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Vaterra Glamis Fear Review_00011

Vaterra Glamis Fear Video

You have seen the unboxing pictures, and read the Vaterra Glamis Fear Review, and now you can see it in action. We put together just a short video from some clips while we were out testing. Enjoy!It’s Friday! Have you clicked a Mystery Link today?


Vaterra Glamis Fear 1/8th RTR Buggy Review

Review – Vaterra Glamis Fear 1/8th RTR Buggy

THE Vaterra Glamis Fear 1/8th RTR Buggy ReviewWhen we reviewed the Vaterra Glamis Uno a few months ago we were quite impressed. Vaterra is after all a new company and you would think they would have some teething pain. We found very few problems with the Uno. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Uno’s brother, the new [...]


Vaterra Glamis Fear Unboxing

Unboxing – Vaterra Glamis Fear RTR Buggy

You may remember a few months ago when we “unboxed” our review Vaterra Glamis Uno by throwing it Off The Roof of a house. Our Vaterra Glamis Fear Four Seat Buggy is not getting such a brutal introduction to the rc world. We took our time and delicately unboxed it so you can see exactly what comes in the package [...]


Vaterra Glamis Fear 1/8 2WD Buggy

Vaterra Glamis Fear 1/8 2WD RTR Brushless Buggy

The Vaterra Glamis Uno Buggy has become a favorite around the BigSquidRC offices. It can take a hard hit, has good power, and drives incredibly well. The Vaterra crew has just announced the Uno has a brother, the Glamis Fear four seat buggy. The Fear is modeled after the full scale buggies that tear up the dunes every weekend at Glamis, [...]