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HRP Distributing
HRP Distributing is one of the biggest distributors of hobby products here in the states, so we dropped by their room at the HobbyTown USA Convention to take a look around.

On the air side of things, we found out that HRP now distributes Hubsan and Walkera quadcopter/drones. If you are a local hobby shop looking for a good source of these products, get in contact with HRP for pricing and more details.

On the surface side of things, their had displays for many of the lines they carry like Savox servos, Hobbywing electronics, Spaz Stix paints, G Made trucks, and CEN. Of note from Spaz Stix was their no shine exterior matte clear coat finish that easily turns a glossy paint color into a matte type of look. The “matte” look is all the rage right now, the Spaz Stix clear coat makes it super easy to attain.

If you are a dealer wanting to pick up some of their products, or if you just want more details on HRP, simply Click Here to visit their official website.

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HRP at Hobbytown usa
HRP Distributing was at the HobbyTown USA Convention showing off some of their new gear. One of the coolest items was their new Racers Edge Pro4 Enduro short course truck. It looks tough and comes with a very affordable price tag.

HRP also had a bunch of Spaz Stix paints on display. These have become very popular the last few months and are available in a wide range of colors.

Perhaps the biggest news for the bashing crowd was the fact that HRP is now a distributor for CEN Racing. So all you bashers out there that have been looking for a place to get CEN products, just have your local hobby shop give the guys at HRP a call.

To see everything that HRP now offers hit up THIS LINK.

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Hi my name is Robert I have been trying to get people to come to Columbus Indiana at Mill Race Park. I wonder if I can have BigSquidRC come here? Me and all of my good dudys have some RC stuff that we would love to share with you all but I have no luck getting anyone to come to Columbus,IN. (PLEASE and thank you)

Cubby- Hey now Robert, thanks for the email. Perhaps by me posting your email it will alert some of the bashers in your area to check out the park where you bash at. Hey, I’m doing my part to help spread the basher love.
There certainly are a LOT of bashers out there now days thanks to all the mainstream cross marketing, but they have problems getting in contact with other to meet up and bash. We’ve been working on that problem a couple of different ways here at BigSquidRC. The first way is to make it a focus of ours to post information about, and if at all possible, provide event coverage of as many bashes as we can. The second and better way to get bashers together is still in the works, we should be posting more information about that in the next couple of weeks. Ya, it’s something cool and slick, excuse me while I crack the whip on Jeff to get back to work on it.
Btw Robert, if you can get permission from your local park to hold an “organized” bash (if there is such a thing), shoot us an email and I’ll grab a couple of the staffers and head your way to break some parts together.

Heeeey Cubby!
I reckon you’re the one to ask so I can get back to some ultimate bashing. I recently converted my CEN Genesis to brushless and with my 6S setup, it keeps eating the center diff outdrive cups. Not to bash CEN for bad parts, they did make the kit for a 4S setup – do you know of any other massive drive cups I can replace the standard ones with that can deal with 6S? I have used both of CENs cups, the newer Matrix ones and also the older hex style cups – both break/snap/do-a-back-flip where the spline goes through.
Cheers from Mark from Denmark

Cubby- Ya know Mark, I haven’t been to Denmark is just over 2 years, I wish I had a fish smørrebrød in my hands right now. So you’ve got a huge CEN Genesis monster truck with crazy power in it, and you keep blowing the center out-drives to smithereens. Imagine that.
On one hand that means you are going huge and taking no prisoners, which I can certainly applaud. On the other hand, you’ve got a truck designed for “X” amount of power and you are trying to put “4X” through it. Now there might be some uber CEN guru’s out there that can guide you to the right out-drives that can live at insane power levels. I’ve never personally owned a Genesis, so I absolutely can’t give you any suggestions on higher quality replacement parts.
However, what I will recommend is ditching that platform all together. I’ve never been a fan of CEN, from the few that I’ve been around I’ve found them poorly engineered and built from less than desirable materials. IMO they are slightly above the “joke” level in quality, and I mean just slightly.

If I were in your shoes, that CEN would be hitting Craigslist faster than a stolen laptop and I’d be using the cash to buy an HPI Savage MT. The Savage starts out with a solid drive-train and there is decent after-market support to make it even tougher. Go huge, apologize later my friend.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, send me an email at Cubby at If your email makes the big-time you’ll get a free sticker pack and if I proclaim yours as “letter of the month” we’ll hook you up with a BSRC t-shirt.
YOUR Cub Reporter


Hello, first let me say I love bashing now that’s out the way I have a Cen Gen 7.7 I need a brushless conversion kit for it I tried smrcinnovations but I get no response and I don’t want to send loot and get nothing! Any help will be appreciated,
Thanks in advance Ray

Cubby- Hola Ray, thanks for the email and we’ll be in contact to shoot ya some fancy-dancy BigSquid stickers in the snail mail.

What does it tell me when SM RC Innovations won’t get back with you after you contacted them? One- that either they don’t want your business, or two- that they have gone belly up. Either way, you absolutely don’t want to send them one dime.

So… you’ve got a gargantuan Cen GST 7.7 and want to go brushless with it. To me it looks like you have two choices- make your own conversion kit, or ditch the CEN. Unless you’ve got a decent fab shop at your disposal you are staring directly at selling your CEN then taking that cash and going with a genuine brushless monster truck like the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3. You would have spent $100 smackers on a conversion kit, plus nearly $400 for a good motor/speedo on your CEN anyways, so the entire Thunder Tiger truck at just under $600 is not a bad deal at all.

As Evan likes to say, “Bash Heavy” Ray, and let us know what direction you ended up going.

Love your reviews, and the site. Quick question about the Apache. When you are talking about bumping up to the Castle Monster system, were you referring to changing out just the ESC or both the ESC and the motor? And if both, then would you suggest the Monster 2200 over the 2650?
Thank you in advance,

Cubby- Hey what’s up Pete?

The speedo is really the issue in the HPI Apache. We had two test buggies and both had issues with their speedo’s, and… we just got one speedo back from HPI repair last week and we managed to break it again in a matter of minutes. “Sigh”

Because of the size and weight of the Apache a Castle Mamba Monster is the speedo of choice. No, they aren’t cheap, but if you are looking for long term issue free performance the Monster is the solution, period.

I don’t think the stock Apache “Alphastar 2350” is inherently a bad motor, we are still using them in our Apache’s and they seem to put out decent power. However, you will need to solder larger bullet connectors on its wires if you upgrade to a Monster speedo.

Flowood R/C Indoor Park

Brian, I know there has been a lot of discussion lately on Race Fees. I run the Flowood R/C Indoor Park in Flowood, MS. It is a city owned indoor off road race track and I know I am prejudice, but to me it is the finest indoor facility in the country. We are open four days a week, have membership of $50 per year and race every Saturday if we have enough. We hold six special event races per year with one of them being our BIG race. All the income goes to the city but they provide me with whatever I need to have the best track. As long as it breaks even the city will continue to keep it open. Our first year being open, we broke even. However, I don’t get paid and I did 71 birthday parties where I provide the kids with short course trucks for the parties. I also took in $12,000 in banner sales to the merchants in the city. However, if I had relied on strictly racing we would have not broken even.

(this is a long one.. so hit more to keep reading) READ MORE

CEN Racing has heard the call and answered it.  That call was for a 1/5 scale short course truck.  The Matrix5-SC is built on their Matrix5-B buggy platform that has been around for a long time and has attracted quite a following.  The Matrix5-SC, just like it’s siblings, offers full-time 4wd, big bore oil filled shocks, and a beefy dual brake system to bring the monster to a stop quickly.  It comes RTR with a Skyion DX-Pro digital radio system and a 30cc two-stroke gas engine.   The stock steering servo is capable of 200 oz/in of power to swing the massive 8″ short course style tires.

The Matrix5-SC is available now for $900 direct from the CEN Racing web site. But you might check with your local hobby shop for varying prices.

There’s a video of this bad boy in action after the break.


From: CEN Racing

A few years ago, I remember talking with some CEN employees, who were telling me that CEN was finally going to get serious about RC. They had been in the RC business for a while, and they had some decent RC vehicles, but nothing really amazing. When the Genesis came out, they turned a lot of heads. They put themselves in the spotlight, and said ‘Hey look at us! We are different!’ They sure were! The Genesis was a monster of a monster truck, and it was different! Now CEN has brought us The Matrix! An attempt at a serious 1/8th scale buggy that looks to make some big waves in the RC race scene.