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O.S. Gold Edition 21

O.S. Speed 21 XZ-B Spec II Gold Edition Nitro Engine

Who said nitro was dead? In fact, we saw more nitro burners at our bash last weekend than we’ve seen in recent years. The 8th scale nitro racing community is also having solid turnouts, thus the need for 8th scale race engines like the one recently announced by O.S. Engines. The crew at O.S. have released information on a Gold [...]


Rogue Element Components Realism Kit RC4WD V8

Rogue Element Components Realism Kit For The RC4WD V8 Engin…

Rogue Element Components is well known for putting out some of the sickest scale parts on the market, now they have turned their attention to a popular RC4WD product. New from REC is a Realism Kit for the RC4WD V8 Scale Engine. The realism kit takes the V8 engine to a whole new level of cool and should turn some [...]


OS Speed T1201

O.S. Speed T1201 Touring Nitro Engine

For the go-fast nitro touring car crowd, O.S. Speed has just announced the new T1201. The T1201 is a full-on race engine designed to destroy the competition. This long stroked engine features a hand-matched piston and cyclinder, low-CG cylinder head, slide valve carb, and a DLC crank. * Output- 1.72 hp @ 35,000 rpm * Displacement- .128 cu in * Bore- .54″ * Stroke- [...]


Killerbody RC Scale Engine Inserts

Killerbody RC Scale Engine Inserts

With perfect scale authenticity being a high priority now days, Killerbody RC has announced Scale Engine Inserts. These are formed from polycarbonate and can give your drifter/on-road project what appears to be a real engine under the hood. The engine inserts are attached with double sided tape and come in either transverse or vertical engine styles. For those of you [...]


RC4WD 1/10 Scale V8 Engine

RC4WD 1/10 V8 Scale Engine

For all the scale fanatics out there, RC4WD has announced a 1/10 V8 Scale Engine. The “engine” allows you to hide your electric motor inside, giving your truck the ultimate in scale realism. The engine is CNC machined from billet aluminum to look great while helping to dissipate heat. * Works with most 540 sized motors * Length- 2.74″ * Width- 2.77″ * Height- [...]


O.S. Engine Speed R2101

O.S. Speed R2101 Nitro Engine

For those of you looking for truly big power on-road, O.S. Engine has announced their new R2101. The R2101 is a .21 cubic inch nitro burner that should put some serious power into your 1/8th scale on-road machine. It features a DLC coated crank with pressed in weights, a 7+3 port design, and is based off the legendary 21XZ-R. * Weight- [...]


O.S. 21XZ-B V2 ABC

O.S. 21XZ-B V2 ABC Nitro Engine

For racers & bashers looking for big nitro power at a lower price, O.S. Engines have announced the O.S. 21XZ-B V2. The 21XZ-B V2 is lighter, lower and cooler running than before, yet still produces the kind of power you expect from a top shelf engine. Some of its features include- * Holes in cylinder head to save weight * Same [...]


HPI Nitro Star V2 F4.6

New V2 HPI Nitro Star F3.5 and F4.6 Pull Start Nitro Engines

Ten years ago was right before the “electric revolution” when brushless and Lipo power went mainstream with the rc crowd. Nitro fumes filled the air nearly everywhere you went back in those days. Now days bash spots are a lot quieter, but there are still plenty of hardcore nitro bashers out there. The crew over at HPI Racing have just announced [...]


FX Royal Racing Engines

FX Royal Racing Nitro Engines

There is a new nitro engine company on the scene and it is called FX Royal Racing Engines. The man behind the company is Juraj Hudy who is best known for his work at X-Ray. FX Engines will be producing product targeted at the uber high end competition scene, but we know plenty of bashers who only buy “the best” [...]


BZM Micro 23cc Reed Motor for Baja 5 (1)

BZM Micro’s engine isn’t all that micro…

BZM Micro was showing off their new 23cc engine for the Baja 5 line at RCX.  This beast is an all new design, not just a bulked up Fuelie or Zenoah.  While this guy may be smaller than a lot of other after-market engines, it’s numbers are anything but.  According to BZM’s dyno testing, when this engine is paired to [...]


Axial 21RR Engine

Axial’s first .21 engine for budget buggy bashers

Axial is expanding it’s RR line of budget nitro engines for bashers and weekend warriors.  Their new .21RR-1 engine is Axial’s first .21 size engine for 1/8 scale buggies and totally fricken awesome 1/10 scale cars and trucks.  But being for bashers doesn’t mean that they took any shortcuts in it’s design.  It’s got that fancy ABC construction, a 7-port [...]


RC Pro Alpha .28 RTR

An engine from RC Pro for your RTR

RC Pro Products wants you to throw your old engine in the trash and buy one of their new engines designed for your RTR 1/8 scale buggy or truggy.  The new Alpha Plus RTR line of engines starts with a .21 size for the buggy drivers and a .28 size for truggies.  Both feature a smartly designed pull-start mechanism that [...]


OS 21 XZ-B Speed

O.S. .21 XZ-B Speed

O.S. is ready to put another engine on the shelf for you to buy.  The .21 XZ-B Speed has all kinds of new features on it.  The fuel efficiency of this engine has been improved by 8% over the non-speed version .21 XZ-B.  The cylinder head had been made 9mm shorter than the .21VZ-B Speed, the center of gravity has [...]


LRP ZR.21X Spec.2 engine

There’s a new engine on the market thanks to the fine folks at LRP.  The ZR.21X Spec.2 is a competition grade engine made for 1/8 scale buggies.  It has a rear exhaust, a high-end WorksTeam 14SV-2 carburetor with interchangeable venturis, and a redesigned cooling head.  According to LRP this engine is capable of putting out 2.78HP and can run a [...]


Axial .28 Spec 2S

Axial’s got a new .28 size nitro engine that may help satisfy all your big block desires.  The new Spec 2s is a big engine that you’ll be able to stuff into any .21 size engine mount for an instant power boost.  This thing can be spun up to a max of 37,500 RPM.  Some other features [...]