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Drift Itch – Is CounterSteer Dead?

Hey gang Evol here again with some more of my musings on the ever evolving animal that is RC Drift. One my my favorite vendors (BlackStar Hobbies) posted up a thought for discussion on FaceBook regarding what could be the demise of Countersteer and that really got me thinking about the future of RC Drift. It’s funny how quickly things [...]



Drift Itch – Yokomo YD-2 RWD drift chassis

Hey gang Evol here to scratch that drift itch. It looks like Yokomo is at it again with a new drift chassis to follow up the competition drifter YD-4. This little gem was spied at the FEMCA RC DRIFT event recently at the Yatabe Arena in Japan. The YD-2 is purpose built from the ground up as a RWD drift [...]



Drift Itch – 4 wheel steer and drifting

Hey gang, happy April! With warmer weather outdoor events loom here in the midwest and I could not be more stoked about it. We undoubtedly got away with another mild winter (Global Warming) but i’m really not complaining. Yes I’m a hearty midwesterner who laughs at Californians who wear winter coats when it’s 60 degrees, but that doesn’t mean I [...]



Team Yokomo – YG-301 Gyro for RWD drift cars

Yokomo has finally started to release some products aimed at the RWD drifter. Not a heck of a lot of details but the fact that they acknowledge RWD exists is something right? They mention that you can use it in any of their cars but it is intended to RWD use. It features remote gain, left and right end points [...]



Tetsujin Sunflower deep dish drift wheels

Tetsujin has released another style for their deep dish super rim lineup. The Sunflower is designed to look like a painted steel wheel popular with some drifters. They feature same 6,9,and 12mm selectable offset of the other deep dish wheels and come in several colors for you mix and match. These are available now for about $7.50 a pair. Want to grab [...]



G-force – Drift tire remover

Ever get a set of drift tires stuck on your favorite set of wheels? The G-force drift tire remover will help you press out those stubborn wheels allowing them to live again. It features all aluminum construction and comes in 2 colors. These should make any tire change quick and easy. These are available now for about 69 dollars US. Want to [...]



Drift Itch – Has RC Drift become a fashion show?

I know, I know, you’re probably scoffing at the title and just peeking in to see what meaningless babble I have for this week. To be honest I have not been babbling much at all. I had my wisdom teeth out recently and it is no joke. A week long Oxycodone bender with a lot of couch time playing video [...]



Drift Itch – Gyro – cheating or no?

Hey gang Evol here with another edition of Drift Itch. This weeks issue is one I’ve eluded to in the past but I thought it best to get it all on the table on this controvertial and misunderstood issue that vexes the RC drift scene. If you read the title you know i’m speaking about the Gyro. No not the [...]



Drift Itch – Weight Transfer setups and RWD.

Hey gang welcome to the first full fledged (say that fast 3 times) Drift itch of 2016. Today on the plate is a subject i’ve debated even writing about for some time. My entire goal with this column is to try to attract new players into the RC Drift arena. So in doing I tend to stay out of the [...]



Drift Itch – This week in drift

Whats up drifters? Evol here in a bit of a reflective mood as the year 2015 winds to an end. It has been a very educational year for me as I tested some new waters in this RC drift columnist role for BigSquid. I’ve been helped along immensely by friends, colleagues and manufacturers who were willing to get behind me [...]



Dean Tech D9 Bulldog review from

Hey gang, Evol here with another drift rig review and I’m pretty excited to get to test out what I consider to be one of the most unique things I’ve seen hit the RC industry in a long time. You’ve seen the D9 Bulldog pop up in BigSquids feed a few times before with a lot of “that looks neat” [...]



FireBrand RC – Hydra XD drift wheel and tire combo

FireBrand is hard at it again with a new drift tire and wheel combo. The Hyrda XD is a 3mm offset drift tire combo with Blade ABS tires pre-glued so all you have to do is slap them on and go. Perfect for the drifter who doesn’t like to mount their own tires. The blade ABS drift tires feature a beveled [...]



Drift Itch – what makes a drifter a drifter?

So by now you guys know that I love RC Drift. I get all loopy and excited when I see shifts in the segment or innovations in the established platforms. It’s easy to forget when you’re so wrapped up in something that some people are still on the outside looking in wondering what it is that us drifters are all [...]



New Tetsujin Super Rim for your drifter the Lycoris 12

It’s been a little while since the drift scene has heard from Team Tetsujin. Usually with a strong online presence it’s been a little quiet up on the product front. Well that is no more because this popped up on their feed literally within minutes of writing this. Enter the Lycoris 12 wheel disk for the popular Super Rim series [...]



Drift Itch – This week in drift

Whats up gang, Evol here with some more tidbits from the world of RC Drift. Max Speed Technology is rolling with the punches. A few days ago they released these renderings of their newest rear wheel drive. This design does’t have a name yet but i’m sure it will be RWFM-$$$ or something of the like. Seriously though there is nothing [...]