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Street Jam has released a new OTA-R31 variant for RC drifters, the OTA-R31RS! This is the version to get if you’re new to RC drift or looking for a high CS (countersteer) capable chassis. Full disclosure, I’ve run a highly modified OTA-R31 for the last 3 years. I love this chassis for it’s easily tuned CS, front mid-motor design, capable steering system and overall fair pricing on upgrades from Kazama and especially Eagle Racing. This version, on for $119.99 +shipping, undercuts the previous “entry level” version by $40.


Keep reading for more features/details.


In the latest LV Home Insurance Commercial from our friends across the pond, a young boy has set up quite the RC drift track in hit house. Around furniture, the family dog, and even up onto the dinning room table. (I still can’t get away with that!)

We love any time a company uses an RC vehicle in their commercials as it just helps spread the word about our wonderful hobby.

You can watch the full eposide below.

Hard to tell what vehicle is under that body, but if we had to guess, we’d probably go with a HPI Racing Sprint 2. Thanks to fan Justin for sending in the tip.

Need to see more RC On TV click the link.

HPI RS4 Nitro Drift
For added realism HPI’s new Discount Tire Nitro RS4 Nissan S13 RTR uses a nitro power plant, giving you the sound and smell of a tire burning drift car. The Nissan sports a fully licensed body and Falken tires for a sharp scale look, and the Nitro Star 3.0 engine provides more than enough power for serious sideways action. Putting the power to the ground is a 4wd nitro RS4 chassis, while a 75cc fuel tank helps provide long runtimes.

The part number is #112587, it is street priced at $329, they are available right now, and you can get complete information by hitting up This Link on the HPI website.

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HPI Micro RS4 Box Side 2

Just this past week HPI Racing released another Micro RS4, this time the black Mustang of Vaughn Gittin, Jr. This kit, like its Sprint2 brother, has both soft and drift tires in the box, and I cannot wait to test my hand in drifting! I hope to have some video up soon, but for now here are some nice unboxing images!

More information on the Micro RS4 Vaughn Gittin Jr Mustang can be found on the HPI Website.

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TheToyz Drift Tuner Kits
The crew over at TheToyz have a cool new Tuner Kit to take your drift car from bland to show worthy. Each kit includes rear view mirrors, an inner-cooler, chrome mufflers, brake discs, two different styles of windshield wipers, and all the necessary mounting hardware. While the tuner kit is aimed at the drifting crowd, several of the parts can be used on just about any build to add the scale realism you are after.

You can get the tuner kits with red, blue, or chrome brake discs, and they have an affordable street price of $8. To get more information simply Click This Link to head over to TheToyz official website.

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We have mentioned the first 2 episodes before because there is always some sort of cool RC shots happening, from cars to quad’s and heli’s, and the Monster Energy Motorcycles vs Car Drift Battle 3 is more of the same goodness! Some intense large heli 3D action around the 8:50 minute mark also.

There are some pretty interesting full scale car crashes that happen in this one.
Enjoy the video!

Check out some of the other VIDEOS we have posted recently.

HPI Micro RS4 Ford Mustang
The original HPI Micro RS4 was the car that set off the whole “18th scale/micro/mini” scene a decade ago and now it’s back! At the German Toy Fair HPI showed the latest version of the Micro RS4, the JTP Falken Tire Mustang edition. More details coming on this one soon, until then have a look at the HPI Racing Website, or hit THIS link for more HPI news right here on BigSquidRC.

RCX isn’t just a bunch of booths with static displays of new products. There’s a ton of dynamic demonstrations going on all over the show. This is the drift track where some of the best RC drifters are putting on a great show. Better yet even, there’s a Try-Me section so all you noobs can give drifting a run.

HPI tc-fd drift kit

If your into the RC Drifting scene, I’m guessing you aren’t even reading this anymore, but over on Tower or something pre-ordering this new HPI drift kit. The HPI TC-FD is their new high end drift machine! It uses a forward motor, and rear battery placement for optimal weight distribution for drifting. The TC-FD is also fully setup for Counter Steer Drifting with the optional Counter Steer Drift kit.

Here are some of the details:
Drift Optimized Chassis
Front Mid-Engined Motor Layout
Multiple Battery Positions
Adjustable Threaded Aluminum Shocks
Belt Driven Full Time Four Wheel Drive

*wheels and tires not included, this is a pure kit!

This thing looks pretty darn awesome. If you are looking to get into the rc drift scene, HPI also has a line of rtr drift vehicles as well, they are also a little easier on the wallet.

Head over to the HPI Racing website for more details.

It is a well known fact around the office that I’m fighting a serious craving to get into RC drifting. HPI Racing is making it nearly impossible for me to hold off much longer. In April they showed off their new officially licensed E10 drift cars and now they have released a new and improved Sprint 2 Drift car! The Sprint 2 Drift is known as a pretty solid drift vehicle, but now HPI has raised the bar. It will ship with all the standard features like a 15T Firebolt brushed motor, drift tires and full time 4WD. However, it will now come with a 2.4GHz radio system, waterproof and lipo-ready ESC, waterproof servo, and two new fully painted bodies; the 2010 Camaro and Nissian 350Z. Of course, they come completely RTR with batteries and a charger for the included NiMH pack.

Now I’m officially very conflicted. Sprint 2 Drift or E10 Drift…or…both :) HPI’s website isn’t updated just yet, but I’m sure you’ll find all the information there soon.

HPI E10 Drift 4WD HPI E10 Drift 4WD

We have been hearing rumors of some new Drift cars coming from HPI but have not seen anything official, or any press releases yet. A ‘friend’ in the industry just drop these two low res pictures in my email box. It’s good to be connected! He said it looks like these vehicles are going to be called the E10 Drift or something like that. They will be 4wd, come with a 2.4GHz radio and will have officially licensed stuff like the Falken drift car or Monster Energy Drift car graphics!

No word on cost, or shipping, or any other details, like what’s under the hood.

I can see me and Bill Wrench really enjoying these things in the parking lot!

There isn’t any info on the HPI Racing website, but go ahead and check it out. We will update with more info as soon as we get/hear anything official on these vehicles! For now we can just dream and drool.

Update: Shortly after our post I found these random shots from a recent Drift event where HPI had a big booth!

Thanks to the friend for the pics! If anyone else has any info or pics, feel free to drop us a line. We will not share any of your info if you want to stay anonymous.

Tamiya has an expensive drift machine for those of you that like driving sideways.  The High-End Drifter features an all new mid-motor layout and two belt drive-train.  It’s also loaded down with tons of carbon fiber, including a 2mm chassis and a twin vertical plate bracing setup that runs the lenght of the chassis.  It’s also got a lot of TRF accessories made with pretty blue anodized aluminum.  The chassis is also setup to accept all the popular types of batteries in use today.  This high-end setup isn’t going to come cheap though, with an MSRP of $667.00, and you’ll have to supply your own wheels, tires, body, electronics, and batteries.  No word on a release date, but I’d bet early this summer.

Read all about it at Tamiya’s Canadian site.

LRP has a new brushless esc/motor combo made specifically for drifting.  They say that the Ultimo Drift Type 1 combo is ideal for beginners to intermediate drifters, offering smooth throttle control and special drifting brake profiles.  Other features include automaticc NiMH/LiPo adaptation, auto brushed/brushless motor adaptation, and four adjustable modes.

Check out LRP’s web site for more info, and keep an eye on Team Associated’s site for US distribution.