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Graupner MZ-12 PRO

Graupner MZ-12 PRO Transmitter

For all you guys that like to fly, Graupner has announced the mz-12 PRO transmitter. The 2.4GHz mz-12 is priced right and is loaded with top shelf features. Here is the scoop- * Easy to hold, easy to reach switches, comfortable grip * 250 model memories * Real time telemetry * Falcon 12 6-channel telemetry receiver * Programmable voice alerts * CROSSFIRE V2 and race [...]


Juan Pablo Montoya on Episode of Droned

We mentioned earlier that Juan Pablo Montoya will be at the Drone Nationals this weekend, well he’s also appearing on a episode of Droned tonight on the Science Channel at 6:30 Eastern Time. If you haven’t caught the show, you should check it out. It’s always great to see RC stuff on TV! Any Big Squid readers going to the [...]


Tiger Motor F40 FPV Series Motors

New from Tiger Motor comes the F40 2300v FPV Series Motor. These motors were designed specifically for FPV racing and are built to take a punch. They utilize a steel shaft and unique structural design to help prevent deformation and breakage upon crashing. The motors also provide excellent heat dissipation. A must for power-hungry mini quads. Here’s a few specs:KV: 2300 Configuration: 12N14P Stator Diameter: 22mm Stator [...]


Cubby Quadcopter Shovel

Chicago Council Passes Drone Ordinance

According to a Chicago Channel 9 news report, ( Link to WGN News) the city council approved a new ordinance which will ban drones from flying near hospitals, schools and churches. Drone operators also can’t fly directly over a person or property without getting permission first. The park district will set up designated areas where the drones can fly freely. (Can’t wait [...]


Drone Operators Need to Register Aircraft

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced today that they are creating a new task force to figure out the rules and solve the questions and problems ahead that will come from requiring unmanned aircraft to be registered. Now keep in mind, we here at Big Squid RC are all about safety and rules (for the most part) but most of [...]


Amazon Gets Permission From FAA For Drone Testing

We have to admit, it’s interesting how fast the FAA is working and turning around this sort of thing. This is one of those items we figured would have to be stuck in government red tape for years, and here we are with the following: March 19–The Federal Aviation Administration today issued an experimental airworthiness certificate to an Amazon Logistics, [...]


Raging Rotors:, Helpful or Wishful Thinking?

The fallout from the ‘fall out’ on the White House lawn from a week ago is still ringing true in the ears of many, and now there is a new level of protection for the masses afraid of the loss of privacy or danger of commercial, personal, or recreational drones. There is a new website in town called, designed as [...]