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XRay X1 F1 CarOver the past couple of seasons the Formula 1 class has taken off at many local tracks. It has the scale realism that many hobbyists are after, plus, who can resist emulating their favorite F1 driver at their local rc track. The latest car manufacturer to throw their hat into the F1 car ring is XRay with their new X1. The X1 is a 2wd 1/10th scale F1 car that is sure to be a hit with the racing crowd.

The X1 was designed for the rigors of both outdoor asphalt racing as well as indoors on carpet. 2.5mm carbon fiber is used for the chassis and was designed to use a “shorty” style LiPo pack. The LiPO can be mounted in two different positions on the X1, inline or cross chassis, and a laydown servo position is used for a lower center of gravity. The design team at XRay set out to make the X1 the premier car in the F1 class, time will tell, but for now the X1 looks to certainly be a serious contender. To get more details on the X1 simply hit up This Link over on the official XRay website.

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PROTOform F1 Bodies
The teasing is officially over and our friends over at PROTOform have released full information on their new Formula 1 bodies. With most of the BSRC staff being big F1 fans, we have been eagerly waiting their release.

The F1-Thirteen is molded to the 2013 specifications, while the F1-Fourteen is made to look like the current generation of Formula 1 cars. Both are made from .030″ genuine Lexan and require Tamiya front wings to complete the look. An injection molded driver’s helmet is included, as is a decal sheet that features steering wheel details, seatbelts, car numbers, and a variety of helmet visor colors.

The part number for the Thirteen is #1537-30, the Fourteen is #1538-30, and they are street priced at $28. For complete details hit up the official PROTOform Website.

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CRC WTF-1 Formula 1 Kit
The WTF-1 Formula 1 kit from Calandra Racing Concepts is not only affordable, but also one of the fastest cars in its class. The WTF-1 was designed from the ground up to be a racer featuring a low center of gravity chassis, an ultra smooth 16 ball differential, and lightweight materials. For you bashers out there, it was also designed to be rugged with a 3mm quad axial carbon fiber chassis and durable front end parts.

The part number is #1500, it has a street price of $249, and they start shipping in the next two weeks. Get complete details at This Link over on CRC’s official website.

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PROTOform Formula 1
PROTOform has long been known for making some of the best bodies available for on-road cars, now they are teasing some new F1 bodies. If these are anything like their other products, they are sure to be the best available in both looks and performance. Unfortunately all we get for now is a teaser picture, but expect full details soon!

Click Right Here to check out the official PROTOform website, or Click Here for the first TGIF Mystery Link of the day.

VBC Racing LightingF Car Kit
The Formula 1 class has become quite popular and one of the newest cars on the market is the VBC Racing LighteningF. The LighteningF looks pretty trick sporting loads of carbon fiber, scale appropriate wheels, tires, and wings.

* Hardened rear axle
* Carbon fiber front arms
* 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis
* Ball differential
* 7075 aluminum rear bulkheads
* Easy motor access

The part number is #D-05-VBC-CK04, it has a street price of $289, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official VBC website.

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Tuning Haus
Formula 1 has not only taken off on the full scale side of things here in the states, but the racing of rc 10th scale F1 cars has too. For those guys driving/racing rc F1 cars there is a new company specializing in parts for them, Tuning Haus. The man behind Tuning Haus is former Losi head man, Bill Jeric. Tuning Haus is gearing up to offer premium accessories and option parts for F1 and other on-road cars, we look forward to seeing what they come up with. To get more information on Jeric’s new Tuning Haus brand, simply click This Link.

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Model Space Red Bull F1
You may have seen ModelSpace commercials and wondered what they are all about. Their cars sure look cool, but what is the deal? We got a chance to talk to them at iHobby and look at their products up close and personal.

So what’s the scoop? ModelSpace USA had their Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Formula 1 1/7th scale nitro rc car and McLaren F1 static model on display at the show. Both cars were impressively large compared to most rc F1 cars you might come across, but their detailing was what really set them off. The Red Bull is a fully working rc car with a base platform made by Kyosho. It looked great and I had to nearly taser Cubby to get him to put the RB7 down.

The McLaren was a static model and its level of detailing was several levels higher than even the Red Bull. The McLaren was also quite large, but it had far more detailing like heat shielding in the rear, intricate shocks, and the steering wheel even turned when you moved the front wheels.

Buying and building a ModelSpace car is a bit different than a normal rc car. ModelSpace uses a pay as you build program where they send you a set of parts with build instructions each month. The Vettel Red Bull car costs a bit over $50 a month for 25 months. The McLaren costs a bit over $100 a month for a twelve month build.

To get more information on the ModelSpace Red Bull RB7 simply click This Link, for more information on the ’08 McLaren MP4-23 THIS is the link you want.

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Serpent F110 Formula 1 Kit
Back in the day most Americans blew off F1 Racing, both full scale and rc. Now days, F1 is a lot more popular and the F1 class is quite active at many rc tracks.

Serpent has announced their new high-end F110 Formula 1 Kit. The F110 should rip at your local track or make one heck of a sharp looking machine at your local bash spot. Some of its features include-

* Carbon Fiber galore
* Chassis allows normal or shorty packs
* Pan car style rear end
* Spring loaded steering blocks
* High quality fasteners and bearings
* Durable wings

The part number for the F110 is #410060 and you can get more information Right Here on the official Serpent website.

The weekend means bash time and we are almost there. Check out a BSRC Mystery Link to kick off your weekend right.

traxxas slashCan you hear those bells? I sure can, Alonso put his Ferrari on top of the box at his home grand prix in Spain over the weekend. It was a great weekend for the prancing horses as Massa also put it on the podium and Ferrari is finally getting aggressive again. 2013 was year when the drivers have been holding back to conserve tires, but not Ferrari last weekend. Ferrari decided to go WFO even if it cost them extra pit-stops and it paid off. I’ll be darned, 2013 just might end up being an epic season for F1 and maybe even for Ferrari.

Day zero hit on Tuesday for my homie that I mentioned in the CR last weekend, it was the day he got his bone marrow transplant. He now has new marrow, a new blood type, and even a new birthday of sorts. When I visited my homie in person a few days ago he was a freak’n rock, but on his blog he has been posting more in-depth feelings that show what he’s going through is rough, even for a manly man.

I’ve never been around the cancer thing before, so right now I’m learning a lot about it (to say the least), and the more I learn the more everything about rc seems unimportant to me. Rc is a fun hobby that people love to blow their time and money on, yet there are thousands of people every single day struggling to see the sun rise the next morning. I’ve had so many good times in rc, I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without realizing the more important things in life. I have never made philanthropy important enough in my life, it’s time I change that.

There are a lot of very charitable people/companies in rc. It’s common to see tracks promote special charity races and they are typically supported quite well by the race crowd. There are also several rc manufactures that have gone above and beyond for charity. Last year during their anniversary celebration Pro-Line would be a great example of that. There are a whole lot of people in the rc hobby who do have their heads screwed on straight helping out good causes.

Then there are people like me. People who knew they should have been doing more but because charity was so low on our priority list we didn’t get around to helping out as often as we should have. So… I’m gonna pull an “Inception” on ya (hopefully), just like in the movie I would like to plant a seed, a little idea to move charity up your priority list. Just maybe somewhere down the road this little seed will grow unconsciously to prompt someone into action. Whether it be an rc driver making an extra effort to support a charity race or one of the big manufactures creating a long term partnership with someone like St Judes Children Hospital, I’m hoping to use the reach of THE Cub Report to wake some people up like I have been.

That’s it for this week, support your local hobby shops, bash spots and favorite charity when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

St Louis SupercrossHola amigo’s, I trust you all had an epic weekend and are ready for another grind. At least there is always THE Cub Report to get your work week kicked off the right way.

This is the second Cub Report I’ve typed up using 9 fingers. A couple of years ago while catching trucks falling out of the sky at our i-Hobby demo one of my fingers got chewed up by a spur gear, and I chewed up another one on Saturday. I tend to be pretty core though, I’m quite certain that even if all ten of my digits were FUBAR I’d be typing this out with my nose, one slow letter at a time. As they say- the show must go on.

Speaking of show… I’m official tired of the Vettel runaway show and want to change the channel. Even the uber robotic charisma of Kimi Räikkönen can’t overcome how tired I am of a Vettel dominating yet another F1 race. “Sigh”. Maybe the engine changes next year will put someone new at the front of the pack.

Even though I could easily bench race about F1 or Supercross for a couple thousand words a week, Brian insists that I actually touch on rc. “Double Sigh”.

We got to talking about “bubbles” the other day in the office, specifically it started with Bitcoins, then made the rounds to housing, the stock market, and then of course to tulips. The conversation eventually made a turn to rc, that’s what we eat/breathe/sleep around here, and because our hobby has never had a speculative “bubble”, it turned to talk about HPI and Associated.

It’s been a long time since HPI has announced a new car. Yes, sure, they’ve had some issues of late, no doubt part of the reason for their lack of newly announce cars, but is that even a bad thing? We’ve been “trained” for years now to expect a new car announcement from a manufacture every month or so, so when we don’t see it we kinda say to ourselves, “OMG, HPI hasn’t announced anything for like 6 months, they must be screwed!”. Hopefully the recent lack of new releases leads to a series of all new and uber HPI product for us all to enjoy.

Associated is a good example of a company that announces a new car very frequently. They just announced their new Apex 18th scale TC (and MT) which is basically their old RC18 platform re-badged under their Qualifier Series of bashing gear. Just what good is it to the hobby that AE decided to put out an old design under a new logo?

What causes an economic “bubble” is when the price of an item has been pumped up to be much greater than its intrinsic value. For example, the “new” Associated QS 18th scalers are old tech, yet their price is right in-line with what new tech would/should be. The product itself doesn’t do anything to take the hobby forward, yet it costs as much as a better, newer, product should. And its not like AE is the only company doing it, several of them are (hint, hint, TRX).

So how does this all tie in together? Putting out old and overpriced gear is bad for the hobby. Putting out new, original, and superior product is good. I think we’d all like to see manufactures put the time/money/effort into actual new product once every 6 months than to put out some old re-hashed car every 2 weeks. Old/overpriced gear leaves consumers ticked off, new innovative product makes for long term hobbyists.

Yes, it’s certainly tempting to make the short term cash of putting out a new car every week and filling shelves with inferior product. A lot of the makers and shakers in the hobby are getting older and staring right at retirement in the next decade, and a few of them act like they don’t care if they kill off the hobby 15 years down the road.

All I’m saying is that all that old regurgitated gear is wayyyyy overpriced for what it is, and that consumers deserve better. The companies putting out all this regurgitated gear should care more about their customers and the long term future of our hobby.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

FPV RC CubbyHey now, it’s Monday and you’ve found THE Cub Report, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it good, here’s to hoping this is one of the “good” ones. LOL

I like boring people right off the start with some full scale racing news. I literally eat, breathe, and sleep full scale racing, so my entire life centers around the F1 and Supercross schedules. Brian says “Cubby- we need you to work on that XYZ RC review this Saturday”, and I’m forced to reply, “WTF are you crazy? I was up all night watching F1 qualifying and I am following/watching Supercross all day, tell Adam to do it.” You would think after all these years Brian would know better than bother me on an F1/SX weekend. “Sigh”.

Speaking of F1, Ferrari won again over the weekend. Alonso simply pwn’ed the field in China, it really was something of beauty. And… what a podium, Alonso, Robot Kimi and Moons-Over-My-Hammy (and no Vettel, whewww). Above all I’m hoping that somebody can give Red Bull a run for their money this season, and with a few more weeks like this it might just be a good season.

The Dunge caught and passed RV2 Saturday night to take the Supercross win in Minneapolis. I haven’t been a Leprechaun fan since he took out Dungey in the STL a couple years ago, so I was pretty stoked to see that big orange KTM come out on top Saturday night. Supercross is getting late in their season so I kinda doubt Dungey can wrestle that title from RV2, but that’s why they run ALL the races, so miracles can happen.

Oh ya, and then there is life in RC.

I am still amazed at how BigSquidRC has changed rc. I guess I’ve had that thought running through the back of my mind for the last couple of years, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually said it out loud.

And how have we changed rc?

Here is an example- I’ve been told by more than one manufacture that they’ve sat around a big conference table having a meeting about “What would BigSquid think?” about a potential new product.

How would that change rc? Because our angle, our view, is a lot different than what the “norm” used to be in the industry. The “normal/common” point of view used to be- how thick is that carbon fiber? What is the coating on the shock shafts like at a molecular level? Our view is- does it traction roll on pavement? Does it break when you drive-it-like-you-stole-it?

I’ve been told that in the “old days”, a certain manufacture would design a new car, drive it a bunch, refine it, hand it to team drivers, then ship it. But now days they beat it with a hammer, jump it off a roof, then hand the controller to the secretary (that is literally a quote). That’s one hell of a change, and I think one that ultimately helps the “average” end consumer. Sure, having some uber-nitride coating on your shocks is great if you are one of the very few people trying to smash the local lap record, but for the other 99% the ability to accidentally hit a curb and have it not be a day ender makes for a much happier consumer.

To boil it down, I think we’ve helped bring the hobby back to less emphasis on technically uber parts, to more of an emphasis on how it works in the local cul-de-sac. In the old days a whole lot of product was designed from the ground up for the local pro guys while not even considering what the guy who runs once every couple weeks in his backyard would think about it. “Average Joe Blows” tend to be a silent majority and I think we’ve become a big, loud, clear voice for them. We’ve taken what is being said a thousand times a day at local bash spots and put it where the people that make and shape the hobby can actually become aware of it, and… they trust us enough to listen.

There are other ways that I think we’ve changed rc, maybe I’ll go over them at some other time, the Lites class is getting ready to come on Speed, so I really must jam. :)

That’s it for this week ya’ll, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Speed Passion SP-1 F1 Pro Kit
Cubby isn’t the only Formula 1 fan at the BSRC offices, in fact several of our guys have spent many a late night glued to the tv watching open wheel racing from around the world. Now Tresrey has posted some pictures of the new Speed Passion SP-1 F1 Pro chassis kit. The SP-1 is loaded with carbon fiber and looks the part of a high-end race machine. Surely Speed Passion has Cubby’s mouth watering with this one, hopefully the SP-1 F1 makes it to the States.

The new Speed Passion F1 kit is said to have a release date of April in Japan and you can hit up THIS link for the official Speed Passion Website. For more Speed Passion news right here on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.

Ferrari F2012 - F104
So what if Alonzo came up a little short in the title chase last year. So what if the hardcore Ferrari fans (tifosi) deemed the stepped nosed F2012 one of the ugliest F1 cars of all time.

It’s not often that you can get your hands on such a wonderfully done scale replica of last years Ferrari F1 car, complete with Alonzo behind the wheel. Thanks to the good folks at Tamiya, their new Ferrari F2012 F1 car will not only be amazingly fast at the local bash spot, but it will make you stop and marvel at its striking looks every time you walk by it in the garage. I am personally a huge Ferrari fan (so is Cubby), so I can see a couple of these sitting in the BigSquidRC offices Really soon!

* Scale: 1/10th
* Construction type: kit
* Terrain use: on-road
* Drive-train: 2WD RWD
* Drive type: pinion to spur gear
* Drive line: solid axle
* Differential type: ball pressure plate
* Suspension: independent front/solid axle rear
* Steering mechanism: direct servo
* Shock damper: friction damper, plastic bodies
* Tire type: rubber, slick tread
* Body material: Clear Polycarbonate
* Motor type: 540-brushed type
* Bearings: metal bushings
* Chassis material: FRP
* Adjustable camber: yes
* Adjustable toe angles: front only
* Adjustable ride height: yes
* Adjustable gear ratio: yes
* Fixed: wheelbase, width, and shock angle
* Requires: 7.2 battery, charger, paint, esc, radio gear, servo
* Part ##58559

This Ferrari only packs an MSRP of $320, and its expected release date is mid-February. For more information, hit THIS link for the official Tamiya USA website.

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