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Now that FatShark products are available at Horizon Hobby, there now is a way to get all your FPV needs in one aircraft: the Ultra-Micro FPV Vapor RTF! Featuring the FatShark Teleporter V4 FPV Headset, the FPV Vapor RTF has a great list of features:


  • Completely built, flight ready airframe
  • Spektrum™ VS1100 ultra micro FPV system
  • Fat Shark Teleporter V4 headset with digital head tracking
  • Full-color QVGA 320 x 240 LCD headset displays
  • SpiroNET circular polarized antenna system
  • 150mAh 1S 3.7V Li-Po battery and USB 1S Li-Po charger
  • 760mAh 2S 7.4V Li-Po headset battery and AC charger
  • Ultra-lightweight, film-covered carbon fiber airframe with modular construction
  • Spektrum 3-channel DSMX® receiver/ESC/Servo unit
  • Fully proportional throttle, elevator and rudder control
  • 4-channel 2.4GHz DSMX transmitter
  • No FCC license required

This plane (Part # EFLU6600) with everything included will sell for $449, and will be hitting shelves towards the end of October. For now, you can see all the details about this 3-Channel airplane on the E-Flite website Right Here.

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Quadcopter with FPV SetupAnother day, another installment of Raging Rotors! As I mentioned last week, a recent episode of Modern Family featured a DJI Quadcopter set up for FPV (First Person View).  With camera technology getting more affordable for the masses, the usual next step for someone going deep into the world of Quadcopters (whether DIY or RTF) is to dive into picture/video recording  or building an FPV setup.




EFC-720 Mobile HD Camera

A camera setup for your RC aircraft (or RC car for that matter), is as simple as a mobile camera, like the rechargeable mini camera EFC-720 from E-Flite. It records video at 720p, takes still photos at a 1.3 Megapixels, and it’s record functions can be controlled by connecting the camera to a spare port on one’s receiver. It retails at $40, and can be found in local hobby shops now. More details can be found on Horizon Hobby’s website here.

GoPro HD Camera

If you want a high quality camera, many jump towards the ever popular GoPro. Between 1080p video and in many cases having wireless control functions, it is a great purchase for those looking for great quality video and pictures. More details can be found on GoPro’s website Right Here. No worries if you want to do FPV, one can fashion their own cable, or pick one up online.

FatShark FPV System

For an FPV setup, there are many options online built for any type of budget and any type of quadcopter. The more universally known kits are from a company called FatShark. Now FatShark technology is not very revolutionary in its camera transmitter and receiver system, its claim to fame is the goggles they sell that provide a fully immersive FPV experience. Unlike the basic receiver screen, FatShark goggles give you a true First Person View using their HD goggles. Prices vary per version of goggles, but they can be picked up via a number of websites, like HeliDirect. More information about FatShark’s FPV tech can be found here.

I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but the clock is ticking closer to the 2014 Quadcopter Championships. This should be a fun event, and I can’t wait to see what kind of skills you have to show off through our various events. Details are here.

As always, I will see you again next week, but until then Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

C-Go 1

Slipping through the cracks, the new Blade 350QX AP features a camera gimal setup along with it’s own camera included? What’s that, you want one for yourself but don’t want to fly? Announcing the E-Flite C-Go 1, a new 1080p, 30fps action camera developed by Yuneec Technology! Not only that, but it will transfer 720p video right to your mobile device giving you FPV right out of the box. It’s features include:

  • 5.8Ghz downlink to support mobile devices with included antenna
  • 1080P/30 recording or 720P/30 when streaming
  • Lightweight and small form factor
  • Low latency and long range Wi-Fi

Arriving late May for around $300, the C-Go 1 has a part number of EFLA900 and more information can be found on Horizon Hobby’s website via This Link.


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Horizon Hobby Booth HobbyTown USA Convention 2013
Horizon Hobby had a large suite at the HobbyTown USA Convention this year. They had nice displays for ECX, Vaterra, and for some of the Losi line-up.

The biggest news was in their air products, most notably their new E-flite UMX Habu DF BNF Basic and their Blade 350 QX RTF/BNF quadcopter.

The E-flite Habu jet uses a ducted fan for propulsion and has a street price of $124, while the large Blade quad comes with all sorts of flight control making is super easy to fly (street price $479 on the RTF). The Blade 350 QX is even big enough to tote around a Go Pro camera to get some cool video shots.

The Horizon suite also had a nice table full of food and ice cold drinks, making it favorite among the BigSquidRC Bash Crew. Special thanks to Horizon’s Andy Miller for showing us around the suite, and if you want more information on any of Horizon’s fine products simply click THIS LINK.

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E-Flite Beast 60e ARF
With a name like the Beast, the newest 60-sized plane from E-flite should be an animal in the air.

E-flite designed the Beast 60e ARF from the ground up with modern brushless/Lipo power in mind. It’s light and engineered for aerobatic 3D flight. It’s also fast to get in the air, final assembly requires only 4 screws and 4 pins.

The Beast has a wingspan of 57″ and an overall length of 57.5″. The part number is #EFL9000, street price is $349, and it is expected to hit hobby shops in late July. For complete information simply Click This Link.

Happy Friday everyone, kick the weekend off right with a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link.

E-flite UMX Yak 54 180 BNF
The new E-flite UMX Yak 54 180 BNF is an ultra micro sized airplane that uses AS3X technology to not only make it easier to fly, but to also boost its aerobatic performance. AS3X stability control makes it easier to pull off all those cool aerobatic moves that you’ve been wanting to learn.

The Yak 54 180 has a wingspan of just 17.8″ and a length of 16.1″, making it easy to transport to your local flying spot. Despite its small size, the Yak 54 180 can even be flown in moderate wind.

Included with the Yak 54 180 is a powerful 180 brushless system and Lipo battery, all you need to supply is a 4 channel radio to get up and flying. Street price is $169, the part number is #EFLU5080, and you can get complete information at THIS LINK over on the official E-flite website.

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E-flite Apprentice S 15e RTF SAFE Technology
The latest plane from E-flite is the Apprentice S 15e RTF. On the outside the Apprentice looks pretty run-of-the-mill, however, the people from Horizon put a pretty bold statement into the press release, “This airplane is the most intelligent RC airplane ever offered by Horizon Hobby.”.

On the inside the Apprentice is full of the latest flying technology called SAFE. SAFE stands for “Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope”, a sophisticated type of flight control controlled by sensors and software. The SAFE system gives the plane flight envelope protection, multiple flight modes, and full time AS3X stabilization. To boil it down, the SAFE technology makes the Apprentice exceptionally easy to fly, a great thing for beginners.

The Apprentice comes completely RTF, everything you need to get up in the air is included in the box. For power it comes with a 3S Lipo battery, 15 size 840kv brushless motor, and a 30 amp ESC. Wingspan checks in at 59″ and the overall length is 42.5″. The part number for the Apprentice S is EFL3100 and it has a street price of $299. For more information THIS is the link you want.

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 E-flite® J-3 Cub 450 ARF airplane
Looking for a plane that is perfect for hitting the local park to get in some flying time? If so, you should take a look at the new J-3 Cub ARF from E-flite. The J-3 Cub utilizes traditional construction and comes with a great scale appearance to make it a great option for the casual flyer.

The J-3 Cub 450 ARF has a wingspan of 51″, a length of 32.9″, and has a part number of #EFL3010. Street price of the E-flite Cub is $170 and you can hit THIS LINK for more information or to get one on pre-order.

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Horizon Hobby Weak Signals Booth 2013
The crew at Horizon Hobby take their flying very seriously and had a very large booth at the Weak Signals 2013 Show. All of their major product lines were well represented and they a large staff to answer any questions that people had.

Horizon had a lot of new product on display. They were showing off a multitude of new airplanes, as well as a new line of gas engines and a new Blade helicopter. We’ll be posting more information on their new releases in the coming days.

HERE is the link to the Horizon Hobby website where you can check out all their fine products, and hit THIS link for more Weak Signals show coverage right here on BigSquidRC.

Horizon Hobby eFest 2013
One of the largest names in rc is Horizon Hobby and they have a very nice booth set-up at eFest 2013. Horizon is displaying a wide variety air products, from Blade heli’s and quad’s, to their novice friendly hobbyzone planes, they have a wide variety of products for nearly any flyer.

Hit up the Horizon Hobby Website for more information on all their products, and check out THIS link for more eFest coverage right here on BigSquidRC.