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Helion Four 10SC

Helion Select Four 10SC 4WD Short Course Truck

The first vehicle to launch under Helion’s new higher end Select line is the Four 10SC. The Four 10SC is engineered to perform with the best in its class, while providing a great value. What lies under the 10SC’s hood? * IKONNIK Xenon ET4 2.4GHz radio with beginner mode, 10 model memory, drop-down wheel, adjustable grips, & left or right handed [...]


Ares RC Spidex 3D Quadcopter Drone

Ares RC Spidex 3D Drone

Want to try your hand at 3D drone flying? If so, Ares RC has a new quad that makes it easy, the Spidex 3D. Just hit a button and the Spidex 3D is flying upside down, then its innovative software takes over and makes it easy to keep on flying upside down. * 3 different flying rates * 6-axis control * Easy to [...]


Ikonnik ET4 Radio System

Ikonnik ET4 Radio System

Want a radio with a drop down wheel? Want a radio that can be easily switched for a lefty? Want a radio that comes with 3 different grips to fit your hand perfectly? Want a radio with adjustable wheel tension and the wheel can be adjusted fore-aft? Want a radio with 10 model memory? Then, to top it off, you [...]


Helion Rivos BL

Helion Rivos BL Boat

Looking for a really fast, yet moderately sized, rc boat? The crew over at Helion RC have just announced the potent Rivos BL. Yes indeed, the Rivos gets an injection of brushless power to get its speed, and your heart rate, pumped up. An ABS hull helps to make the Rivos BL durable and it comes RTR to save you [...]


Helion Animus 18MT

Helion Animus 18MT RTR Monster Truck

Coming soon to a HobbyTown USA near you is the Helion Animus 18MT. The 18MT marks the latest addition to the successful Animus line of 1/18th scaled vehicles from Helion and should make for a nice little basher with its monster truck style body and tires. Some of the highlights of the 18MT include- * All weather electronics * Brushed 370 motor * [...]


Helion Select Four 10SC

Firelands Group Booth - HobbyTown USA National Convention '1…

For the last two days the BigSquidRC Bash Crew has been roaming the halls at the 2015 HobbyTown USA National Convention in Lincoln Nebraska. One of the most important booths at the event was from the Firelands Group. You see, Firelands has multiple different lines ranging from surface to air products, all of which are exclusively available from your local [...]


Helion Contakt 12TR

Helion RC Contakt 12TR

The folks over at Helion RC have announced an affordable new basher called the Contakt 12TR. The Contakt is a 12th scale 2wd truck that comes pre-built as an RTR. A LiPo battery comes standard, as does a battery charger, LiPo charging bag, and 2.4GHz radio system. A 390 sized brushed motor supplies the power, while waterproof electronics mean that [...]


Helion Verdikt 112 SC Review

Helion Verdikt 12SC Review

Everybody is looking for an affordable basher that can take a beating without falling to pieces. Helion RC’s latest basher to hit market is the Verdikt 12SC. The Verdikt is a 12th scale 2wd short course truck that promises lots of fun for a small amount of cash. Did they hit the mark? Can it take a hard hit without [...]


Helion Verdikt Unboxing

Helion Verdikt 12SC Unboxing

When we got the announcement on the new Helion Verdikt 12SC everyone in the office was curious as to how big it was. It is shown as a 1/12th scale, which normally is too small for our style of “serious” bashing. However, once we cracked the box open we found that it is a decent size and should be good [...]


Raging Rotors: At the Buzzer!

As of today, it is 7 days until Christmas Eve. Stores are full of people, and shelves are getting empty of all the great buys for this season. Never fear, for I have theĀ Raging Rotors Holiday Gift GuideĀ full of great buys for your favorite pilot! Dromida Kodo: For the new multirotor pilot, I’m a fan of the Dromida Kodo. Including all [...]


Firelands Group Hobbytown USA

Firelands Group at the 2014 HobbyTown USA Convention

Firelands Group, which is primarily sold at HobbyTown USA stores, brought their “A game” this year showing a bunch of new products at the convention. Helion RC is Fireland’s surface line-up and they unveiled two new products at the show. The Impakt 12B is a new 1/12 scale buggy designed to be bash worthy, affordable, and fun. While being listed as [...]


Helion 10SCv2 Unboxing Pictures

Unboxing – Helion Dominus 10SCv2 4×4 Short Course Truck

About a month ago, the crew over at Helion RC announced a successor to their popular 10SC short course truck, the 10SCv2. The version 2 truck has a bunch of differences from the original, with the biggest change being the addition of a Radient Reaktor brushless power system. Street price is $289, making it quite affordable for a brushless 4wd [...]


Helion Volition 10SC Review 15

Helion Volition Video

The video is now up of the Helion Volition SCT to go along with the Volition Review we recently posted. We bashed in snow, on a carpet indoor track, and all sorts of other crazy condition. Don’t forget to watch it in HD. Enjoy.Uh oh.. it’s Friday, that means I need a Mystery Link


Ares Ethos QZ 130

Ares Ethos QX 130 Quadcopter

There are quadcopters, then there are quads with loads of options. The Ares Ethos QX 130 just might be kind of the hill for cool add on accessories. The QX 130 is a bit larger than the micro quads you are used to seeing. It has a length (including rotor blades) of 12.2″. The QX 130 comes completely RTF, ready to [...]


Helion Volition

Helion Volition 1/10th 2wd RTR Short Course Truck

The latest release from Helion is the Volition short course truck. The Volition is a brushed 2wd ready for a beginner or a day of fun at the local bash spot. To save you time the Volition comes RTR, it’s ready to drive right out of the box. Some of its other features and specifications include- * 12 turn 550 size [...]