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Ferrari F2012 - F104
So what if Alonzo came up a little short in the title chase last year. So what if the hardcore Ferrari fans (tifosi) deemed the stepped nosed F2012 one of the ugliest F1 cars of all time.

It’s not often that you can get your hands on such a wonderfully done scale replica of last years Ferrari F1 car, complete with Alonzo behind the wheel. Thanks to the good folks at Tamiya, their new Ferrari F2012 F1 car will not only be amazingly fast at the local bash spot, but it will make you stop and marvel at its striking looks every time you walk by it in the garage. I am personally a huge Ferrari fan (so is Cubby), so I can see a couple of these sitting in the BigSquidRC offices Really soon!

* Scale: 1/10th
* Construction type: kit
* Terrain use: on-road
* Drive-train: 2WD RWD
* Drive type: pinion to spur gear
* Drive line: solid axle
* Differential type: ball pressure plate
* Suspension: independent front/solid axle rear
* Steering mechanism: direct servo
* Shock damper: friction damper, plastic bodies
* Tire type: rubber, slick tread
* Body material: Clear Polycarbonate
* Motor type: 540-brushed type
* Bearings: metal bushings
* Chassis material: FRP
* Adjustable camber: yes
* Adjustable toe angles: front only
* Adjustable ride height: yes
* Adjustable gear ratio: yes
* Fixed: wheelbase, width, and shock angle
* Requires: 7.2 battery, charger, paint, esc, radio gear, servo
* Part ##58559

This Ferrari only packs an MSRP of $320, and its expected release date is mid-February. For more information, hit THIS link for the official Tamiya USA website.

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I think Acer sent an email with something about a ball bearing kit for the Tamiya F104/F104 Pro.  And I think that email said something about them being Acer’s high-end ceramic bearings, which Acer says offers better performance than your typical steel bearings.  But really, I don’t know, because I got distracted by the Acer Chicks (NSFW) section of their web site.  Hold on, let me look again…

Ok, yeah, Tamiya F104/F104 Pro Ceramic Bearing Kit, now available for $79.99 with free worldwide shipping.  Check out the Acer website for more info.

Now, back to the Acer Chicks section…

The Exotek crew is at it again with another one of their super high-end conversion kits.  This time owners of the Tamiya F104 are the receivers of the goods.  One of the biggest changes the EXO104 kit makes is converting the rear end to a 5-link floating pod style suspension.  The kit also includes a new battery mounting system that will accept batteries with bullet connectors (e.g. LiPos, LiFes, etc.), a bunch of blue anodized hardware, and a 1-piece carbon fiber upper deck that reduces chassis tweak but still allows enough flex for proper traction.  There’s plenty of other performance minded changes in this kit, so be sure to check out the Exotek web site for more info.

The EXO104 conversion is available directly from Exotek Racing for $139.95.