all the rage for years, then got slow, and in the last few years it has really taken off again. The light, agile buggies simply work well in numerous conditions. The latest entry into the class is the Firebolt DM from VBC Racing. The 3D teaser shots show the Firebolt DM [...]