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Pro-Line Car StandsIt’s hard working on a truck that rolls all over your tailgate or pit table, therefore many hobbyists use car stands when they wrench. We recently got a chance to check out both of the new car stands (1/10 & 1/8) from Pro-Line Racing and here is what we found out-

* We found the PL stands quite sturdy, they could handle the heaviest bashers we popped on them no problem.

* The powder coated finish held up well, even when bouncing around inside our pit box.

* We are used to stands that fold down to save space when not in use. The PL stands are solid but found they still fit easily into a pit box. When not in use we packed ours upside down and stored parts inside of them for a more efficient use of space.

* Our Bash Crew really liked the motocross look of the PL stands.

* The 8th scale stand was plenty tall, even for big monster trucks like the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 and Savage Flux.

Overall we found the Pro-Line car stands to be top notch and well worth the cash. The Pro-Line 8th Scale Stand is priced at $44 while the 10th Scale Stand is $34.

PROTOform Car Stand
Need a new car stand for your touring car or 12th scale pan car? The fine folks over at PROTOform have announced their latest and it looks pretty trick. Made from a tough alloy and power coated black, it makes your car easier to wrench on while making your pit spot look sano. Four rubber grommets are used to keep your car from sliding around, while four holes in the top are perfect for rebuilding shocks.

The part number is #6256-00 and they are street priced at $34. Hit up This Link to get complete details over on PROTOform’s official website.

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Pro-Line Car Stand
A good pit stand makes your car easier to wrench on and can make it look tricker when in the pits. Some of the latest to hit the market are from our friends over at Pro-Line. The new motocross inspired stands from Pro-Line are powder-coated blue and made from a tough alloy. They are made right here in the good old USA and even comes with holes in the top to hold your shocks while you build them.

The part number for the 8th scale version is #6257-00 and it is priced at $44. The 10th scale unit is #6258-00 and comes with a price of $34. Get complete details by hitting up This Link over on Pro-Line’s official website.

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FastLane Machine RC Stand
Have you been looking for a heavy duty car stand for your new rc? The crew over at FastLane Machine have a beefy model that works on everything from 5th scalers on down. Their part number #FLM10 car stand is fully adjustable and is made out of trick looking aluminum. Street price is $150, they are available right now, and you can get more information at This Link.

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RDRP Ultra Car Stand
After a hard day of bashing you are bound to bring home a broken truck. You could sit in your favorite easy chair and wrench with your truck in your lap (losing all your screws and getting dirt everywhere), or you could set up a proper table and do the job right. For those of you that use a pit table Revolution Design Racing Products/RDRP has an uber new Ultra Car Stand that will help make wrenching a breeze. Some of the features are-

* Fits everything from 12th scale pan car to 8th scale trucks
* Foams pads to keep your truck from sliding
* O-rings for smooth movement
* Anti-slip pads secure the base to your table
* Adjustable height- 60 or 70mm
* CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium
* Murdered out in black anodizing

We have not received any pricing or a release date for the Ultra Car Stand. For more information keep an eye on RDRP’s Official Website and over on A-Main Hobbies.

Yes it is Friday, yes THIS is another mystery link.

Chris at Rogue Element Components is once again firing up the mill to produce another trick piece of machined alloy. This time it’s a car stand. The stand is machined out of 6061-T6 alloy and is left with a natural finish that can be easily polished to a shuper shine. It measures 5″ long by 1.4″ high, so it’s tall enough for most on-road and off-road racing cars.  Just don’t expect it to jack up your monster truck. But the best part of this whole deal is custom engraving. Anything you’ve ever wanted to say on a car stand can be said on this one, up to 12 characters. It also comes with some stick on felt to keep from scratching your furniture or car chassis.

As with all REC products this one is only available to those who preorder and pay a $5.00 deposit via PayPal by Friday, March 23rd. If you order one to four stands you can pick them up for $24.99, or you can buy in bulk and save! Order five or more and only pay $21.99. Shipping is included in the price.  Check out the REC newsletter for more info.

revolve rc workstation

We just got some info from Revolve RC about a new stand called the Revolve RC Workstation. It’s an a aluminum workstation for all types of cars and trucks. The stand allows you to mount and lock the vehicle in place, has a wide base with adjustments for all types of cars and trucks. It also has a pivot ball to allow you to work at many different angles.

For more information, head over to Revolve RC website.

From: eXtreme standZ
Direct Link: eXtreme standZ Product Page

When it comes to working on your RC vehicle, there are a few choices that you can make to prop up your ride. I have been in a lot of track pits and I have seen everything from $100 steel stands to a few pieces of wood nailed together.

I have been using eXtreme standZ for over a year now, and I really like the product. They have a few different stands you can purchase, and I will discuss two of them today. The first is the Y-Factor eXtreme work stand, which is the one I use the most. If you look at some of the pictures on our site from various events we have attended, you can probably spot an eXtreme standZ product somewhere. The Y-Factor has been very useful for just about every vehicle I have. It’s extremely adjustable, and works with whatever vehicle I need to put on it. The stand allows you to change the height universally or just on one side. So if you like to work on a angle, or want to just show off your vehicle, the stand will let you do that.