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JConcepts Choppers SCT Tires
JConcepts have just announced a new high end bashing tire for your short course truck called Choppers. The Choppers feature deep tread to get maximum traction on loose surfaces and recessed lugs with more edges to produce better traction on hard dirt. Some of the other features are-

* Comes in JConcepts soft “Blue” compound
* Comes with closed cell inserts
* Compact tire body
* Large crisp tread and separation
* Recessed lugs with heavy horizontal alignment
* Aggressive Chopper tread
* X-Tread sidewall detail

The new Choppers are available in pairs, or with wheels as pre-mounts for select short course trucks. Retail pricing is $25 a pair, with a retail of $36 for the pre-mounts. Hit up the official JConcepts Website for more information.

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