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Team Durango Moulded Inserts and Cross Shaft Set

Team Durango Molded Inserts and Cross Shaft Set For 8th Scal…

Team Durango has announced some new molded inserts and cross shafts to shave weight and rotating mass from the diffs of your DNX408 or DNX408T. These have been extensively tested and are said to be just as durable at the stock steel parts, while allowing for faster acceleration and deceleration. Hit up the official Team Durango Website for more information. We [...]


Team Durango DNX408 Hop Ups

New Option Parts for Team Durango DNX408

If you happen to own a Team Durango DNX 408 buggy, you now have a couple new option parts avaliable. Aluminum Wheel Axles and Aluminum Rear Diff Retainers are shipping now, and promise more durablity for your DNX408. Head over to Team Durango for more info!


JConcepts Hi-Flow for Durango DNX408 (1)

JConcepts dressing up the DNX408

From JConcepts we have another Punisher body… Wait… That doesn’t look right…  Could it be?  Has JConcepts released a body that ISN”T a Punisher cab forward body?!  They have!  They have released a body that isn’t a Punisher body!  Well, I do believe it’s time for a celebration.  Maybe that’s overstating it a bit.  But anywho, this new body from [...]


Durango DNX408 Radio Tray Setup

Team Durango has release a picture and some information about the radio tray setup in their new DNX408 Buggy. Now normally people wouldn’t really have that much interest in this if it was on any other vehicle, but the Durango is really a pretty special vehicle! The details and design that have gone into this machine are just [...]


Team Durango DNX408 in the Wild

Team Durango just sent some pohoto’s of the new DNX408 out in the wild while doing a little testing! There are a lot of people waiting for the release of this buggy. The fact that the DNX408 is out testing in the field means it’s close to shipping.. better start saving those $$! Drop by the official Team [...]