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BigSquidRC Axial Exo TERROR Buggy
For a long time THE Cub Reporter and I have been wanting to buy some tanks, hop them up, and do some serious bashing. The tanks had to be durable, go at least 20 mph, and be able to huck big ramps. Needless to say, we didn’t find any that would work for our demands.

What do we do when we can’t find something that will work? We make our own, here is our BigSquidRC project vehicle – the Axial Exo TERROR Buggy.

Our project started life with our well worn review machine, an original Axial Exo Terra Buggy kit. Its life has seen lots of ugly, from our normal torture tests to 2 tours of duty as an iHobby demo vehicle. Thankfully it is up to full combat status with mods from ST Racing Concepts and RPM Products.

Next up was a call to the crew over at RC4WD for a set of their Predator Tracks. RC4WD does not make an adapter kit for the Exo, so we knew it was up to us to make them fit.

The Process -

With all parts in hand, it was time to spin some wrenches. Step 1 was a rough test fit. We found out the input hex on the Predator tracks was the same size as the wheel hex on the Exo, 12mm, but we needed wider/thicker hexes for clearance reasons. The fix was easy enough by simply bolting on some wider hexes from an RC4WD Predator adapter kit for an Axial Wraith.

Step 2 was to limit the articulation of the tracks. Without limiters the tracks would just spin around the axle like an extremely unbalanced tire. The fix for articulation was actually fairly simple. In the rear we threaded cap head screws into the pre-existing holes in the hubs, and longer grub type screws into the front. The screws, front and rear, went into the holes normally filled with grub screws to keep the hinge pins from falling out. A bit of grinding and bending was needed to tweak the articulation on these.

Next we had some binding issues. We installed some shims behind the axle cross pins of the wheel hexes, which helped in one aspect, but we also had to do some Dremel work on the inner supports of the Predator tracks. We also had to ditch the end caps on the tracks. All in all, the project wasn’t super hard, but there is a heavy dose of custom work involved.

Results -

We were told be multiple people that our project just would not work. In the end our 3S Dynamite Lipo, Castle 1410 powered TERROR buggy topped out at 26 mph and could indeed pound big wood ramps. It tore across grassy fields and threw huge rooster tails on dirt.

Turning was not nearly as bad as we expected it to be. The TERROR Buggy basically drove like an Exo with very hard tires. Because of the track system, our TERROR buggy got very little mechanical grip on dirt or pavement, drifting around corners. On soft surfaces it didn’t dig in and bury itself, it stayed on top and simply hauled butt.

One of our biggest concerns going into the project was being able to keep the tracks on. That turned out to be a non-issue, at least for us up to 26 mph. We did throw a track twice, but that was at lower speeds and caused by the loose mulch we were driving in, not by the tracks de-railing themselves or by them stretching at speed.

We did have one recurring problem, temperature of the power system. Even when rolling freely for a track system, the tracks present a lot more resistance than a normal set of wheels and tires. We were thermalling out in just over 5 minutes, a problem that could most likely be fixed by running 2S instead of 3, gearing down, and/or installing a Mamba Pro with a 1415 motor.

Overall -

Our “Exo on tracks” project massively exceeding our expectations. The TERROR is a total animal on pretty much any surface and it was shocking that it could make short work of the double jumps on the local racetrack. It took some time to get the bugs worked out, but once done it turned out fast and handled better than we expected. A normal Exo is faster and handles better, but it certainly isn’t the beast, or the head turner, that the TERROR is.

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Check it out in action! Make sure to watch it HD!

T-Bone Racing Front Bumper Axial EXO
Looking to beef up your Axial EXO Terra Buggy to withstand even the worst of beatings? Already crush in the front bumper on your EXO and don’t want it to happen again? Luckily for you the guys over at T-Bone Racing specialize in making bumpers to help your buggy come home in one piece.

The latest item from TBR is a Pro Series Front Bumper for the popular Axial EXO. Pro series bumpers are made out of tough nylon to take a beating, but are left narrow to save weight. The Pro Series Bumper for the EXO mounts easily under the chassis and comes with a lifetime warranty. The part number is #12005, its street price is $12 and they are available right now.

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axial exo terra buggy pre-printed red body
Is your Axial EXO Terra Buggy is desperate need of a new body? If so, Axial has just announced two new pre-printed bodies that will quickly bolt right up. Available in either red or green, these pre-printed bodies save you the time of painting and come with a stylish look already applied. The bodies are formed out of .040″ polycarbonate and come with pre-cut decals to make it even faster to get on the track.

Expect a street price of right around $50 with a release date of late January. Hit up the official Axial Website for more information.

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TBR Rear Side Panels for Axial EXO
We’ve busted up a half dozen sets of the stock polycarbonate side panels on our Axial EXO Terra Buggies. The crew over at T-Bone Racing have announced a new product to fix that problem. TBR now has .06″ thick Delrin side panels that are a perfect replacement for the weak stock parts. Their new side panels come in black and have a street price of $10. Hit up the official TBR Website for more information.

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THE RPM RC Products A-Arm’s For The Axial EXO Terra Buggy Review

RPM A-arms for the Axial EXO Terra Buggy

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the RPM front and rear upgrade a-arms for the Axial EXO Terra Buggy. Since first getting the EXO it has been one of the most driven vehicles in our entire stable of test-mobiles. And being wired the way we are, over time our EXO has suffered some pretty serious beatings. Most recently we used the EXO in our BigSquidRC demo’s at the iHobby Cleveland track, which basically means hucking as huge as we possibly can for 4 days straight while landing to a thin layer of carpet over concrete. After iHobby we noticed all the stock arms were basically taco’ed out and needing replacment, luckily RPM had just sent us some of their uber-basher arms for review. Are the RPM arms better than the stockers? Are they worthy of your cash? Let’s find out…


Axial Exo Front and Rear Sway Bar Sets
Do you drive your Axial EXO Terra Buggy on a high bite surface? Looking to improve its corning? Axial announced today front and rear sway bar sets for their uber EXO bash machine. Some features of the new sway bars are-

* CNC machined for precision
* Includes three different gauge steel wires (soft, medium, firm)
* Black anodized aluminum sway bar arms
* Trick laser etched logos
* Rod ends and hardware included
* Easy bolt on installation
* Instructions are included
* Front sway bar part number AX30803
* Rear sway bar part number AX30804

Street price for the front sway bar set is $22 with the rears sporting a street price of $40, both are available right now. Catch more information on both kits on Axial’s Official Website.

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Axial EXO Machined Aluminum Rear Lower Shock Mounts Hard Anodized
New from Axial is a hard anodized set of aluminum rear lower shock mounts for their popular EXO Terra Buggy. Some of the features include-

* CNC machined for precision
* Hard anodized aluminum for better durability
* Three possible lower shock mounting holes for more adjustablity
* Offers two possible ride height settings
* Uber laser etched logos
* Mounting hardware included
* Easy to bolt on, fits both kit and RTR
* Part number AX30861

Street price of the new mounts is $44 with a late October release date. HERE is the link to the official Axial website for more information.

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rpm a-arms for axial exo terra buggy
When you want to beef something up and do NOT want it to break you put RPM parts on it. Today the crew over at RPM have announced their first hop-ups for the Axial EXO Terra Buggy, super tough front and rear a-arms. Some features of the new a-arms are-

* Yield increased ground clearance
* Less slop than the stock arms
* Lighter weight
* 30 degree angle on leading and trailing edges
* Over-sized hinge pin bosses
* Limited lifetime warranty
* Front A-arm part #70472
* Rear A-arm part #70452
* Available in black
* And of course much stronger than stock

Retail price is $16 a pair and you can get more information on RPM’s official WEBSITE.

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THE ST Racing Concepts Axial EXO Terra Buggy Hop Ups Review

STRC has created quite a reputation of putting out flawless after-market upgrade parts. We’ve been bashing and thrashing a bunch of STRC upgrade parts for our Axial EXO Terra buggy for a few weeks now. Do they stack up to the big rep? Do they take the EXO to another level? Read on..


axial exo baja bug

Have a Axial EXO Terra Buggy that needs some customizing? Want to be the EXO that stands out in a crowd? The folks over at Axial have a EXO RTR Baja Bug Build posted up in their blog. There really isn’t too many modifications they had to do to get from EXO to Baja, so if you are wanting to be different, head on over to their site and check the Baja Bug Build.

Speaking Axial EXO’s.. we have reviewed both versions if you are looking for some light reading. Check out our Axial EXO Terra Buggy Kit Review as well as the EXO RTR Review.

THE Axial EXO RTR Terra Buggy Review

axial exo rtr

Recently we posted a detailed review of the kit Axial EXO , so when the RTR version was released, it seemed like we should treat it a little differently. We did a little more bashing this time around. You already got all the technical stuff, now you need to make the decision RTR or Kit, hopefully this review will help you make that decision. Keep reading…


THE Axial EXO Terra Buggy Hop Ups Review

axial exo hop ups

The Axial EXO Terra Buggy is a very competent bash-mobile, but who can resist hopping it up? This week we’ll be taking a look Axial’s full line-up of hop-up parts for their EXO Terra Buggy. Are they just for bling, or do they toughen it up to the next level? Let’s find out…


axial exo rtr

We recently posted the Axial news about the EXO RTR coming soon. Well today it showed up at the office, so here are a few pictures before we go beat up on it and start the review process. You can see the Castle system in a few of the shots.

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