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Traxxas E-Revo Big Air Video

Traxxas E-Revo High Flying Dirt Jump Domination Video

New from Traxxas is a promotional video called High Flying Dirt Jump Domination. The new video highlights the extreme off-road performance of the E-Revo. Watch the video below to see the E-Revo in high flying off-road action that includes multiple backflips, shooting over giant gaps, etc. After the video, feel free to hit up this link for full E-Revo VXL [...]


Traxxas Crash Reel 2018 Video

Video – Best of the Worst, Traxxas Crash Reel 2018!

Here ya bashers, have a look at the latest video from Traxxas called Best of the Worst – Crash Reel 2018! Just like the name implies, the video is filled with some of the craziest crashes from the Traxxas film crew over the last year. From the mighty X-Maxx monster truck, to the ultra-scale Unlimited Desert Racer, watch the video [...]


Traxxas E-Revo Winter Wonderland Video

Video - Winter Wonderland/Mountain Freestyle With The Traxxa…

Traxxas is kicking off the holiday season with a new video starring the mighty E-Revo monster truck. Watch below to see the powerful E-Revo blast through snow, catch massive air, as well as more snow bashing. For you guys that live in northern climates, you know just how fun it is to drive in the snow, especially with a truck [...]


Pro-Line Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 Upgrade Accessories Video

Video – Pro-Line Upgrades For The E-REVO 2 0

Recently uploaded by Pro-Line is a new How To video for the E-Revo 2.0. The video below shows off a number of trick Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 upgrades that are available from Pro-Line to help make your rig the best it can be. From more aggressive tires, to a trick new body, to LED upgrade lighting, the video does a great [...]


T-Bone Racing XV4 Front Bumper Traxxas E-Revo 2

T-Bone Racing XV4 Front Bumper Traxxas E-Revo 2.0

The crew over at T-Bone Racing has been working hard on a new series of upgrade parts for the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0, now they have announced an XV4 Series Front Bumper for the truck. The XV4 series of bumpers from TBR have more of a scale appearance, with the unit for the E-Revo 2.0 sporting a pair of large tubes [...]


Updated Traxxas E-Revo

New E-Revo Overview Video From Traxxas

Recently posted by Traxxas is a new Overview Video for the latest edition of the E-Revo. A few months ago when Traxxas updated the E-Revo, they didn’t hold any prisoners. With vast improvements from nose to tail, the “2.0” version of the E-Revo is easily one of the best backyard bashers that money can buy. Watch the video below to learn [...]


Traxxas E-Revo Camp Woodward West Video

Video – Traxxas E-Revo Takes on Woodward West

Just posted by Traxxas is a new video showing off how gnarly the new E-Revo is. Shot at Camp Woodward West, the video has a number of roof jumps, as well as hardcore jumping action from the ramps at Woodward. The latest version of the E-Revo received massive upgrades a few months ago, and now with it being tougher than [...]


Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 Review

Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 Review

In the beginning, the Traxxas Revo was a nitro powered monster truck that set new standards for performance. Soon, brushless was taking over everything and the E-Revo was released. The electric form of the Revo was even more extreme, going even faster, and jumping even higher. It has just been a few weeks since the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 was announced, [...]


Traxxas E Revo 2.0 Unboxing

Unboxing The Traxxas E-Revo 2.0

Here it is folks, the new Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 has landed! Always considered one of the most epic bash machines ever, the new version is beefed up from nose to tail. OK, so our unboxing of the E-Revo 2.0 has a story behind it. A few days ago Brian shot an entire unboxing video to go up on our Youtube channel. [...]