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ARRMA Smart Diffs

Teaser – ARRMA Smarter Diff Technology

We posted the first teaser a couple of weeks ago, now there is a second video giving yet more clues to what Hobbico is up to. Check out the video above to see what you think ARRMA’s Smarter Diff Technology might be all about. And better yet, is that a whole new ARRMA platform shown at the very end of [...]


Associated Diff Fluid

Team Associated Expands Diff Fluid Line-Up

Perfectly tune in that gear diff of yours with the Expanded line of Diff Oils from Team Associated. Now available in 4K, 6K, 15K, 80K, 200K, 500K, and 1M (one million!), the AE oils are made from the highest quality materials which are lab tested to ensure consistency. * Made from silicone fluid by Lucas Oil Products * New flip-top cap * Comes [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 01.24.2013, Version- You Have Questions, I…

Cubby, After reading some information on rctech I am confused as to which is the best way to break-in a lipo battery, can you clear this up? Charley D. Cubby– Yo hey what’s up Charley, and thanks for taking the time to write in. What is the best way to “break-in” a Lipo? Actually, I think I have a better question than yours, [...]


Team Durango Gear Differential For DESC210, DEST210R, DEX210

Whether you are looking for an extra tuning option or for a diff that doesn’t require quite as much attention, the new gear differential from Durango for their 210 series of vehicles will come in handy. This new Team Durango gear diff comes with precision machined gear internals and even comes with a custom fit diff case. You can tune [...]


Yeah Racing Gear Diff Stand

New Gear Differential Stand From Yeah Racing

New today is an extremely versatile differential, motor, and car stand from Yeah Racing. This new stand comes in handy for not only rebuilding your trucks differential, but you can also use it to hold 10th scale motors. On top of that it also works as a car stand for Kyosho Mini-Z’s. The new Yeah Racing stand is made out [...]