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Futaba GYC440 Surface Stability Control Gyro System

Futaba GYC440 Surface Stability Control Gyro System

Looking for a high-end gyro for that drift car of yours? Want to add stability control to your monster truck? If so, look no further than the GYC440 Surface Stability Control Gyro System from Futaba. The GY440 is a single axis gyro that was designed to be easy to set up with all the features you demand. The GYC440 is expected [...]


Boom Racing Drift Gyro

Boom Racing 007-BR V2 Drift Gyro Released

Hey rc drifting fans, AsiaTees Hobbies has just announced the release of Boom Racing’s latest Gyro, the 007-BR V2. If you don’t know much about gyros for car use, they act like a type of electronic stability control, making it much easier to drive your car on slick surfaces. The V2 007-BR is aimed at great performance while not breaking your [...]



Team Yokomo – YG-301 Gyro for RWD drift cars

Yokomo has finally started to release some products aimed at the RWD drifter. Not a heck of a lot of details but the fact that they acknowledge RWD exists is something right? They mention that you can use it in any of their cars but it is intended to RWD use. It features remote gain, left and right end points [...]



Drift Itch – Gyro – cheating or no?

Hey gang Evol here with another edition of Drift Itch. This weeks issue is one I’ve eluded to in the past but I thought it best to get it all on the table on this controvertial and misunderstood issue that vexes the RC drift scene. If you read the title you know i’m speaking about the Gyro. No not the [...]


Boom Racing Gyro

Boom Racing 007-BR Drift Gyro

The rc world is truly split about gyros, half consider them the Devil, while the other half appreciate how their technology enhances the driving experience. If you’ve ever driven a rear wheel drive drift car, then you already know how incredibly hard they are to get around a track. To help make RWD drift cars more fun, Boom Racing has [...]


KO Propo EX-5FH Transmitter

KO Propo EX-5FH Radio System

The folks over at KO Propo have announced their latest radio system, the EX-5FH. The EX-5FH features their DDS Direct Digital System which helps make it one of the fastest radios on the market. The new radio is also set up to be used with KO receivers that have an internal gyro (like the KR-212FHG). The EX-5FH allows gyro adjustments [...]


Sanwa SGS-01C gyro system

Sanwa SGS-01C Gyro System for Cars

Electronic Stability Control Systems are all the rage now days. The Horizon/Spektrum AVC system is taking off here in the states, it has proven to be an invaluable tuning tool when driving on slick surfaces. Overseas, the Sanwa SGS-01C system has been available for a few months, but has now been picked up for distribution by LRP in Europe. The Sanwa [...]