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What could be Cooler than an RC COOLER?

I couldn’t help but think “Why didn’t I think of that?” when I saw this extremely practical gadget from Hammacher Schlemmer. Although not huge by any means but what an awesome concept for the RC/Cold Beverage lover in all of us? Stats say the RC COOLER will hold a dozen cans or bottles plus ice, but I am thinking probably [...]



RCX 2012 – Novak Electronics

What a couple of pleasant looking fellows, eh? We stopped by the Novak booth to take a look at their newly announced Impact brushless ESC. You can read the announcement here. While the Impact was billed in the announcement as a small ESC, we were kinda surprised at just how small it is. Tiny would be a more appropriate word. [...]


New Tamiya Releases

To be unveiled at the Nuremburg toy fair in a matter of hours, Tamiya have got a whole host of new vehicles to keep with current trends on the market. Theres the usual pile of updated re-releases, a couple of limited edition kits and a heap of new hopups. Here are some noteworthy releases.   1/12 Nissan Titan a DT-02 2wd chassis is [...]


Schumacher Mi4CXL

Even more advanced that its predecessor, Schumacher’s Mi4CXL aims to be race winning and class leading. Durability has been improved over the Mi3 by using a tough Nickel-Teflon played shock bodies, an ultra lightweight front diff, and enlarged drive pins all around. A new sway-bar system keeps the “Soft Weave” carbon fibre chassis level, and many new 7075 aluminium parts [...]


KO Propo EX-1 K.I.Y. Transmitter

KO Propo announced the release of their new “Kustomize It Yourself” EX-1 transmitter earlier today. Apart from the cool folding screen, it looks like any other transmitter… until you see the stick steering. A 3-part modular construction means that the transmitter is portable and very lightweight, as well as being ectremely adaptable to the preferences of the user. Very little [...]


Xtreme Racing Charger Stands

Xtreme Racing have got some new charger stands to help your charger keep it’s cool when charging. have one on your workbench and keep an eye on your battery with ease – no more squinting to read those tiny screens! They come in several sizes, colours and even materials, so they’ll suit anyones taste, and starting at $17.99, they’ll suit [...]


Team Durango DEX408

Team Durango have at last unveiled the DEX408, after having teased us for many weeks. It’s packed with features, most of which are to be found on the nitro version too, such as easy-access diffs and a slimline design. The plastics are all light weight composites, and all the shiny bits are CNC machined aluminum, further aiding the already excellent weight [...]


Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 Brushless 1/8 buggy

Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 1/8 Buggy

Kyosho have revised their DBX VE 1/8 Buggy to keep up with current styles. In the DBX VE 2.0 you will find an Orion Vortex 10 motor and an all new 3s Li-Po capable RV10 EVO ESC, a slick new FHSS 2.4GHZ radio, and durable bash-proof parts such as big bore shocks and an aluminum motor mount. To top it all off, you get [...]


Futaba High Voltage Servos

Futaba have released three new High Voltage servos, of which two should be of interest to the car and truck guys. The new S9352HV and S9353HV servos both have the same s/0.06 speed and humungous 306 oz/in torque, but the difference is the S9353HV boasts a full metal case for extra durability.  The BLS256HV servo is intended for helicopter rudder use, as it significantly lighter [...]


Castle Creations CapPack

This cool little device from Castle Creations called the “CapPack” is designed for use in high powered electric vehicles, where batteries may suffer from voltage drop under severe load – this capacitor bank will give you that bit of extra go under accelleration. At $24.95, it costs a whole lot less than a new battery pack!Head over to the Castle Website for full details.


Novak Ballistic Vented Endbells

  Want more speed and lower operating temperatures from your 540 Ballistic motor? Novak’s got you covered with this Vented Endbell kit, which includes both the front and rear endbells as well as oversised bearings.You can get your hands on a kit in November, so keep an eye on the Novak Website for details


Novak Eiger ESC’s and Combos

Novak have released two new ESC’s called the Eiger and the Eiger Pro. Both of them are 2-3 cell lipo capable, weigh only 18.1 grams, and have a 40% smaller footprint than Rooster ESC’s. The Eiger has a built-in 2A BEC, whereas the Eiger Pro includes Novak’s 3A BEC module. They are designed to fit inside crawlers, hence why combos are available with [...]


Vampire Racing SR1 ESC’s

Vampire Racing have announced that their SR1 and SR1 Plus esc’s which were first shown at the Nuremberg toy fair are now available for purchase. The ESC can handle motors down to 3.5t and either 1s or 2s lipo packs. They are equipped with something called “Power Timing System”. All you need to know about it is that it means you [...]


Savox Servos 6

New Savox Servos in the house

Savox has a bunch of new servos that are out now or are coming down the pipe soon, sometime around the first of the year. No matter what kind of servo you’re looking for, Savox probably has a new one for you. From budget minded to super high end brushless and high voltage. They even have a [...]


Reedy 4000mAH 60C 7.4V Shorty Li-Po

Reedy have announced a new 7.4v “Shorty” Li-Po for the racers out there. However if you do fancy bashing it, there’s no need to worry, because it’s 60c 4000mah cells are protected by a hardcase. Sounds like another Li-Po right? WRONG. It’s called “Shorty” for a reason – its short! That means you can slide it about in your standard sized battery [...]