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Cubby Photo BombAs the years have passed I’ve become a grumpy old man (Yes, even grumpier than before). Every day it seems more and more things trip my trigger. It might be something small like how a woman takes 4000% longer to use an ATM than a man does, or something that really truly torques me off, like fake Facebook likes.

Why would fake Facebook likes get me so wound up? Because… wait for it… because the people buying fake Facebook likes think the general public, myself included, were born yesterday. They are lying to the public at large, and paying to do so. For some reason they think buying fake likes makes them look larger and more relevant than they actually are, when all it really makes them look like is what they really are, scum of the Earth.

So how might one tell if a Facebook page has a lot of fake likes? That’s pretty dern easy. Lets look at BigSquidRC’s FB page. As you can see by the first pic in the gallery below, the city with the most engagement is Chicago Illinois. That makes a lot of sense, Chicago is a rabid rc town, a lot of people that live there have enough income to buy rc products, and it is the city that we are based out of. You can also see that the age of the people we are most engaged with is 35-44 year olds. This also makes sense, that age bracket typically makes enough bank to buy rc and many of them have been in the hobby since the Associated glory years.

Hey, lets look at Team Associated’s FB like statistics (Which I have screen capped in the second pic in the gallery below). Guess what? The city most engaged with them is good ole’ Los Angeles California, and their most popular age group is 25-44 years old. The LA metro is huge and there are a lot of people in that area that make good money. LA has also long been a hotbed for the rc hobby, and AE is based out of that location. Their statistics sound perfectly logical to me.

But… look at some of the other screen caps I have put in the gallery below. From looking at some of the screen caps you would think that Bangkok Thailand is a hotbed of rc activity. Have you been to Bangkok? I haven’t been there lately, it has been over 2 years ago, but from spending a couple of weeks there I didn’t even know rc existed in that city. Hey, maybe Bangkok has caught rc fever and ARRMA Granites are more popular than iPhones right now, I can’t tell you first hand, but I highly doubt the average citizen in Bangkok gives a fly’n leap about the rc hobby. If I’m wrong on this one feel free to enlighten me, otherwise I would be more inclined to believe the hundreds of blogs/news reports/etc that say Bangkok is a Hotbed Of Fake Facebook Likes.

So… what’s even worse than fake Facebook likes? Making money off of it, selling posts based on inflated numbers. For example, Happy Flower RC Company may have bought hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes, then they hit up other companies saying that for a fee they will promote them on their FB page. Listen, our hobby is having a rough enough time keeping its head above water, it certainly doesn’t need one rc company ripping off another one. When one rc company wastes hundreds/thousands of dollars marketing to robots, that money isn’t spent marketing to actual human beings that have real dollars in their pockets looking to actually buy real products. It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and yes, it makes me #$@%#$ angry.

That’s it for this week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

The folks over at Dromida would like to let the world know they want to be friends. They have added a new Facebook page as well as a newsletter sign-up so you never miss an ounce of Dromida news.
You can hit their main site by Clicking Here for the newsletter, or head Over Here for their new Facebook page.

You can also Click Here for more Dromida news on BigSquidRC.

Thunder Tiger Facebook page
In an effort to spread the word about their Facebook page, the folks over at Thunder Tiger Taiwan are doing a big giveaway. The winner gets a Desperado JR. OBL, a big (27″ long) brushless powered boat that has a street price around $250. Getting entered is super simple, just hit up This Link to head over the Thunder Tiger Facebook page.

Want to read more about Thunder Tiger? Check out This Link on BigSquidRC.

The folks over at FreqesKinz wanted us to let you know they are giving away two free Urban Camo sets of sKinz for the Axial G6 Jeep over on their Facebook page. Click Right Here to make the jump over to the FreqesKinz FB page for full details and to get entered.

Get more FreqesKinz news Right Here on BigSquidRC.

ASK Cubby


I have to say without a doubt what you said about FB is the best thing I have ever read in the R/C world.
Amazed at what level people need to partake in voyeurism of other’s lives. Never been on it, never will. I will cheer loudly the day it runs out of use with society, I do not really care for what reason.
Thanks man, you got a great site,
James C.”

Cubby- Yo hey James, thanks for the email and for the props, be sure and hit Brian up for a free sticker pack. Yes indeed, I am not a fan of FB at all, to me it has become one huge sham, for both users and advertisers. But… we have a whole lot of readers who are big fans of FB, so we opened a BigSquidRC Group over there. “Groups” are what FB introduced to kill off the old school forums and they have taken off quite well. As far as our Group goes, thus far we’ve got some cool people posting some good material, lets hope it stays that way. And… it has become a sort of underground hotbed for industry types to check out whats going on in the basher scene.

Hit the “Read More” button for the second question this week…


Traxxas CubbyThis is “one of those weeks” where I haven’t been biting at the bit to rant about something all week long, so I’ll start off with some generic BSRC news and just go from there.

Biggest rumor from last week? Another company is about 3 weeks away from announcing their upcoming gas powered machine. The HPI Octane is now looking like a mid-late May release, which is also the last we heard about a release date for the Losi XXL, this third entry into the small scale gas market is rumored to be hitting shelves in July. With a third west coast based company in the mix the summer of ’14 might very well be known for the explosion, or the failure, of gas powered rc vehicles.

So… last week I ranted about my unwavering hatred for FB. To change things up a bit we posted last Friday about the new BigSquidRC Facebook Group. So far so good with the group. It has gotten a solid response with actual real people that drive real rc cars, so we are stoked to have a place where we can go hang with people as hardcore about bashing as we are. FB groups are blowing up now days, leaving many an old school forums in their wake, even if you hate FB Check Ours Out to see what all the buzz is about.

There was no Supercross over the weekend as it was an off week, and the officials at the F1 Grand Prix in China threw the flag 2 laps early. Hey, at least Vettel isn’t crushing it again this year, although having the Mercedes dominating every weekend is going to get old fast too.

I’m sure you saw that Pro-Line announced their Blockbuster body last week. The Blockbuster was designed from the ground up to hold a GoPro or other “action” camera. Now… how many people shoot on-board video with their rc cars? In the grand scheme of things, not very darn many. So… it’s obvious the Blockbuster isn’t going to put a bunch more Ferraris in anyones garage, however, it is yet another example of how the team over at Pro-Line aren’t afraid to take chances, and because they are willing to “go for it”, they keep on the top of the aftermarket tire and body heap. Getting to the top is hard, staying at the top is a million times harder, but year after year the peeps over at Pro-Line keep kicking ass. That is something myself and a lot of industry people have to admire (and envy!).

The review we have coming up this week is for the Spektrum DX4S transmitter. I would say we spent more time on this review than any other in the history of BigSquidRC. We’ve been using it daily for about a month now and needless to say we’ve learned an awful lot. It’s Spektrum’s transmitter intended for users that want to add AVC to their cars, so we spent the majority of our testing seeing exactly what AVC can, and can not do. Check it out later in the week on our front page.

Also in the way of reviews, our Chi-Town crew is finishing up another Carisma review, this time on the M10DT VW Beetle. The M10DT is a 2wd off-roader targeted right at the bash market, with a unique look for all you guys burnt out on short course trucks. Look for the full review next week.

For you new readers out there I would like to mention our weekly schedule. Mondays are always THE Cub Report, Tuesdays used to be review day, but lately we sort of post the reviews whenever they get finished during the week. Wednesday is Rage’n Rotors for the mult-rotor crowd, Thursdays have ASK Cubby, Friday is scale column day, and our boat column Prop Wash goes up whenever Iron Mike gets around to posting it. We could still use good writers, especially those with a specific interest like drag racing, monster trucks, nitro only, 5th scale, etc, so hit us up if interested.

BigSquidRC goes on the road the second week of May for our SoCal Road Trip. Whether you be in the industry, or are just a gnar-core basher, shoot us an email if you want to meet up while we are in the greater Los Angeles metro area.

Thanks for reading BigSquidRC, we hope you have a great week, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

We have created a Facebook group called The Big Squid RC Bash Group. We have created this group because we want to hear more from our fans, our readers, and more general RC fans. We see and get posts all the time to our FB Page, but not everyone gets to see those cool pictures and videos. This group will let everyone see that stuff, communicate with each other, spread the word about bashes, and more social stuff like that.

Anyone can head over and check out the group at THIS LINK. To help kick off the opening of the group to the public, we are going to do something special. For the first 100 people to join the group, we are going to send a FREE Big Squid RC sticker pack to! I can’t wait to see the look on Cubby’s face when I tell him his going to be licking envelopes on Monday.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the new Big Squid RC Bash Group, and post a picture of your rides, or a awesome video you have seen recently. Please read the rules over there.. and keep the topics RC related.

Thanks for your time, see you over there!

Cubby with TP199 Truck at TORCI am not, nor never have been, or ever will be, a fan of Facebook. Early in the FB life cycle I looked at it as a very bad looking website with a number of fundamental flaws. The largest of the flaws being the cute little “friend” button. Why was that kid I barely knew in second grade hitting me up to be my “friend” 35 years later? Why was my 6th cousin who I’ve never met wanting to be my friend? Why was the lady from an Asian OEM claiming to be my “friend”? Oh and, I really knew FB was screwed in the head when my 4th grade English teacher (who obviously wasn’t very good at her job, LOL) wanted to be my friend too. I didn’t like her then, I have never talked to her since, and now all of a sudden she wants to friend me? Hey, maybe my definition of “friend” is a whole lot different than the rest of the world, mine means somebody I actually know, someone I actually like, and someone who would actually pour water on me from across the street if I was on fire. Strangely 99% of the people on FB who wanted to be my friend did not fit my definition.

And that was the early days of FB, since then it’s been all about monetization, and that has resulted in a real train wreck on the business side. If you are a casual user, a person who only gets on to see what your Uncle Bob is planting in his garden this spring or to get updates on what Happy Flower RC is up to, things are probably fine, but on the business side of things, it is downright ugly. For instance, BSRC has around 9k people that have liked our FB page, while other rc media outlets have over a hundred thousand, and they add 5k-10k new followers a week. If you didn’t know any better you would just think a page with 150k likes is sooooooo popular, but for those in the know, those are some insanely bulls$%^ numbers. There are some very big rc companies out there, some with some integrity that don’t buy likes, that have 20k total likes and add 50 new ones a month.

FB, which has constantly shoved down everyone’s throats that they were all about fighting bulls%^& likes/numbers via press releases, has turned out to be all about bogus people, bogus likes, and bogus numbers. Luckily that has turned out good for us at BSRC. When a potential advertiser comes to us, it is ridiculously easy for us to pull up FB numbers and show them how Company X just added 5k new likes this week (All based out of India, have you been to India? I have and I can assure you rc is the last thing on their minds there.), while BSRC added 5 actual human beings that might actually be interested in driving a real rc car. The potential advertiser sees that Company X is just fine and dandy with buying fake FB numbers, so how can Company X be trusted at all? Potential advertisers are not stupid and they only want to invest their precious marketing dollars with companies they trust, Company X buying 5k FB likes a week is an easy way to blow that, which turns out awesome for us.

On the downside… for companies unwilling to cut the check for bulls%^& numbers (like us), there is a penalty to be paid. FB seems to want advertising dollars above all else, so the powers that be have limited the number of people that see our posts since we stopped paying for advertising. For example, only about 2% of the real human beings that have liked the BSRC FB page see our posts in their feeds (we stopped advertising there because we started seeing fake likes). For the average hobbyist that has willingly liked our page, they would need to actually visit the BSRC FB page to see our posts because it is highly unlikely that any of our posts will appear in their feeds. Of course there is a way to change that, just throw some big dollars to the folks at FB, but unfortunately that would also create an avalanche of fake new likes, something we do not want. “Sigh”

So where am I going here? We are going to do some changes to what we do on FB. We are not going to be bullied into playing their game, all we want is a fair shake, one where real human beings that like both FB and BigSquidRC can get together, without any robots from India having to join in the game. We’ll let you know what’s up in the coming weeks here on our main page and via our various social media outlets. Personally, while I am not a big fan of Google, I have long ago killed off my FB account and have been G+ ever since, where none of the BS exists at all, (and we have a killer page over there) but that’s just me…

In “real” rc news…

You are not gonna believe this, but the HPI Savage Octane is nearly here. I’ve held back talking about it for a while because after a few years of teasing it gets really old, but I have it on some pretty reliable sources that yes, it is indeed going to be in consumers hands the first week of May. After all this wait we finally get to find out if good old fashioned gasoline is going to change the rc market for years to come. If the Octane can do all that it promises- longer runtimes, less engine tuning, and easy starting, our industry is in for a T-Maxx type of revolution. For those of you that got into rc recently, the nitro powered T-Maxx turned the rc world upside down, it made nitro engines incredibly popular when electric had ruled the roost for years. Anyways, if you want to get your hands on one, it sounds like the initial release is going to be limited, as in most hobby shops will only get one or two. So… if you want to be one of the first people to own one, your name had better be first on the list at your LHS.

The latest word that I’ve heard about the gas powered Losi XXL is that it is scheduled for a late May release. First to the market is always a big deal and can make or break a product, but who knows, I know it’s a nuclear arms race for several companies to get their gas powered products to the marketplace. Will it end up being HPI or Losi first to dealer shelves with a gas powered MT???? Time will tell, but needless to say the next 6 months is going to be very interesting in the world of rc, and the world as we know it might look much different this time next year.

In BSRC news…

Expect our Durango DETC410 touring car review to drop later this week, as well as coverage from the STL round of the Axial G6, along with multiple other original pieces that you won’t find anyplace else. Thanks to you guys, life is very good at BSRC, we are hardcoring the rc life and hope you know that we appreciate everyone who supports us.

Until next week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can…

YOUR Cub Reporter

Asiatees Hobbies Facebook Likes
Asiatees Hobbies stocks a vast array of hop-up parts for rc vehicles, many of which you simply can not find on the shelf at your local hobby shop. Recently they reached 100,000 Likes on Facebook and are wanting to celebrate by giving a $5 store credit to anyone who registers and replies on their forum.

To get all the details hit up This Link that takes you over to AsiaTees forum, and you can click This Link to check out all the cool parts on the official AsiaTees Hobbies website.

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend, why not check out a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link?

rpm pick your prize
We are big fans of RPM RC upgrade parts, you probably are too if you bash your truck hard. RPM has recently put up a Facebook page and to promote it they are having a contest. To enter you have to go to RPM’s Facebook page, then “Like” and post a comment. It is very simple to enter and the winner gets their choice of $50 worth of RPM parts. To get started simply click This Link to head over to the official RPM Facebook page.

Click Here for more RPM news on BigSquidRC.

BigSquidRC on Tumblr
What is the most popular social media site for the teenage crowd? No, it isn’t it Facebook, it is Tumblr. Maybe you’ve never been to, or even heard of, Tumblr, but it is all the rage among the teen crowd. Our new Tumblr page is now up and we have put our resident teenager in charge, Adam “The Intern”. You won’t find any press releases or other “rc news” on our Tumblr page, just some cool rc pictures and information about life in the hobby. What else will you find on the BSRC Tumblr page? That is totally up to Adam, he is known for his creativity so it should be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Whether you are a teenager or not, we cordially invite you to check out the new BigSquidRC Tumblr page.

If you are the “tech” type you might also want to check out the BigSquidRC Google+ page.

We are also giving away a new Axial Exo Terra Buggy as part of March Bashness over on the official BigSquidRC Facebook page.

Cubby Atomik DeeganWelcome to another big week in rc, and thanks for tuning in to yet another CR. Last week was a busy week as many manufactures were intro’ing new product in advance of the Nuremberg show, with plenty more to be released when the doors open a couple days from now.

We’ll be covering the Nuremberg Toy Fair for you guys, mark it on your calenders for Jan 30th through February 2nd, and this year should be epic. Horizon had a relatively “quiet” 2012, but they are pushing full steam ahead for 2013, and proof of this will be found at Nuremberg. Horizon released the first teaser for their all new surface brand last week (btw- they really need to hire me to do their teasers for them, or heck even Stevie Wonder), and they’ll be doing a huge reveal at the Nuremberg show. Good for them for pump’n up their new line, it’s not every day a company introduces a new brand.

Other companies are busting it huge for Nuremberg too. HPI is showing their new Octane game changers (for the second year in a row), and word is Traxxas has something big lined up for the show as well. For ultra high-end gear, Serpent has been busy blowing up lately, and they are showing their all new 2wd 10th scale race machine for the first time in the flesh. Not to mention dozens of other companies that will be showing all new gear, Nuremberg 2013 has all the makings of their best show ever.

Also in trade show news, after a very soft iHobby 2012 in Ohio, they are headed back to the greater Chic-town metro area this year. The dates are Oct 3-6th, a bit earlier than usual (thank goodness, it might not be so freak’n cold), and their new venue, the Schaumburg Convention Center should be sweet. It’s in an easily accessible part of Chicago, the venue was built not too long ago so it should be all new and sparkly looking, and it should save exhibitors some cash compared to the old Rosemont. The Chicago consumers are notorious for busting big numbers when iHobby comes back to town, plus there are new peeps behind the scenes at iHobby, so iHobby 2013 is looking to be epic as well.

Enough trade show news…

Oh what the hell, one more (of sorts)…

Mark your calenders for February 9th. That’s the date for a big indoor rc air show in Champaign Illinois called E-Fest and we’ll be doing some nutty live coverage there. What’s it like to be a bunch of wacky surface guys at a big air meet? Find out along with us on Feb 9th. We’ll be doing posts from the show, as well as some sic live show coverage. And not just a webcam aimed out at the crowd, it’ll be some pretty neat live interactive video. Even if you don’t like air stuff (I know I don’t), hopefully you’ll dig us goofing around like monkeys just for your enjoyment.

On a different note…

I haven’t been following WireGate much this week, to me it was pretty much over by last weekend. Here is the simple scoop- the BIG winner here is Trinity (or Epic, or whatever they are calling themselves now days). It’s not a matter of legality, this is a matter of publicity, and Trinity has received the type of advertising you just can’t buy from all this. Trinity was still known in stock racing circles, but most everywhere else they were written off. After all the publicity that ROAR has given them, Trinity is back on the map with mainstream rc’ers, so mark this one down as a BIG win for Trinity here, regardless if their motor is or isn’t legal.

So, the big loser in WireGate is ROAR, and here’s why- their credibility right now has been shot to hell. I mean, they declared a product legal 10 months ago, and the product didn’t change, and now it’s illegal? Ya, it puts a doubt in the back of everyones mind. How many other products out there are not legal? Can they be trusted to uphold their own rules? If they dropped the ball once, who is to say they won’t do it again? Trust, ROAR has lost it, and not just with racers, but on the industry side as well, and it’s incredibly hard to get back.

And moving on…

Social media- dinosaur media is all over it, on every other paper page you see a “Hey, why don’t you put down our mag, skip our website, and cruise on over to our FB page!” blurb. Yes, for sure social media is an important marketing tool now days, but for us media types, we don’t get paid for hits on our FB or G+ page, we are only able to make money when people visit our dot com. And personally, I’d rather a few bucks go in my pocket to keep me and my family fed instead of them going into Mark Zuckerbergs. So what is the point I am getting too? Well there are a couple…

First off, we are going to introduce our newest social media page on Wednesday. There is a social media site that is more popular among the teen crowd than even Facebook, so that might give you a hint, but check in on Wednesday to our main page to find out, and check out our BigSquidRC LIVE Show Wednesday night for all the details. Also of note- we’ve been doing posts on our all our different social network pages that you won’t find on the other social pages or our dot com, so if you are looking to see everything we post each day, you’ll have to check them all out.

But… the real point I’m trying to make here is this- if you are big Facebook fan and only follow BigSquidRC on FB, two things are happening right now-

1. Only by you visiting our dot com can we show our advertisers that you are supporting us (and thus them). If we can’t show our advertisers that you are supporting BigSquidRC, then we can’t eat, and if we can’t eat, we can’t keep posting all the uber stuff we do.

2. We’ve hit that point with Facebook that their dreaded “algorithm” is kicking in. What this means is that while we may post 6 times a day on FB, only one (or two or three) of these posts may actually make it to your FB news feed. FB now charges money to ensure every post is actually seen by everyone that likes our page. We would have to spend thousands of dollars PER DAY to make sure every single person that likes BigSquidRC received every one of our posts. That is something we can not do.

This will be the second time I’ve ever asked for your guys help, and here it goes-

If you are big FB’er and want to help BigSquidRC, please “Like”, “Share” and “Comment” on our FB posts when you dig them. You can also help us by suggesting or inviting friends to “Like” our FB page. You can also help us by setting up your notifications on FB, when you do this you will get a notification every time we post on FB, thus making sure you don’t miss anything. And lastly, simply visit every once in a while instead of only viewing our content on FB. A bookmark is quick and easy to set-up on your browser, and it’ll help keep our doors open. Oh and thanks ahead of time, from the entire crew here.


Big week ahead of us here at BigSquidRC. Brian will finally be posting our second transmitter shootout, Adam “The Intern” will be posting a new Axial review, I’ll be posting reviews on the Radient Reaktor brushless system and IMaxRC X200 battery charger, and we’ll have our BigSquidRC LIVE show going on Wednesday night at 9 pm CST. Throw in some Nuremberg Toy Fair coverage and hopefully we’ll have plenty of cool stuff for you guys to read and look at this week.

That’s it for this week guys, as always, thank you for your support here at BigSquidRC, and please support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter