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T-Bone Racing Traxxas E-Revo
The crew over at T-Bone Racing are now offering a full protection set for the mighty Traxxas E-Revo. The set contains their 3 piece front bumper, full chassis skid, and monster rear bumper to give your E-Revo maximum protection while bashing.

The part number is #62141, it has a street price of $65, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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TBR T-Bone Racing Extra Bumper Support
Why would you need a “rear bumper support”? If you don’t know why, then you don’t need one. However, if you are a hardcore basher you’ve already destroyed a dozen rear bumpers from demo-derby and rear-end landings and you know they aren’t cheap to replace.

T-Bone RacingT-Bone Racing (aka- TBR) has just released a new rear bumper support for the Losi XXX-SCT. The rear bumper support will help keep your stock bumper intact during even the most hardcore of bash sessions.

How much does one of these go for? Well street price is a measly $18 and you can pick one up right now off the TBR Website.

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THE RPM RC Products Hop-Ups for Losi Ten SCTE Review

RPM Losi SCTE Parts

Your truck is not a true bash-mobile unless it has RPM parts on it. In our quest to make our Losi SCTE the most bash-worthy truck possible, we installed a bunch of RPM hop-up parts. Today we’ll be taking a closer look, are the RPM Losi SCTE hop-up parts worth the cash? Read on…


TBR Bumper Wheelie Bar Duratrax VW Baja Bug
All you bigtime Duratrax VW Baja Bug bashers should be interested to see the latest from the crew over at T-Bone Racing. TBR has just announced a new rear bumper/wheelie bar combo for your bug. This not only protects the rear of your chassis and motor, but also helps you hold longer wheelies for maximum bashing fun.

Longer screws are supplied to mount the bumper and its made out of tough nylon to withstand your serious abuse. It also comes with the TBR B205 T-Bar and 1-1/4″ solid tires w/aluminum wheels. Lifetime warranty is included, street price is $25, and they are available right now. Hit up the official T-Bone Racing Website for more information.

TGIF, we never thought we would make it, but alas, the world actually didn’t end. To celebrate hit THIS BSRC mystery link.

T-Bone Racing TBR Racer Front Bumper Traxxas Rally Car
The Traxxas Rally Car is now out in full force, sliding, drifting, and jumping around local bash spots. The crew over at T-Bone Racing/TBR have created a new racer style front bumper for all you Traxxas Rally Car bash-a-holics. The new front bumper provides protection across the entire front of the car and is made from durable nylon with a rubber edging. The bumper comes with all the mounting screws you’ll need in addition to TBR stickers and has a street price of $15. Hit up the TBR Website for complete details.

Looks like we made it guys, TGIF.

T-Bone Racing Basher Front Bumper Traxxas Maximum Destruction
Are you looking for maximum protection on your new Traxxas Maximum Destruction monster jam replica truck? If so, check out the new basher series front bumper from T-Bone Racing. The new front bumper is big, wide, and made out of tough nylon to take the toughest of hits. The bumper includes stainless steel mounting screws, stickers, and T-Bone Racing’s lifetime warranty. Street price is $12 and you can get more information on all of TBR’s products on their Official Website.

TGIF, the weekend is upon us, time to get outside and bash it up!

T-Bone Racing 1 Piece SC Racer Losi Ten SCTE Rear Bumper
The latest addition to the product catalog over at T-Bone Racing is their SC Racer Rear Bumper for the Losi Ten SCTE short course truck. This new rear bumper is a one piece design for extra durability. Some of the other features include-

* Comes with lifetime unlimited replacement warranty
* One TBR SC Racer rear bumper
* One TBR nylon brace
* Lightweight
* Fits inside the body (width wise)
* Comes with mounting screws and lock nuts
* Two TBR decals
* Part #37185

Street price on this item is $17 and they are available for sale right now. Hit up the official TBR Website for more information.

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T-Bone Racing Basher Front Bumper ARRMA Granite
The ARRMA Granite is one of our favorite bash machines. The guys over at T-Bone Racing have developed an extra wide basher front bumper just for the Granite to make it even tougher than it already is. Some of the features are-

* Bolts under chassis with 4 longer screws
* Made out of tough nylon
* Comes with TBR decals
* Lifetime warranty
* Part #10008

Street price is $12 and they are available right now. Hit up the T-Bone Racing Website for more information.

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T-Bone Racing TBR Losi 8IGHT Rear Bumper Wheelie Bar
The Losi Mini 8IGHT is a popular little bash machine now days. It handles well and has lots of wheelie popping power. The guys over at T-Bone Racing are bumper specialists, so for the Losi Mini 8IGHT that created a tough rear bumper that also works as a wheelie bar. The TBR bumper is made out of tough nylon and features their lifetime warranty. Street price is right around $25 and they are available right now. Check out THIS link on the official TBR website for complete information.

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T-Bone Racing Losi Ten SCTE Bumper
Do you like to slam and bash your Losi Ten SCTE? Yes, you do? So do we! Luckily for us the guys over at T-Bone Racing have come up with a new front bumper to help take those big hits. T-Bone Racing makes their bumpers out of nylon, which must be some pretty tough stuff as they have a lifetime warranty on them. Street price is around $20, and they are available right now. Hit up THIS link for complete information.

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Rampage Bumper for Axial From RC4WD
The guys over at RC4WD have outdone themselves this time with their new Jeep JK Rampage Recovery Bumper for the Axial SCX10. This new RC4WD front bumper is officially licensed and has a long list of features.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction
CNC Machined Bumper
Hand Welded
Black Powder Coat Finish
Bulldog Winch Mounting Holes
5 mm LED Light Openings
Raised Ends for Better Articulation
Better Clearance for Over-sized Tires
Built In Tow Shackle Mount
Corrosion Resistant

Street pricing is expected to be $50 and look for them to be available in early August. Click right HERE for complete information.

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We all like tough stuff and RPM has been one of the great purveyors of such stuff for a long time.  Now they have even more tough stuff for the Baja 5B and 5T drivers in the crowd.  The new rear bumper is a direct drop-in replacement made out of the fancy RPM material that everybody knows and loves.  The design has been tweaked for greater strength but all of the stock geometry has been retained to make it just simply work.  Unlike other RPM parts, this bumper is only available in black.  The MSRP is $18.95 and it’ll be available early August.

Check out the RPM web site for more info.

Have you been sitting there, staring at your Mini E-Revo, thinking “you know… this truck just isn’t blue enough…”  Or maybe red is more your color.  Think no more because RPM has a few new parts for you that WILL make your truck bluer… or redder… which ever you prefer… GUARANTEED!

The new RPM front and rear bumpers will do more than just add a splash of color to your ride though.  You’ll also be adding to the “scale” (I use that word loosely) looks of your M-Rev because these bumpers are designed after that twin tubular style that is popular with full scale off-roaders.  And of course they are molded in RPM’s legendarily tough RPM Material, making them super strong and lightweight.  And, most importantly, they are almost double the width of the stock bumpers, offering that much more protection for your expensive little toy.

Oh and for you Emo kids out there they also offer them in black, so you don’t have to worry about anybody giving you that attention you crave so much.

The front bumper will set you back around $9, the rear is probably gonna go for $10ish.  Check your local hobby shop early next month for these.  Head on over to RPM’s site for more info.