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Canon Camera Drone

Canon PD6E2000-AW-CJ1 Camera Drone

Do you have $40,000 burning a hole in your pocket and can’t find a way to spend it? Canon has just announced their camera drone, the PD6E2000-AW-CJ1. Ok, so 40k is pretty steep, but the Canon is an industrial/professional grade drone designed for the search and rescue market. The drone itself is said to be priced at $20,000, with the [...]


Traveling With a Drone

Have you ever been getting ready for a trip and had the strong urge to bring your drone with you but weren’t really sure if it was allowed?  Well today we are going to talk about taking your drone on a cruise ship. Your experience may differ depending on which cruise line you go with and how shady you look [...]


Ares Quantum FPV

Ares Quantum FPV Drone

When you are looking to get the perfect shot, flying a drone via FPV makes it so much easier. To help you capture the shot you want, Ares has the Quantum FPV Drone. The Quantum FPV is ready to fly and comes with a built-in HD camera for both stills and video. Here are some of its highlights- * High capacity [...]


DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 Camera Drone

Just in time for the holiday season, DJI Innovations has announced the Inspire 2. For you guys that are serious about your camera drones, that should be some big news. The Inspire 2 takes off where the first version left off with a number of improvements. Here is the scoop- * Top speed of 67 mph * 0 to 50mph in 4 [...]


DJI Mavic

DJI Mavic Personal Flying Camera Drone

The latest big news from DJI is the Mavic Personal Flying Camera Drone. The Mavic folds into a very small form factor, making it easy to take anywhere. The same can also be said of its controller, which folds open so you can place your smartphone into it. Of course with it being a DJI product, the Mavic is absolutely [...]


Autel X-Star Premium Camera Drone Review

3DBill here checking out a new ALL-IN-ONE RTF Camera Drone from Autel called the X-Star Premium. This quadcopter / multi-rotor / camera drone, whatever you want to call it, claims to do about everything a new pilot or videographer starting with quads can ask for. Does it deliver? Does it do all the stuff we want? Keep reading to find [...]


GoPro Karma Drone

Meet The GoPro Karma Camera Drone

A company famous for its action cameras, GoPro, announced their very first drone today. That new drone is called the Karma and is set to challenge established camera drones from companies like DJI and Yuneec. GoPro has been teasing a quad for many months, today the Karma has finally been announced and should start hitting retailers in late October, perfect [...]


HobbyZone Rezo

HobbyZone Rezo RTF Ultra Small Camera Quad

Coming soon from HobbyZone is the Rezo Ultra Small Camera Quad. Just like the name states, the Rezo is extra small, allowing it to easily be flown indoors. It also comes loaded with a camera, making it easy to get a feel for shooting video and pictures from an entry level drone. * Altitude hold * Automatic takeoff and landing button * Automatic [...]


Dromida HoverShot

Dromida HoverShot FPV Camera Drone

New from Dromida is the affordable HoverShot FPV Camera Drone. The HoverShot is small in size (a diagonal size of 120 mm) but is big on features. A 720p video camera comes standard and the transmitter comes with a universal mobile phone holder, making it easy to fly via FPV. * Fully assembled with everything in the box needed to fly * [...]


Blade Inductrix FPV

BLADE Inductrix Micro FPV Drone

Making big news in the drone world right now is the Blade Inductrix Micro FPV Drone. The Inductrix FPV brings the thrill of FPV racing to a form factor that can be flown practically anywhere. So what’s the scoop? * Comes as a RTF or a BNF (bind-n-fly) * RTF version comes with 4.3″ monitor * Completely integrated 25mW video transmitter * High performance [...]


Dromida XL Drone

Dromida XL 370 RTF Drones

New from Dromida is the XL 370 RTF Drone and XL 370 FPV Camera Drone. Both units are loaded with features to be easy to fly, safe, and fun. The XL drones have an auto takeoff/landing button that makes getting off the ground and landing extraordinarily easy. It just takes one touch of the takeoff button and the XL will hover [...]


Dromida Kodo HD

Dromida Kodo HD In Stock Now

The good folks at Hobbico just sent out a PR that says the new Dromida Kodo HD is in stock and shipping now. This means you’ll start seeing the super affordable Kodo HD (just $59) showing up at local hobby shops any day now. The Kodo HD comes stock with a tiltable 1080p micro camera and is extremely easy to [...]


Dromida Kodo HD Drone

Dromida Kodo HD Camera Drone

New from the good folks at Dromida is the Kodo HD Camera Drone. Yes indeed, the Kodo HD shoots in 1080p for true high-def images and video. It is also lighter weight than the original Kodo, giving you better response in the air and longer flight times. * 1080p video at 30fps * Weight- 12 grams * Fail-safe * New body * LED lights * Auto-flip [...]


Hover Camera – Autonomous Camera Drone from GetHover

With a dozen new drone releases per week, it’s hard to stand out. The Hover Camera caught my eye big time this week. With its unique form factor, ease of use, stylish design and feature list, the Hover Camera from GetHover promises to be unique. Hover Camera says that their innovative new drone is “the world’s first truly consumer-friendly self-flying camera [...]


Blade Zeyrok Drone

Blade Zeyrok RTF Drone

With a futuristic body and an affordable price point, the new Blade Zeyrok looks like a solid entry into the drone world. So what’s the scoop on the Zeyrok? Well, it comes in three different versions- BNF with SAFE technology, RTR with SAFE technology, and RTF with camera & SAFE technology. It was also designed to be extremely easy to [...]