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Associated B5 B5M Conversion Kits
It isn’t unusual now days to see 2wd buggy racers switching between mid-motor and rear motor configurations before deciding which one to race for the day. Now Associated makes it easier for their drivers by offering Conversion Kits for the RC10B5 and B5M. The kits come with everything you need to make the switch and they save you some bucks from buying all the pieces separately.

The part number for the B5 to B5M conversion is #91539 with a street price of $95, while the part number to go from a B5M to a B5 rear motor is #91539 and is priced at $59. Both are expected to ship in late May and you can get complete details by simply hitting This Link.

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Azarashi D413 Conversion Kit
Looking to uber-out your Hot Bodies D413? If so Azarashi has a very cool looking carbon fiber conversion kit that can help make your buggy the coolest one on the track. The Azarashi conversion kit is set-up to use shorty LiPo packs and a low profile servo mounted vertically. The kit comes with a body, but not body mounts, so you’ll have to formulate your own. To get more information on all the neat upgrades Azarashi makes simply hit up This Link.

It’s Friday and you know what that means, a Mystery Link!

Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

We recently got the chance to check out the new Buggy Conversion Kit from Pro-Line. This kit makes it easy to change your PL PRO-2 short course truck into a scale looking off-road buggy. Here is what we found out…

From - Pro-Line Racing
Direct Link - PL Buggy Conversion Kit

Details - Part number 6254-00, street price $76. Fits PL PRO-2 SCT, and Traxxas 2wd Slash when equipped with PL LCG chassis, performance tranny, and ProTrac rear tower.

Set-Up Notes - We converted over Cubby’s PRO-2 SCT that was equipped with an Xpert servo, Castle brushless system, Futaba 4PK Super R radio system, and PL Badlands tires on Split Six wheels. Mike over at Blaze RC threw a wicked paint job on the body for us, and we used a 3S Dynamite LiPo for power.

Build Notes - The Pro-Line conversion kit went together without a hitch. The instruction manual was well done and easy to follow, and all the parts went together without issue. Installing the conversion kit didn’t take that long, roughly 2 hours of wrenching at a leisurely pace.

Upsides - There are two major upsides to the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit, the scale looks, and how the buggy jumps. With scale appearance being of the utmost importance now days, Pro-Line did a great job with the body and roll cage. The plastic netting on the roll cage looks good and doesn’t get ripped out like rubber netting would. Also, the roll cage is keyed into the chassis to help make it stiffer, this also helps keep the chassis from getting bent on big hits. On the jumping side of things, there is no parachute effect on the buggy like you would normally experience with a short course truck. You could hit jumps on a windy day with the buggy conversion and never have to worry about it flipping over backwards, this is a big plus in our book.

Downsides - While we didn’t break any parts during our review, the buggy uses much smaller bumpers and does not use long/flexible body posts like on the truck version of the PRO-2. The bigger bumpers & body mounts on the truck help offer more protection during extreme bashing than the units on the buggy.

The Final Scoop - We found the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit to be a great product. It was easy to install, gave our PRO-2 a cool new look, and it took a beating without breaking. The buggy conversion also helped our PRO-2 jump a lot better on the big outdoor tracks that we frequent. The Pro-Line conversion kit rocks and we can highly recommend it to you.

Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit
After months of teasing, Pro-Line has released full information on their new PRO-2 Buggy Conversion Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to convert your Pro-Line PRO-2 to a buggy, and it can be converted right back to a truck when needed.

Modeled after a Class 1 Desert Buggy, the supplied body and roll cage are loaded with scale detailing for a sharp look. Plastic window nets add to the scale appearance, but won’t pull out like rubber netting. Pro-Line light buckets can easily be added, as can a wing if you plan racing or just like that type of look. Also, the narrow buggy body is sure to suffer from a whole lot less parachute than a typical short course truck, making it easier to jump on windy days.

The part number for the conversion kit is #6254-00, the street price is $78, and you can get more information by simply clicking This Link.

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We teased this a while back, but now it’s official. Check out the ST Racing Concepts Slash 4×4 1/8th E-Buggy Conversion kit. Some people call a conversion like this the backslash, but STRC is going with E-Buggy. It’s been a year since their 4×4 LCG Conversion kit, and this conversion is looking just as cool!

Advantages of this conversion are that it’s light weight. Almost 3lbs lighter than most 8th scale buggies, meaning you can use your 2S Lipo, and 550 motor setup and still have a blast. It’s available in blue, red, silver and black. You’ll need to supply the body, tires, wing, and 17mm hex adapters along with some other stuff, but this kit will get you started.

The part number is ST6808(B/BK/S), and has a MSRP of $69.

For more information hit up This Link.

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And the Friday Mystery Link, kicking it old school from ’05. It seemed like a good idea…

MIP Pro8 Conversion kit
Want to turn that beast of a Losi SCTE 2.0 you have into a lightweight 8th scale buggy? The crew over at MIP now make a conversion kit that makes it a snap. The kit contains new towers, new wheel hexes, wing mounts, and body mounts, as well as handling upgrades like springs and shock pistons.

The part number for the MIP conversion kit is #13300 and they should start shipping before the end of the month.

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Associated C4.2 Conversion Kit for the RC10B4.2 Buggy
For those of you looking to convert your Associated B4.2 over to a mid-motor design, Associated has announced the C4.2 Conversion Kit. The kit comes with a CNC machined aluminum chassis and all the nic-nacs you’ll need to have an easy conversion. Some of its other features include-

* All new molded gearbox and bulkhead assembly
* Centralized weight balance
* Aluminum battery brace, holders, and posts
* CNC aluminum rear suspension mounts
* Comes with Pro-Line Bulldog C4.2 body and wing

The part number for the Associated Conversion Kit is #C0060, it has a street price of $190 and they should be available in September.

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T.O.P. 6 Wheeler F1 conversion Kit
The Tyrrell P34 6 wheeled F1 machine is perhaps the most recognizable race car in history. Introduced in the 70′s, the Tyrrell stood out from the crowd by its radical 6 wheeled design, and now T.O.P. (Tokyo Optional Parts) has released pictures of a new 6 wheeled kit for us rc’ers. There isn’t a lot of information available yet, but it’s said to be a conversion kit for one of their existing Rebel series TOP F1 cars. We’ll pass more information along as we receive it.

Happy Friday everyone, time to check out another TGIF Mystery Link.

electrix circuit to short course

Picked up a Electrix RC Circuit stadium truck, and recently decided you would like to have a short course truck instead? Well it looks like Dynamite will be able to make it easy for you to do so. They will soon have a Circuit Stadium Truck to Short Course conversion available soon to help you with your indecisiveness.

We don’t have the official press info on it yet, but when it’s available we will post it up. You can also check out Electrix RC for other info on their ST and SC vehicles.

Those fellas at Kershaw Designs are a bit sick in the head.  In a totally good way of course.  You’d have to be a little messed up to come up with the idea to take a Traxxas E-Revo and stretch it out to the same wheel base as a HPI Baja 5T.  That’s exactly what this new chassis conversion kit does.  The chassis is a beautifully machined hunk of metal that adds eight inches to the length of the E-Revo.  Also included in the conversion are giant 7.5″ wheels with 23mm hexes, an optional but probably necessary sway-bar kit, a heavy duty slipper clutch spring, and extra long body posts for mounting the (not included) 5T body.  You can get it all together in one kit for $379.99, or break it down into individual components with the chassis itself costing $249.99, $99 for the wheels and tires, and everything else for a few extra bucks.  Most of the parts are available now, but there is a two week wait on the chassis.

Check out the Kershaw Designs website for more info.

Did you buy a Losi Ten-T and then think to yourself “Gee, I wish I’d gotten a brushless short course truck instead.”  Or maybe you bought a Losi 810 and thought “Wait… is this 1/8 scale, or 1/10 scale? And why isn’t it BRUSHLESS?! I just don’t know!”   Well Elite RC has a solution for you!  Their new Ten-X conversion kit can take either one of those RTRs and turn it into a full-fledged 1/8 scale buggy OR a short course truck.  The conversion includes an extended, machined aluminum chassis; aluminum battery tray, slide/lock motor mount, aluminum center top plate, and nerf mount bars for use with the Slash 4×4 nerf bars (sold separately).

The Ten-X conversion is available directly from the Elite RC web site, right this very second, for a price of $195.00.

The Exotek crew is at it again with another one of their super high-end conversion kits.  This time owners of the Tamiya F104 are the receivers of the goods.  One of the biggest changes the EXO104 kit makes is converting the rear end to a 5-link floating pod style suspension.  The kit also includes a new battery mounting system that will accept batteries with bullet connectors (e.g. LiPos, LiFes, etc.), a bunch of blue anodized hardware, and a 1-piece carbon fiber upper deck that reduces chassis tweak but still allows enough flex for proper traction.  There’s plenty of other performance minded changes in this kit, so be sure to check out the Exotek web site for more info.

The EXO104 conversion is available directly from Exotek Racing for $139.95.

Another day, another short course conversion for the XXX-T. This one is from the good guys of EXOTEK and they are calling it the SCX-T.  The various chassis parts are made with G10 glass/epoxy material to match the flex of the stock XXX-T chassis. Also included is a special set of shortened front axles to bring the front-end width into compliance with ROAR specs.  Special mounts are provided to use the Losi Strike bumper in the front and Slash 4×4 rear bumper out back.  To complete the conversion you’ll need to provide SC10 tires, a SC10 or Strike body, and the bumpers. It’s made to work with the Matt Francis, Matt Francis 2, and CR editions, but other editions, including the Desert Truck and Speed-T, can be used with a few extra parts.

This conversion will set you back about $65 clams and it’ll be shipping in the next week or two.  Check out the EXOTEK web site for all the details.