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Weld Racing Aluminum Wheels Traxxas Funny Car

Weld Racing Aluminum Wheels for the Traxxas Funny Car

The Traxxas crew has just announced new Weld Racing Aluminum Wheels for their popular Funny Car. The new Weld wheels are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and come laser etched for a trick look. Part #6968 is the rear wheels, which come pre-glued with belted tires rated for 70+ mph. Part #6969 are the fronts which also come pre-mounted with [...]


traxxas funny car hop ups

Traxxas Funny Car Hop-Ups

If you are in the the Traxxas Funny Car / Drag Racing scene, they have just released a bunch of hop-ups to help bling out and toughen up your ride! There are a bunch of new aluminum parts like the Wheelie Bar Link, Suspension Link, Front Tie Bar, Suspension Mount, and Steering Blocks. You can also at new GTR Shocks, [...]


Traxxas Collectors Presentation Funny Car Display Chassis

New Traxxas Collectors Presentation Funny Car Display Chassi…

The crew over at Traxxas have just announced their first true self queen display chassis. For you hardcore drag car lovers, Traxxas is now selling just a bare chassis of their funny car to make it more affordable to have one on display in your house, dorm or office. The chassis is fully assembled, but does not include a body. [...]


courtney force and traxxas funny car

Courtney Force and Traxxas Funny Car on ESPN Sports Center

Looks like Traxxas got some good PR time over on ESPN Sports Center where Courtney Force did a interview with the Traxxas Funny Car on her lap the whole time! They even get a quick mention at the end, not that it was needed. You can watch the video after the break, keep reading…


Traxxas Funny Car unboxing and (pre)view

  What you see above, is the Traxxas John Force Funny Car at around 1pm today.  The cleanest it’ll ever look and it didn’t last long.  What you see below is what happened 5 hours later or about 3 cycles on a 5000mah 3s lipo.  From what I’m told, if you participate in the current drag racing scene, that’s about 3 [...]


traxxas funny car

Traxxas Funny Car and Driver Pic

Saw this pic of the Traxxas Funny Car with a bunch of the drivers for an upcoming race today and thought I’d post it up. The vehicles are shipping soon for those waiting to get some drag racing action in! Visit the Traxxas site for a few more details.


traxxas dts-1

Traxxas DTS-1 Information

Looks like Traxxas has released a few more details about their DTS-1 Drag Timing System. Dual beam lasers will allow pre-stage and staging, along with two more lasers for the speed trap and finish. It’s interesting that they are using lasers when all the companies that have been making RC timing systems usually do not. They normally use a infrared [...]


traxxas funny car

Traxxas 1/8 Scale Funny Car

Ok.. lets try this again! As we tried to announce over the weekend, Traxxas is releasing a line of NHRA Funny Cars! If you remember back in January we scooped the possibility that Traxxas was working on a Drag Racing System. Well that rumor has come true! You can see from the comparison shot next to the Traxxas 4-Tec that [...]