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Fantom FR-1 Pro Motors

Fantom Racing FR-1 PRO Brushless Motors

The latest line of brushless motors from Fantom Racing are called FR-1 Pros. These were designed here in the states to provide racers with strong power while meeting ROAR, IFMAR, and EFRA specifications. Pre-orders are now being taken for the FR-1 Pro series motors and they are available in turns ranging from 2.5 to 25.5. * Premium grade neodymium magnets * Premium [...]


Fantom Pit Light

Fantom LED Pit Light

Some tracks have fantastic lighting, others, not so much. For those dimly lit tracks Fantom has announced a new LED Pit Light. A good pit light can make wrenching a whole lot easier, not to mention it can help give your pit area a pro style appearance. * Operates on 6.4 to 18 volt DC * Billet aluminum base * Three brightness levels * [...]


Fantom Sport Series LiPo

Fantom Sport Series LiPo Batteries

New from Fantom Racing are their Sport Series LiPo Batteries. The Sport Series was developed for longevity, value and for performance, all of which are very important to a typical basher. The line-up ranges from a 2S 4400 shorty pack ($32) up to a 4S 6500 ($68), with a few more packs in between. These packs are available right now [...]


Fantom Short Stack Brushless Motors

FANTOM Short Stack IONv5 Brushless Motors

If you are looking for the latest in sensored motor technology Fantom Racing has just announced their new Short Stack IONv5 brushless motors. These short stack motors yield more rpm, have lower coil resistance, and produce more wattage than comparable motors. Available in either 17.5 or 13.5 winds, these start shipping next week. They are also available with a number [...]


Fantom IONv5 Brushless Motors

New IONv5 Brushless Motors from Fantom Racing

Fantom Racing wants the world to know about their new IONv5 brushless motors. These feature all the latest in brushless technology and are designed to give you the extra power you are looking for. The IONv5s are available in a wide variety of winds and are ROAR legal. Some of the updates on the version 5 include- * 8 grams lighter [...]


Fantom 545 Brushless SCT

Fantom 545 Pro 4wd Short Course Brushless Motor

The crew over at Fantom Racing have released information on their new 545 sized brushless motors for 4wd short course trucks. A 545 is longer than a normal 540, but shorter than the more commonly used 550s, giving it perfect power while allowing it to fit in more vehicles. The 545s are available in three different kV (3200, 4000, 4850) [...]


Fantom LiPo Battery

Fantom 80C-160C Pro Series 2S 6000mAh LiPo

The guys over at Fantom Racing have announced their latest go-fast LiPo pack, a 2S 6000mAh hardcase. This pack comes in 3 different styles- with Traxxas connector, with Deans, or with bullets, with each sporting a street price of $94. These new Pro Series packs are said to have the lowest internal resistance and highest voltage available in rc. Some [...]


THE Cub Report Quadcopter

THE Cub Report, 02.18.2013, Version- Ron Burgundy Stole My T…

Hey guys, welcome to THE Cub Report, your weekly dose of rc bench racing and shoot’n the rc bull. 25 days, 1 hour and 42 minutes until the cars roll off in Melbourne, “sigh”. It seems like it takes forever for the F1 season to get started. The “big” story from Dallas last night (Saturday) was why rookie Honda/Geico rider Zach Bell [...]


Fantom Bearing Oil

Fantom Racing Brushless Motor Bearing Oil

The bearings inside our brushless motors are subject to untold abuse. They are exposed not only to dirt and water, but also to high temperatures and incredible rpm’s. Fantom Racing has some premium bearing oil to help prolong bearing life. Fantom Go Go Juice utilizes a special blend of lubricants to keep drag down and corrosion protection up. Cost [...]