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Mugen MBX7R ECO BuggyThe latest warrior to enter the battle for 8th scale buggy supremacy is the Mugen MBX7R ECO. The ECO is based on the MBX7R but offers refinements to improve its handling and durability. Big 16mm shocks improve stability, while a new chassis increases strength. New wing mounts, drive shafts, and front hub carriers are among other changes.

The 7R ECO starts shipping next month and you can get complete details over on the official Mugen Seiki Website.

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Kyosho FO-XX 1/8 4WD
Well look at what Kyosho has on the way, the FO-XX 1/8 4WD mud basher. The FO-XX will be available two ways, electric driven with brushless power, or with a powerful nitro engine. Based off the Mad Force platform, the Kyosho FO-XX is a big truck that should be a lot of fun to explode your local mud pit with. Both versions come in Readyset form making them ready to bash right out of the box.

* Scale detailing with flip open body for easy maintenance
* Nitro version comes with KE25 engine and 3 speed tranny
* Waterproof KS-203 servo
* Paddle tires with 17mm hex hubs
* Big front bumper with light buckets
* Threaded big bore shocks
* Syncro KT-200 2.4GHz radio system
* Width- 383mm
* Length- 545mm
* Wheelbase- 360mm
* Tires- 115 x 70.5mm

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A-Main Speedway Spring Fling 2014Save the weekend of March 22nd and 23rd for A-Main Speedway’s 2nd annual Spring Fling in Pueblo, CO with a special event sponsored by us here at the Big Squid RC. You can get your fill of off-road racing with classes for pretty much every type of off-road rc vehicle in existence. 1/8th scale buggy, truggy, monster truck, electric, nitro, 2 and 4wd short course, a sportsman class for the newbs, and more.

Qualifying takes place on Saturday, the racing commences on Sunday. After the racing is done, it’ll be time to bust out some hang time in the Big Squid RC Big Air event thingy.

A Main Speedway is my local hobby shop and I will be there shooting a lot of pics. If you’re nearby come on down, find me and say “The crow kaws at the dawn of the first full moon.” That’ll be our secret code for “Give me free stickers or something*.”

You can sign up for this event at the RC Signups website and you can get more info by looking at that flyer up there or by hitting up the A-Main Speedway Facebook page and clicking over to the Events Section.

There’ll be door prizes, t-shirts, and more for competitors, plus lots of fun.

*  Something may include, but is not limited to, a passionate embrace.

Kyosho Inferno GT2 VE Ferrari 458
For all you Ferrari fans out there Kyosho has announced a pair or new on-road cars. The new Inferno Ferrari 458 comes two ways, electric with Orion brushless power, or nitro powered by a .25 cubic inch Kyosho KE25 engine. Both come as Readysets, assembled with 2.4GHz radio systems and metal gear servos.

The Electric Powered Version has a part number of #30940 and is priced at $785. The Nitro Version has a part number of #31838 and a street price of $679.

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Check out the video of the Durango DEX408v2 Buggy we just posted. This footage was shot during some of our extreme testing procedures during the review process. You can check out the review at This Link if you haven’t already.

Make sure to watch it in HD for bashing goodness!

Durango DEX408 V2 Unboxing
8th scale buggies are common on the bashing scene, they are fast and they are tough, a perfect combo for serious bashing. The latest 8th scale buggy from Team Durango is the DEX408 V2. The Version 2 is updated to not only make the big Durango faster, but also even tougher. The V2 comes as a kit, which many people prefer. Sure, it takes a while to build one, but once together you know your new bash machine like the back of your hand, and you know it was put together correctly.

Our full review for the DEX408 V2 is still a couple of weeks away, until then, take a look at our unboxing pictures to see exactly what it looks like when you crack the box open. We also included pictures of the Futaba S9353HV servo and TrakPower 2S 6800 Lipos that we chose to use for the install.

For more information on the DEX408 V2 check out This Link, for more Durango news on BigSquidRC Click Here.

Durango DEX408V2 Buggy
After some teasing, Team Durango has released full information about their updated DEX408V2 8th scale electric buggy. The highlights include-

* New 3mm hard anodized chassis
* New 16mm big bore shocks
* New rear shock tower
* Machined aluminum bulkheads
* New tapered shock pistons
* New lighter diff gears
* Straighter rear diff output for greater efficiency
* New dual position rear hubs
* New rear a-arms
* New pre-load nuts

The part number is #TD102029, street price is $549, and they should start hitting hobby shops in early November. Hit up This Link for more information over on the Durango website.

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Kyosho SCORPION XXL Convertible Kit GP/VE
So lets say you want a big 7th scale buggy that comes as a kit and is easily convertible from nitro to electric. Boy are you in luck, Kyosho has announced their new Scorpion XXL kit buggy that comes with the parts needed to go from nitro to electric right in the box. For even more value, the Scorpion XXL convertible kit comes with upgrade parts like high grip tires, universal swing shafts, and steel spur gear. But wait, that’s not all! Also included is a spare parts pack molded in a limited edition neon blue color.

The part number for the Kyosho Scorpion XXL convertible kit is #30972 and you can get more information by hitting up This Link.

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Mugen MBX7 ECO M-Spec 1/8 BuggyOne of the most highly regarded names in rc is Mugen Seiki Racing. They have long been known for putting out durable, high-end machines. Their latest is the MBX7 ECO M-Spec 4wd 8th scale electric buggy. Some of the features of the new MBX7 ECO M-Spec include-

* New battery tray
* New mounting for receiver and servo
* Stylish mid-cab polycarbonate body
* Heavy duty motor mount
* Eco chassis with better weight distribution
* Comes pre-built

Part number for the new Mugen is #E2010, the price point should be right around $800, and they should start hitting hobby shops in mid-September.

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XRay XB9E Electric 8th Buggy
When XRay announced their new XB9 Nitro Buggy a few months ago you knew the electric version wouldn’t be far behind. Today XRay has announced the XB9E 8th scale electric buggy kit. It’s based off the nitro version but comes with a few updates to make sure it’s at the very front of the technology pack. Some of the features of this “luxury masterpiece” include-

* Longer & wider chassis
* Optimal weight balance
* New servo mounting plate
* Swiss 7075 T6 motor mount
* Composite battery box
* Hudy Spring Steel drive-shafts & turnbuckles
* ISS suspension holders
* Revised shock towers
* Does not include body

To get more information on the latest uber machine from XRay simply click THIS LINK.

To get even more XRay news click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

SWORKz S104 EK1 Buggy
SWORKz has been teasing their S104 EK1 for months, now they’ve finally released full specifications and pictures. The S104 is SWORKz first 10th scale off-road buggy and it is a bit different than the typical machine. Some of the key features include-

* Narrow chassis design
* Can use saddle or shorty packs
* Pivot ball front suspension
* Large wheel hexes
* Aggressive body
* Shock shaft guards
* Oil diffs
* X-System tranny
* Carbon fiber towers

A-Main Hobbies has picked up the SWORKz line here in the states, so it should be easier for us Yanks to get our hands on the new S104 when it hits the market. For more information on everything SWORKz THIS is the link to their official website.

Want more A-Main Hobby news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

HobbyTech Hobbytech STR8 EPX2 DS
You may remember HobbyTech from THIS post on their 8th scale concept car, but today they’ve announced their new STR8 EPX2 DS Rally Sport. This new Hobbytech is an 8th scale 4wd rally car that comes as either a roller with just the chassis and clear body, or in “race edition” that includes 2.4 GHz radio, brushless power, Lipo battery, charger, and Savox servo.

Hobbytech_STR8_EPX2_DS_2We received no word on price point or a possible release date on the EPX2 DS, although they did mention a nitro version coming out in the next couple of weeks. Also, Hobbytech is not distributed here in the states so getting one in your hands might be hard, but not impossible. To view all of Hobbytech’s other products HERE is a link to their website.

Looking for more Hobbytech news right here on BigSquidRC? Check out THIS link.

 Kyosho Plazma LM GTP
Kyosho has a new series of cars with licensed bodies from vintage Lemans GTP racers. The Plazma LM GTP series are 12th scale pan cars that should corner like they are on rails. As seen in the picture above, the first car up is a Porsche 962, we can’t wait to see which other models Kyosho adds to the series.

To learn more about all of Kyosho’s products THIS LINK takes you to the Kyosho America website. To read more Kyosho news right here on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.