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Freqeskinz Axial RR10 Bomber skin(z)

FreqEskinz dropped us a line to let us know that they are currently offering custom vinyl wraps for Axials newest scale darling the RR10 Bomber. The Bomber is a great looking truck but who wants to run it stock looking like everyone elses? FreqEskinz can fix you up with a pre-made design or a fully custom livery to give your [...]



Everybody's Scalin' - Applying a Vinyl Wrap to a Wraith Spaw…

Happy Friday! I made a post last week about getting a custom wrap for my Axial Wraith Spawn from the folks at FreqEskinz, and late last week a UPS box showed up at my door. What came out of the package is what you see above – a fresh sheet-o-stickers. For those curious on how a vinyl wrap is installed, [...]



FreqEsKinz – Axial Wraith Spawn Wraps

Have an Axial Wraith Spawn but not big on the stock color scheme? Let the folks at FreqEsKinz help with that. They have their full line of vinyl wraps now available for the Spawn body. In addition to their standard wraps I’ve also seen their custom handiwork at big scale meets. I contacted them about a month ago to see if [...]



FreqEsKinz – sKinz for Pro-Line Racing Bodies

File this under ‘Take My Money!’, the FreqEsKinz folks have announced they now have a bunch of sKinz for many of the Pro-Line Racing bodies! Not everyone can paint, or knows someone that can make their body look cool, but most people can apply a large decal. The new sKinz are available for the Flo-Tek SVT Raptor,Flo-Tek EVO SC, 1981 [...]



FreqEsKinz – Axial Yeti Wrap

Do you have a Axial Yeti on the way? From the buzz, we are guessing you probably do! So if everyone on the planet has a new Yeti, how are you going to tell them apart? Our friends at FreqEsKinz have the answer! They now have a bunch of different styles/skinz to choose from that will fit that Yeti and [...]



FreqesKinz has a Giveaway on Facebook

The folks over at FreqesKinz wanted us to let you know they are giving away two free Urban Camo sets of sKinz for the Axial G6 Jeep over on their Facebook page. Click Right Here to make the jump over to the FreqesKinz FB page for full details and to get entered. Get more FreqesKinz news Right Here on BigSquidRC.


Freqeskinz radio skins futaba spektrum

Freqeskinz Radio Skins for Futaba & Spektrum

Want to make your transmitter stand out in a crowd? That is easy to do with a skin/wrap from the crew over at Freqeskinz. For all you Futaba 4PL-PLS/4PK-S and Spektrum DX4S/DX4R Pro/DX3R Pro owners, Freqeskinz has some cool new designs so you can have the trickest radio at the local bash spot. The skins are made out of genuine [...]