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Reedy Low Profile Digital Servos

Reedy HV Digital Low-Profile Servos

In need of a new low-profile servo? They are great for saving weight and space in tight installs. If you are, Reedy has announced a pair of new servos for you to consider. Both are high-end digital designs that feature an aluminum mid-case, a coreless motor, and ultra-precise metal gears. First up is the RS0806 LP. It is the faster servo [...]


Tech Talk: Servos, the Analog and Digital of It

Hello, and welcome to the very first BigSquid Tech Talk! Often I get RC people coming to me asking why their servos burn out, don’t perform well, or has a strange hum when doing nothing while powered on. Honestly, it comes down to the simple question:¬†What is the difference between analog and digital servos and what does that mean for [...]


Viper Xpert Servo

Viper RC Announces Line of Xpert Servos

The crew over at Viper RC Solutions have announced they are now distributing the Xpert RC line of servos here in the USA. Xpert servos are designed for precision and quality, and have been proven winners in the hands of drivers like European Champion Lee Martin. All the servos in the Xpert line are brushless, making them highly efficient, low power [...]


Spektrum 1/5 Scale Digital Surface Servo

2 New 1/5 Scale Digital Surface Servos from Spektrum

The Spektrum crew has been showing off a couple of new 5th scale servos at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. Both servos were designed to fix several problems that 5th scale drivers have like servo fade, low holding power, and crowbar effect. Using patent-pending Back EMF technology designed by Paul Beard, the new Spektrum 5th scale servos are designed not to [...]