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Hobbico E-Fest 2014
Over the weekend we had the pleasure of attending one of the largest indoor flying events in the country, E-Fest in Champaign Illinois. E-Fest is put on by the nice folks at Hobbico as a way of promoting the hobby during the cold winter months. Hobbyists from all over the Midwest drive in to get some flying time and spend time with other hobbyists.

While flying is the biggest part of E-Fest, they also have booths from various manufacturers. We spent some time in the Hobbico booth to get some pictures and check out their latest gear. The Hobbico booth featured products from Futaba, Heli-Max, AirCore, Tactic, Thunder Tiger and Flyzone. Whether you were into rc airplanes, helicopters, or multi-rotors, the Hobbico booth had something for you. No new products were announced at the show, but you can take a look at the pictures below to get a feel for what they had on display. To get more information on everything Hobbico, simply Click This Link.

Flyzone Aircore P-51 Mustang Cathy II Airframe 22"
Sooner or later everyone burns out. You can only huck a Revo off your roof so many times before you need a change of pace. Enter the rc airplane scene, a completely different way of getting your rc fix.

Flyzone has a new AirCore airplane called the P-51 Mustang Cathy II. First off, what is AirCore? AirCore is a modular system that allows you to install an entire power plant/receiver/servo set-up into any AirCore airplane. Basically it is a power module that just pops right in to any AirCore airframe, it doesn’t even require tools to install.

The P-51 is loaded with scale details, is set-up for the AirCore system, and is easy to fly, making it a good plane for beginners. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Foam construction for easy repair
* Wingspan: 22″
* Length: 19″
* Weight: 4.1oz
* Requires AirCore FLZA6400 ($59), 4 channel transmitter, 2S Lipo and charger

The part number for the Flyzone AirCore P-51 is #FLZA3904, it has a street price of $45, and they are expected to hit shelves any time now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Flyzone Hadron Flying Wing Tx-R Rx-R 33.5"
The crew over at Flyzone has a new plane called the Hadron Flying Wing. It uses a large fin and thrust vectoring to give it extreme aerobatic capabilities. Some of its other features include-

* 2200kv brushless motor
* Easy battery access
* AeroCell foam, ABS plastic, and carbon fiber to make it durable
* Able to fly knife edge

The Flyzone Hadron comes in both Tx-R and Rx-R forms. The Tx-R has a part number of #FLZA3612 and has a street price of $279. The Rx-R has a part number of #FLZA3614 and a street price of $219. Expect both to hit hobby shops sometime in September.

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Flyzone Mini-Switch 2 in 1 Sport EP
While walking through the Hobbico booth at the 2013 Weak Signals Show we got a good look at the new Flyzone Mini-Switch 2 in 1 airplane. The Mini-Switch is a great choice for entry level flyers – you set-up it in high-wing configuration to start on and when your flying skills advance you switch it over to low-wing mode allowing aerobatic flight. That’s what makes the Mini-Switch special, it comes with what you need to go from first time flyer to something a bit sportier right in the box.

Other features of the Mini-Switch include – brushless motor and speed control, easy access hatch, and it’s even constructed out of AeroCell foam to make it extra tough. The Mini-Switch is available as an RTF (part #FLZA3320, $220) which comes with everything you need to get going right in the box, or as a Tx-R (part #FLZA3322, $150) that saves you some cash and allows you to use your own transmitter. For more information hit THIS LINK for the Mini-Switch page on the Flyzone website.

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Check out the video below to see the Flyzone Mini-Switch in action.


New from Flyzone is the Tidewater EP Seaplane video. you get a chance to get some info and details about the plane as well as see it in action. This is one of those times, where if I had some actual ‘flying skills’ I think it would be really cool to fly one of these.

Check out the video below.

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Flyzone Eraze Brushless 2.4GHz RTF 18.1"
The latest plane from Flyzone is the Eraze Brushless 2.4 GHz RTF. When Flyzone says the Eraze is an RTF, they aren’t kidding, it comes with everything you need to get flying right in the box. Some of the other features and specifications include-

* Construction: AeroCell foam
* Motor: 28mm brushless outrunner
* Radio: Tactic 2.4GHz TTX404 4-channel transmitter with Secure Link
* Technology (SLT) digital trims, elevon mixing, 6-channel TR624 SLT receiver
* Two factory installed micro servos
* Electronic Speed Control: 12A
* Battery: 600mAh 7.4V LiPo
* Battery Charger: ElectriFly balancing charger
* Propeller: Plastic 5×4.3
* Wingspan: 18.1″ (460mm)
* Wing Area: 182 sq in (11.7 sq dm)
* Wing Loading: 4.9 oz/sq ft (15.0 g/sq dm)
* Length: 19.3 ” (489mm)
* Weight: 6.2 – 6.8 oz (176 – 193 g) ready to fly
* Center of Gravity (CG): 2-5/8″ (67mm) from forward edge of battery compartment
* Control Throws- Elevator & Ailerons: 3/8″
* Part #FLZA3340

Street price for the Eraze Brushless RTF is $150 and they will be available in early March. Click over to the official Flyzone Website for more details.

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flyzone hadron

The folks from Flyzone have recently announced the Hadron Flying Wing. The Vectored Thrust wing is built for insane aerobatics with it’s large fin, it’s engineered to fly knife edge, and the ability to actually redirect the thrust puts this thing over the top! It comes in RTF and Tx-R versions. Construction is AeroCell foam with ABS and carbon fiber parts. If you are an experienced pilot looking to take it to another level, this should probably be on your list.

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The Flyzone Sensei RTF Review

flyzone Sensei

We don’t do a lot of airplane reviews, but we do have 3DBill, our resident pilot. Brian and Wrench like to dabble with flying now and then, and by flying I mean ‘Falling with Style’. So we know there is a little crossover with bashers and the flying scene, so why not review a couple of planes now and then. The Flyzone Sensei is a new trainer, so it seems like a good place to start. We will keep it short so we don’t bore the car guys. How’s the Sensei do? Keep reading to find out…


Flyzone Sensei

To keep testing the waters with some crossover rc news, we have another plane unboxing for you. This time around we have the Flyzone Sensei. This one is much larger than the Flyzone Micro Super Cub we just unboxed.
One of the cool features about the Sensei, the drop door! We are looking forward to dropping all sorts of stuff out of that thing! Watch for a full review coming soon from our super pilot 3DBill as soon as we catch a break in this lovely weather. A few of us plan on getting our hands on the planes, so I’m sure some accidental durability testing will also happen. :)

Enjoy the pics.

Plenty more pictures after the break..

micro super cub

So you may have noticed a couple of ads for some planes lately. This is one of those cross-overs that I think a lot of us bashers sort of secretly dabble in now and then. Wrench and I have been out with our resident super pilot 3DBill to try and fly now and then, and we all own at least one or two heli’s, so we figure we’d see if any of our readers have a interest in some flying as well. So expect a full review of the Micro Super Cub RTF to come shortly, but for now enjoy the pics.

Something worth mentioning. I never really thought about how light these things are till 3DBill pointed out the fact that WITH battery the plane weighs about the same as 5 quarters! That is mind blowing to me.

More pictures including the weigh in.. keep reading

The guys over at Flyzone have a couple new…Über…Überlite airplanes available. Weighing in at just .6 ounces, these things are perfect indoor flyers. They come with a 2.4GHz charger, 65mah lipo battery, and get this… They give you TWO planes! Each one has different characteristics in the air, too. All for just over $100. Very cool. Hey Traxxas, how about two Revos for the price of one?! Ah…to dream…

Jump over to the Flyzone for more info.