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Maclan Diamondback MX Brushless Combo Unboxing

First Ever Unboxing - Maclan Diamondback ESC & MX Brushless …

Who is Maclan Racing? They are a brand new brushless company looking to earn you business. We are very stoked to be the first media outlet to unbox their very first production brushless systems. Maclan is distributed by Hobby Authority Distribution out of Washington State and we are working on reviews for their Diamondback ESC & MX Motor Combos as [...]


Castle Sidewinder Micro 2 ESC

Castle Creations 1/18 Sidewinder Micro 2

New from Castle Creations is the 1/18 Sidewinder Micro 2 ESC. Thanks to new circuitry, start up performance has been improved and BEC functionality has also been upgraded. Also new is audible alert tones to inform users of common setup problems. The Castle Sidewinder Micro 2 will be available as a stand alone unit, or paired with a choice of [...]


Kinexsis Brushless Motor ESC Combo

Kinexsis 1/10 4-Pole ESC/Motor Combos

Looking for an inexpensive brushless system? If so, have a look at the new brushless ESC/Motor Combos from Kinexsis. The Kinexsis brushless combos come with a 540 sized motor and were designed to work in 1/10th scale vehicles. The ESC is waterproof and is rated for 70 amps, while the motors are a sensorless 4 pole design for more torque. [...]


Dynamite Tazer Twin 2-N-1 ESC Brushless Motor

Dynamite Tazer Twin 2-in-1 Brushless Motor/ESC Combo

Looking for a super easy install? It doesn’t get much easier than the new Dynamite Tazer Twin 2-N-1 Brushless Motor/ESC Combo. Normally your ESC and motor are two separate units, with the new Tazer Twin they are combined, saving space inside your car and reducing the amount of wiring that is required. * 4-pole 3000kV motor * Comes with LiPo cut-off * CNC [...]


Hitec's Energy Rotor ESCs

Drone News – Hitec’s New Energy Rotor ESCs

New for the multirotor crowd are Hitec’s Energy Rotor speed controllers. These are brushless ESCs designed for smooth and accurate throttle linearity, making your drone easier to fly and control. BLHeli firmware comes standard as does ONESHOT synchronization. Also of note, the Energy Rotor ESCs utilize the latest gen MOSFETs to increase efficiency. Energy Rotor 12A (#61071) * Current Rating- 12A / [...]


Castle 30 Day Sales Event

30 Day Powered By Castle Savings Event

Just announced is a special 30 Day Sales Event by Castle Creations. Now you can get your favorite Castle products at a significant savings, and do so at participating local hobby shops. If you don’t have a local hobby shop, you can still enjoy the savings on Castle’s website. This sale covers nearly every product in the Castle line-up (both surface [...]


Maclan Racing

New RC Company – Maclan Racing

There is a new high performance brushless motor, ESC and accessory company on the rc scene, their name is Maclan Racing. This new line of products will be available to dealers via Hobby Authority Distribution based out of Redmond, Washington, USA. It won’t be long until they start announcing their new products, in the meantime you can hit up This [...]


Castle Mamba Monster X Review

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X ESC Review

Bashers love power, the more the better, and Castle Creations has long been a source of brushless systems for us bashers. A few months ago they unveiled their new X line up of ESCs which introduced more features and other upgrades. Myself along with the rest of the BigSquid Bash Crew has been beating on the Mamba Monster X to [...]


Unboxing Castle Creations Mamba Monster X

Unboxing – Castle Creations Mamba Monster X

New and improved from Castle Creations is the Mamba Monster X electronic speed controller. We recently received one to bash/test, so we got out the camera to take pictures while we unboxed it. As you can see by the pictures, the Mamba X is different than previous 1/8th models from Castle. A big red “X” on top shows that it [...]


Reedy SC1000-BL

Reedy SC1000-BL 1/8th Brushless ESC

Designed to work in 1/8th scale buggies and truggies is the SC1000-BL ESC from Reedy. A splash-proof design keeps the fun going in wet conditions and it is designed to work on sensorless motors. Some of its other features/specs include- * LiPO cutoff protection * Comes with pre-wired cooling fan * Auto LiPO detect * Aluminum heat sink * Comes with T-plug style connector The [...]


Mamba Micro X ESC

Castle Creations Mamba Micro X

New from Olathe Kansas based Castle Creations is the Mamba Micro X. This is another new ESC in the X series line from Castle and is made to power your 18th scaler or any car up to 2.25 lbs. The Micro X is waterproof, making it a great choice for all you basher out there. Here some of its other [...]


Reedy SC550 Brushed RTR ESC

Reedy SC550 Brushed RTR ESC

If you are in need of an affordable brushed ESC, Reedy has just shot out a PR on their SC550. The SC550 is an affordable brushed ESC that can handle 540 or 550 motors down to 15 turns. It is also water resistant for the basher crowd, has a “T-plug” (Deans style) connector, and comes standard with a LiPo cut [...]


Mamba Monster X ESC

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X Extreme 1/8th Waterproof E…

The folks over at Castle Creations have just released full details on their new 8th Scale ESC called the Monster X. Here is the scoop on some of its new features-> * Programmable auxiliary wire to make “on-the-go” adjustments such as torque control, reverse, max throttle, and max brake. * Waterproof for bashing in any weather * Maximum cell count is 6S LiPo * [...]



LRP iX8 V2 1/8th Brushless ESC

The latest 1/8th esc from the folks at LRP is the iX8 V2. What’s new with the V2? It comes with new hardware to make it run cooler and comes pre-loaded with V2.6 team firmware. * 6S LiPo cell limit * No motor limit * USB software can be updated * Optimized sensored design * 6 volt 6 amp BEC The part number for the LRP [...]


Castle X Series

2 New X Series Extreme ESCs from Castle Creations

What is the latest news from Castle Creations? That would be their Mamba X Series 1/5th esc called the XL X and their 1/18th esc called the Micro X. These new controllers are more Extreme than ever with some neat new features. The coolest new feature that comes on both controllers is the addition of an Auxiliary Wire that allows [...]