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Traxxas Ford Mustang NHRA Funny Car Race Replica

Traxxas Ford Mustang NHRA Funny Car Race Replica

Here is one hot looking funny car, the new Traxxas Ford Mustang Race Replica. The body on the drag car has been fully licensed by Ford, and better still, it was designed off the full sized CAD drawings, thus allowing for optimal scale realism. TSM, also known as Traxxas Stability Management, comes standard on the Mustang funny car. The TSM [...]


Primal RC Quicksilver Gas Dragster

Primal RC QUICKSILVER 1/5 Gas Dragster

In some parts of the country (including Chicago, St Louis, and New York), rc drag racing is alive and well, especially with 5th scalers. New for that 1/5th drag crowd is the Primal RC Quicksilver Gas Dragster. The Quicksilver is a beast, designed to tear up your local drag strip. What’s the scoop on it? * 30.5cc 4 bolt gas [...]


BigDaddy Custom RC Wheelie Bar

BigDaddy Custom RC HPI Baja 5B Wheelie Bar

While people love driving their HPI Baja 5Bs, they also love to hop them up. We see them all the time with outrageous engines spanking out massive power. For the guys that drag race their 5Bs, keeping their front end on the ground can become a major concern, hence the reason that BigDaddy Custom RC has announced a new Custom [...]


83 MPH Castle Baja 5B

Readers Rides – 83 MPH Castle Powered HPI Baja 5B

Everybody likes making high speed passes, it is one of the ultimate tests of power, skill, and tuning ability. Recently we caught up with Albert Gwaltney, a BigSquidRC reader who has been putting up some impressive numbers with his 5th Scale HPI Baja 5B. You see, Albert’s HPI Baja is regularly breaking the 80 mph mark, something that is NOT [...]


St Louis RC Drag Race High Speed Club

Event Coverage – STL RC Drag Racing & High Speed Club

RC Street racing is popular all over the country for good reason, people like to get together and see who’s the fastest. In St Louis, the STL Drag Club has been running for several years now, for bragging rights, and to just have a good time. I joined in with the St Louis Drag Racers over the weekend and had [...]


Traxxas Collectors Presentation Funny Car Display Chassis

New Traxxas Collectors Presentation Funny Car Display Chassi…

The crew over at Traxxas have just announced their first true self queen display chassis. For you hardcore drag car lovers, Traxxas is now selling just a bare chassis of their funny car to make it more affordable to have one on display in your house, dorm or office. The chassis is fully assembled, but does not include a body. [...]


STL RC Drag Racing And High Speed Club

Running With The STL RC Drag Racers

Last weekend I once again got the chance to hang out and run with the STL RC Drag Racers. For 2012 they’ve moved more towards 5th scales, there were HPI 5B’s everywhere. Top speeds among their 5th scale gas burning crowd was in the 70 mph range. The STL RC Drag Racers allow any scale and type of vehicle to run. [...]


Adam at the NHRA Event

Over the weekend, our own Adam the Intern was working the Traxxas booth at the NHRA Full Throttle Event in Joliet. He sent over a bunch of pics, looks like it was a pretty big turn out, and Adam was handing out autographs to the ladies. #gallery-19 { margin: auto; } #gallery-19 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-19 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-19 [...]


adam the intern

Adam the Intern Working the Traxxas Try-Me Booth

Our own Adam the Intern was working at the Traxxas Try-Me booth this weekend over at the NHRA Full Throttle Series in Joliet Illinois. For those of you in the Joliet area this weekend, I’m pretty sure he will be there this Sunday July 1st, 2012 as well, helping people get their RC on, answering questions, and most likely signing [...]


RCX 2012 – Traxxas shows off Funny Cars

Of course, the biggest thing at the Traxxas booth is their new line of funny cars. The cars and tree light system are on display, along with the 1:1 inspiration that brought these little rockets about. But those aren’t the only new things in the Traxxas booth this year. Traxxas is also showing off a new body for the Grave [...]


traxxas funny car

Traxxas Funny Car and Driver Pic

Saw this pic of the Traxxas Funny Car with a bunch of the drivers for an upcoming race today and thought I’d post it up. The vehicles are shipping soon for those waiting to get some drag racing action in! Visit the Traxxas site for a few more details.


traxxas dts-1

Traxxas DTS-1 Information

Looks like Traxxas has released a few more details about their DTS-1 Drag Timing System. Dual beam lasers will allow pre-stage and staging, along with two more lasers for the speed trap and finish. It’s interesting that they are using lasers when all the companies that have been making RC timing systems usually do not. They normally use a infrared [...]


Holeshot RC and Hobby Town – Street Car Chaos Event

Just a heads up, this weekend, April 30th, 2011 there will be a RC drag event in the parking lot of the Orland Park IL. Hobby Town! Pretty much anything goes at these events! Anything goes, if you think you have a fast vehicle, bring it out. You will most likely see some amazing drag cars out there hitting [...]


Street Car Chaos – RC Drag Racing Event!

Holeshot RC Drag Racing, along with Big Squid RC and Hobby Town of Orland Park IL. present Street Car Chaos – RC Drag Racing in the Hobby Town parking lot in Orland Park IL. These street car events that Holeshot RC have been putting on are pretty much the events that brought RC Drag Racing to the [...]


Project King Squid – Build an RC Dragster

Since we have been covering more RC drag racing lately, we have been getting questions about how to get started in the drag racing scene. Many questions are “where did you get the King Squid?” and “how do I get one?” Well, those are the questions I am going to answer here. It’s going to be a pretty short project, [...]