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Helion Volition Unboxing Pictures
Helion RC has an affordable new short course truck on the market called the Volition 10SC. The Volition is a 2wd SCT that comes RTR and is powered by a 7 cell Ni-MH and a brushed motor. If you wanted to see what it looks like to crack the box open take a look at the galleries below.

Things we noted during the unboxing-

* Comes with everything you need except for transmitter batteries
* Has a protective layer on body to keep it looking good

Our full review is coming up soon, until then check out This Link to view its full specs on the official Helion RC page.

Click Here for more Helion news on BigSquidRC and special thanks to the crew at WS Raceway in Paxton Illinois for letting us do the unboxing there.

Helion Lagos Sport RTR Boat
The latest new product from Helion is the Lagos Sport RTR Boat. The Lagos was designed to be versatile and affordable, a good combination for a first time boat buyer. It also comes with a “self-righting” feature that allows you to flip the boat right side up from your transmitter. Some of its other features include-

* Comes with display stand
* 370 sized brushed motor
* 2-in-1 receiver/esc combo
* 2S 700mAh Lipo
* Comes with everything in the box, including AA batteries for transmitter
* Overall length: 14″
* Available in two colors- red or blue

The part number for the Lagos is #HLNB0001, it has a street price of $59, and you can get more information at This Link. All Helion products are available from your local HobbyTown USA dealer or directly from

Click Here for more Helion news on BigSquidRC.

Helion Volition SCT
The latest release from Helion is the Volition short course truck. The Volition is a brushed 2wd ready for a beginner or a day of fun at the local bash spot. To save you time the Volition comes RTR, it’s ready to drive right out of the box. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* 12 turn 550 size brushed motor
* Capable of 30+ mph with stock set-up
* 2.4Ghz radio system
* Oil filled shocks
* Comes with 7 cell, 3000mAh NiMH pack
* Lipo compatible 30 amp ESC
* Full bearings
* Waterproof

The Volition is priced at $225 and you can hit up This Link for more information.

Click Here for more Helion news on BigSquidRC.


We recently received the new 1/10th scale 2WD buggy from Helion called the Criterion. We have already been banging on it for the review, as well as checking out the speeds under the radar gun since they have been claiming it’s one of the fastest RTR buggys on the market.

For now, enjoy the unboxing photos.

If you are looking for more information on the Criterion click THIS LINK. To get even more Helion news, check THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.


Hi my name is Bruin and I own a Helion Dominus 10r. I still have my stock 1800 mah battery in it and I read your latest lipo shootout. You had the Gens Ace 5800 2s lipo ranked first and I was interested in buying one. I have looked all over the internet and I can’t find any sites that sell them and if they do they are out of stock. Do you know where I could find one or any hobby shops that have them in stock?

I live in Rexburg, Idaho and they just got rid of the nearest Hobbytown USA to me in Idaho Falls so I pretty much have to order everything online now. If you could please reply I would greatly appreciate it. I would also accept any advice like a diffferent/better lipo I should get or any upgrades etc… Thanks

Cubby- Yo hey Bruin, sounds like you are having the same problem a lot of people are, not being able to find the Gens Ace pack they want in stock.

I’ve often said the biggest problem Gens Ace has is keeping their packs in stock. They put out a decent battery at a reasonable price point, but they’ve got a lot to learn about inventory management. So what should be your plan of action? Buy from someone else that has their act together and keeps their product in proper supply.

So what’s an affordable Lipo that is easier to actually lay your hands on? Venom. Venom has come a long ways with the quality of their batteries in recent years, and while they may not have won one of our shootouts, they are solid packs that will make your Helion M U C H faster than the included Ni-MH battery. Oh and even more importantly, it’s typically pretty easy to lay hands on one that suits your needs. Venom is carried by both of the “big two”, Hobbico and Horizon, so whether you are buying from an LHS (sucks to hear you lost yours) or buying on-line, the chances of finding what you need is much greater.

Squid Live #16
I don’t watch the show. it’s a bad timing kind of thing… but I did watch the re-run of #16 (couldn’t sleep and had nothing better to do). Thought I’d send a few comments, just to let you know, it didn’t lull me back to sleep, and that the nonsense is at least somewhat entertaining.

First off that Red Cat S-tryk-r, interesting idea for a rc vehicle, glad they finally got it to market, but couldn’t they have had somebody with some art or industrial design capability at least give them some clues about how something like this should look. Come on now, I mean – one word: UGLY! make that two words: STUPID UGLY! They can do good looking, you didn’t mention the Pagani Huayra, but it is a RedCat so I understand. Now belt drive is cool, it smooths out the shock to the drive train, yea it’s going to be a nightmare to work on but that’s just something that you would have to live with for a Canam style bike. Your only other option for a three wheeler would be a Mardave sidecar racer (spec racer – lame) or some Vaterra you guys are done bashing with (change that, the Vaterra would probably only have one wheel left).

As to bashing with a Corally… problem is after getting things good and wet the sand kicked up by the paddles tends to pack up on the belt and pulleys and before you know it the belt is all stretched out, corners rounded off and the belt starts slipping.


Cubby- Hey now TS, interesting email ya sent in.

Ya, our G+ shows can be interesting at times. At the very least they give us a bit of a chance to hang out face to face. While I may go on and on about meeting up in the uber BSRC offices, the staff is actually all over the place so we don’t really get to see each other that much. We meet up here and there for reviews and shootouts, we also meet up for trade shows and bash events, otherwise the work done here is via UPS and the net. Any time I get to give Brian or Adam crap I consider to be a good time.

I’m not a fan of RedCat. Every time I’ve been exposed to a RedCat vehicle first hand it was with a pile of soon to be rubble, and they haven’t been what I’d call “cordial” to us by any means, so what is there for me to like? That doesn’t mean that times have changed and their new gear is actually worth owning, and that doesn’t mean that they’ve decided to overlook the negatively I’ve written about them and want to hold out their hand to start over, who knows. What I do know is we don’t get any of their product for review, so even if it is quality gear we have no way of knowing it. And… I do know we’ve extended our hand by covering their booths at trade shows and by posting some of their press releases.

With that said, I like their S-TRYK-R. In fact several of the BSRC Bash Crew do. Why? It’s a matter of this- we’ve owned hundreds of cars over the years and are attracted to something completely new and different because we are bored of the “norm”. The S-TRYK-R might be a POS, but we’d actually put up with that if it was so different to own that it was a “new” experience for us.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of hooligans, shoot me your questions, doubts, best regards, and lightly veiled death threats to Cubby at If your question hits the front page Brian will shoot ya out a really cool sticker pack, if yours is named as “letter of the month” we’ll ship ya out one of our new BSRC

YOUR Cub Reporter

Helion Invictus Unboxing Pictures
The latest vehicle to make its way into the line-up at Helion is the Invictus Monster Truck. It’s a 10th scale MT sporting large tires, waterproofing, and 4wd, the makings of a great bash machine. We first cracked the Helion box open during one of our live Google + shows and today we’ll be posting the unboxing pictures to give you a closer look at what’s inside. Enjoy the pictures and click the “read more” button to see 2 more galleries.

Want to see more unboxing pictures? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.


Robitronic Axial Helion Ko Propo booth Toy fair 2013
Robitronic had a large booth at Nuremberg filled with some of the hottest products in rc. Robitronic is a distributor for Axial, Helion, and KO Propo in Europe, thus they had all kinds of rc goodness in their booth. Check out the pictures below to get a feel for what it was like at the Toy Fair in the Robitronic booth.

To find out more information on Robitronic here’s the LINK, to view Axial’s latest products click HERE, and to see what Helion is up to HERE is the link. To see all our coverage of the Nuremberg Toy Fair just click on THIS link.


Tamiya Toyota 4×4 Bruiser on the Comeback Trail Come on Guys, Tell me more. 1295.00 msrp? Are they on crack?
The Kellets

Cubby- Yo Yo Yo, MTV Raps, and thanks for the email.

More info on the Tamiya Bruiser- well… for those that haven’t heard of it before its considered one of the most bad ass 4×4′s in rc history, with the originals being some of the most sought trucks that the rc world has ever seen (some go for over a grand on Epay). Way back in the day when it was first released (in 1985) it was totally uber and state of the art. But today, not so much. While still quite a respectable scale truck, a base E-Revo is gonna crush it in every possible way.

So… for a few more facts on the 2012 version-

New planetary gears in the tranny.
Refined clutch.
New axle housings with diff gears.
540 motor (much smaller motor than the original 750).
I have heard the new ones are going to have a street price around $700 US.

So is Tamiya on crack? I’m am gonna say Yes!

Is Tamiya gonna sell some new Bruiser’s? Yes, the collectors and scalers are going to go nuts over owning a new one. But… there are just so many other great cars/trucks/buggys at or below the $700 price point that the Bruiser is going to be a hard sell to the masses. And while it’s neat Tamiya is releasing it again, a large part of what made the Bruiser one of the all time greats was the fact you couldn’t run down to your local hobby shop and buy one. And personally, I’d much rather have seen Tamiya grab some blank sheets of paper and created new uber cars that will some day be considered classics instead of doing yet another re-release. If you aren’t moving forward you are moving backwards, and right now Tamiya, at least in my mind, is becoming less relevant every day.

Helion Reviews
Awesome reviews and tips! Please keep them coming. I recently bought a Dominus for my son and I and it’s a great little truck and ready for some mods to it.
Would love to know what other truck bodies will fit on it. I love the style it comes with but they don’t have any skins for it at places like
We’re trying your upgrade mods this weekend.
thanks again,
Gabe and Kaleb

Cubby- Hey Gabe and Kaleb, glad to hear you are having a good time with your Helion Dominus. We’ve been hearing from HobbyTown dealers that the Dominus has been a good seller, and I can see why, amazingly our test unit is still in one piece, and we treat everything like we stole it around here.

We put our Dominus hop-up series into the hands of our “pro racer guy” Tim. He’s been slack’n as usual, but you can expect to see a few more articles on the Dominus in the next couple weeks. Next up is how to mount a LiPo into the Dominus (which isn’t as easy as it should be), then putting more power in it, then some bling stuff. The Dominus is a good truck out of the box, it doesn’t need a whole lot of work, nor a lot of expensive parts to have fun with.

As far as what other bodies fit on the Dominus- if the body will work on a Slash, it will work on the Dominus. But lets say you are looking for something different than a short course body. In that case this is what I recommend-

1. Take your Dominus into your LHS with you.
2. Find a body you like.
3. Ask the LHS employee if you can remove the body from its packaging to test fit on your Dominus.

Some LHS’s (the better ones) will let you test fit a new body, others will not allow you to remove it from the packaging, making it much harder to see if it’ll mount up properly.

Any which way, shoot us pics of your Dominus when you get it dialed.

What Gives?
how come off road tracks look like on road tracks now days? since when are off road tracks supposed to be smooth and hard packed?

Cubby- You are preach’n to the choir here Gale. It’s really a shame the state of modern rc tracks, and not just the off road ones.

So why are modern off road tracks smooth and hard packed? IMO they are glass smooth and super high bite so that racers can go pinned all the way around the track. Going wide open after every apex is easier and yields lower lap times than racing on rough and loose tracks. Back in the day track owners used to pride themselves on making difficult tracks, now days it’s all about building tracks that keep the racers from bitch’n (and they bitch about anything on a track that they can’t take wide open or give them 2G’s in the corners). Modern tracks allow a lot of power to get put down and allow lesser drivers to go pinned all the time, but because of that they are boring as hell to drive on.

Modern on-road tracks are actually worse, having absolutely nothing in common with uber full scale tracks. Modern on road tracks are perfectly flat with ridiculous grip, and are even more boring than modern off road tracks. Local on road rc racing is a ghost town, hummm, and people wonder why. If you have never raced full scale road course before I can assure you the best tracks in the world are anything but flat and ultra high grip. The very best full scale tracks are not only challenging but downright scary to race at speed.

But perhaps the worst feature of both types of modern tracks is this- being extremely one lined. Go to a big off road rc race and you’ll see a 2 foot wide blue groove line all the way around the track, go to a big rc on road race and you’ll see a foot wide sauce groove all the way around. And every corner is one lined, period. That isn’t good for passing, that isn’t good for fun. If a track builder out there wants to be revolutionary- every track they design should have one corner where the outside line is faster than the inside line. As is, the inside line is the fastest 99.999999% of the time, and just how much fun is that?

That’s it for this week. Shoot me your questions, requests, and resumes to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter


Keep reading to see the rest…

Cubby Hola bashers, racers and industry types, yes indeed you have found yet another extra succulent edition of THE Cub Report.

Thankfully Red Bull’s Seb Vettel DNF’ed on the first lap of the Abu Dhabi grand prix allowing for a good race. Thankfully Lewis “Moons Over My Hammy” didn’t crash into Felipe Massa (again), allowing the Mclaren driver to finally put it on the top of the podium. Oh and dear Mr. Webber, it’s ok to win when your teammate DNF’s, just say’n… If you don’t follow F1 you didn’t understand any of that, and that’s ok, but you’d be amazed how many rc’ers are F1 tifosi.

I’ll assume you do follow rc, and if that’s the case I think you’ll agree that HobbyKing having ads on the Discovery and Science channels is pretty big news. The “industry” hates HobbyKing, I think HobbyKing is the devil, but you must admire their spunk (and the depths of their wallets). I mean… you can’t go anywhere on the web without being visually molested by their ads, and now you can’t even escape them by watching an episode of “Myth Busters”.

But perhaps the even bigger news was…. the HobbyKing commercial features their uber new “flight drone”, a plane you fly while wearing a set of goggles giving your a first person view as if you are in the actual cockpit of the plane. There are Very few people that have gotten to experience the feel of flying an airplane in that manner, and very few have driven rc cars that way, but I can assure you the “future” of rc is this technology. I say this from first hand experience. Driving an rc while viewing a live video feed from the perspective of the drivers seat is infinitely more exciting than sitting your truck down and driving it the ole’ school way from a side perspective.

Most of you have already heard about BigSquid RC’s “track drone” that we had in our booth at iHobby. Hundreds of hobbyists got to experience this new viewing perspective while driving an rc thanks to us, and after driving it typically their reactions were amazing. Most talked of driving the track drone in the same manner that I did after my first experience with it, “That’s Freak’n Awesome!”. Driving a “track drone” from an in car perspective is simply more realistic than standing off to the side, and because of its added realism it wasn’t unusual to see people “brace for impact” when they were about to crash our track drone. When was the last time you braced yourself for impact while driving an rc car in a “regular” manner?

Thankfully our hobby has trended to scale realism the last few years. The Traxxas Slash lead the charge, and now the norm is looking like the real deal, not looking like some Martian Starship. So now that our trucks/cars/etc look proper, it only makes sense to drive them in a more “realistic” manner, from the view of the drivers seat. Not only is that perspective the proper one, but makes for a more exciting driving experience. It’s a win/win situation as far as increased enjoyment goes.

There are downsides of course- added complexity, additional cost, and those pesky FCC regulations to name a few, but none of those have stopped us rc’ers before. :)

So what’s up at BSRC this week? All sorts of crispy fried, chocolate covered goodness. :) Yes, I swear I’m going to have my Dynamite Passport review done (you won’t believe how we durability tested it… LOL), as well as our review on the Horizon/Losi XXX-SCT. Yay. We’ll also be posting unboxing pics of Helion’s uber new trucks, their 10th scale 4wd SC named the Dominus, and their new 18th scale truggy. Oh and, I hear we’ve got some news on the latest from Traxxas. :) So keep your eyes peeled on our front page. Remember, the refresh button is your friend. :)

That’s it (I swear!!) for this week. Support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby Greetings from the overly posh BigSquid offices, and here’s to hoping you and yours are thoroughly enjoying Americas independence day, I know we certainly are. BBQ + fireworks + family + rc cars = uber July 4th weekend!

Our wacky BSRC bash crew spent the day in Peoria Illinois on Saturday bashing and thrashing two of Thunder Tigers new vehicles- their SparrowHawk 10th scale 4wd stadium truck and their new 12th scale short course truck. Saturday was my first time wheeling either truck, but after pulling trigger on both of them I was impressed. Both trucks had impressive power, drove well, and took ridiculous abuse with minimal breakage. Yes, I am starting to sound like a Thunder Tiger fanboy, but when their trucks deliver a lot more than we expect, I am gonna give them props.

So… during the course of testing the Thunder Tiger 12th scale short course truck we hucked it off the roof of the drivers stand at the Rivercity Raceways track in Peoria. That particular drivers stand is fairly tall, with its roof being roughly as high as a two story building. We had a hard time even getting the truck up on the roof because of the way the drivers stand was situated, but once placed, it had to come down one way or the other, and where we come there is only one option- to jump it off. To our BSRC bash crew, that was a relatively “normal” part of testing, but for the local racer types watching they just couldn’t figure out why we’d do such a thing, it just did not compute to them why we were intentionally trying to destroy a brand new truck.

We see it all the time while testing, the looks on some peoples faces are priceless. They call us idiots, they look at us like we are the anti-Christ, they shrug their shoulders, they eventually look the other way in disgust. To a racer who does everything possible Not to break their truck (and can’t grasp they are actually playing with toy cars), they just can’t seem to understand.

So… exactly why do we huck trucks off a two story drivers stand? Some of the posers out there have told us we do it because we don’t pay for the trucks and don’t care if they end up in a pile of rubble (we are actually more brutal on our personal cars that we do pay for). Others say we are just feeding our masochistic tendencies (which I may not argue with… LOL). But here’s the scoop- when a basher hucks his truck off a two story building they are attempting to break it, but they are hoping it won’t. Bashers spend a lot of time and money building their trucks to be rock solid, to live through the ultimate of abuse, not to break while doing so. Bashers simply do not find it acceptable that a truck breaks after barely tapping a pipe like some racer types might. When you’ve built an uber bash-mobile, you’ve got to put them through some pretty tough testing to make sure they are up to par, including hucking them off 2 story buildings.

We know our readers are bashers, guys that demand their trucks to be tougher than nails, so when we test box stock trucks we put them through extreme testing to give our readers a baseline on how tough the truck is out of the box. If a basher were to buy one of the new Helion Animus trucks he’d know after reading our review that he’d have to do absolutely no upgrades for durability. The Animus can go directly from the box to the worst of abuse with no mods, it’s just that tough, and to a basher that turns the Animus from just some average truck into a must buy.

We’ve all owned that “one” truck, a truck that seemingly broke with the smallest tap from another truck. Being core bashers nothing makes us madder than a truck we spend more time wrenching on than driving. We are in this hobby to have fun driving with our buddies, not sitting behind a card table wearing down our Thorp hex wrenches. With that in mind, when you read a review of ours where we plow full speed into a concrete curb we are doing so with the intention of weeding out weaker product. If we are doing our job properly you guys should be able to depend on our reviews. If we say a truck is bulletproof, you shouldn’t have to do much, if any, wrenching on it, even during extreme use.

You can’t miss the “Basher Approved” logo we give to certain products. Many readers might think that the “Basher Approved” award is just some bogus marketing ploy, but it is not. For a product to get our “Basher Approved” award it has to be “above and beyond” tough. The entire BSRC crew literally sits around a table and debates whether a product has proven itself worthy. If even one “Basher Approved” product isn’t worthy, we lose all credibility with our readers, and without that, there is no reason for BSRC to even exist.

Where a racer takes pride in being the fastest on a track, bashers take pride in having the toughest truck. While some of our testing might seem downright sick to certain people, it’s actually a necessity, and it’s not as severe as what our readers subject their trucks to.

Support our hobby, your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Helion Animus

When BigSquid approached me to the do their review of the Helion Animus I jumped at the chance, its not every day a new 18th scaler hits the market these days, nor is it every day when a big name like Gil Losi Jr introduces an entirely new product line. I’ve spent much of my career racing 18th scales for Castle Creations and MaxAmps and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Helion 18SC even if it is not intended for racing. I have been bashing with the BigSquid guys for years now and I thought it was great to see a new 18th scale short course truck made for the bashing crowd. READ MORE

Cubby Anybody else see Geico/Honda/Associated rider Justin “Bam Bam” Barcia huck it down Henry Hill at Budd’s Creek on Saturday? That boy has a giant set of appendages. For you guys that don’t know about “Henry Hill”, it’s a giant downhill on the Budds Creek track, and it got its name when Doug Henry accidentally stayed on the gas and jumped the entire way down, breaking his back upon landing. If you’ve seen the track in person it boggles the mind to know someone actually hucked it the entire way down and lived to talk about it.

It sounds like the BigSquidRC “Back to Roots” bash went off well on Saturday. Threatening weather kept the turnout low, but those that did show were treated to and ole’ school good time. For those that didn’t attend, the ole’ school bash consisted of meeting up in a park, bbq’n some burgers and dogs, with everybody driving, jumping and showing off their rc cars and trucks. Being a true bash, it didn’t matter if you had been in the hobby for 30 years, or for 30 minutes, if you have 100 cars or just 1, all that mattered was having a good time with good people.

The success of the BSRC bash makes me wonder why there are not more organized bashes around the country. It’s much easier today to organize a group of bashers via the internet than it would have been years ago by running into others at parking lots or a hobby shop. If you are a local basher and are looking for others in your area to hold a bash with- shoot us an email, we’ll do whatever we can to help out.

This week our Tuesday review will feature the Helion Animus 18th scale short course truck. Helion is an exclusive line sold only by HobbyTown USA franchises, and it’s the child of Gil Losi Jr, Jason Corl, and Mike Gillette, one hell of a pedigree. You’ll have to wait till Tuesday to find out if it lived up to its billing, but I will say we subjected the Helion to the most ridiculous torture tests of all time, and we also let our resident hotshot 18th scale Castle/MaxAmps/BigSquidRC factory racer, Tim Mohr, wring it out hard. Did it live when run full speed into a railroad tie? Did it live when held wide open up against a wall? What kind of carnage ensued when we jumped it off the roof of a 2 story house? Tune in this Tuesday to find out.

We didn’t get that much drive time in before posting our Losi SCB Review last week. We drove the wheels off of it for just under a week before posting the review, which for us isn’t very long. We’d rather run a test subject for closer to a month, but due to wanting to get the review out quickly, we kept the actual test time to a minimum. I’m happy to report that after a second week of abuse the Losi SCB still hasn’t broken, it still gathers a huge crowd in the pits, and it still puts a huge smile on our drivers faces. We also removed the stock motor/speedo combo and installed a Mamba Max with Castle 1406 4600 kv motor. This combo yields excellent power, control and cool temps with stock gearing, I highly recommend this upgrade.

I read on one of the “message” boards that a new owner of a Losi SCB was wanting to purchase the TLR tuning kit to turn his SCB into a “racer”. As you’ve probably noticed, most industry people don’t post on the message boards, but I will post here exactly what I was thinking- truth be told, it doesn’t take a “tuning kit” to turn any rc into a racer. Just how can I possibly think that? Here’s why…

Years ago I was at a track when a local kid was racing against one of our country’s top pro drivers. It was a local race, and it was the home track to both the kid and the pro. In the first round of qualifying the “kid” did very poorly, qualifying around 16th among roughly 20 people in mod buggy. The hotshot pro owned TQ after the first round. When the kid came off the track after the first round he was complaining about how it was all his buggys fault he hadn’t qualified higher. I can tell you first hand from looking at the kids buggy that indeed it was a rolling pile- it was an outdated chassis that was completely worn out, with a very poor set-up, and worn out tires to boot. I can also tell you first hand that the pros buggy was brand new, uber, and completely dialed. Anyways, I wasn’t the only one that had overheard the kid complaining about his buggy, the pro heard him as well. What happened next I’ll never forget- the pro told the kid he’d switch cars with him for the next round, and indeed that’s what they did.

The kid went to the line for the second round of qualifying full of confidence, he was grinning from ear to ear and you could tell from the look on his face that he thought he was a lock to put in a new TQ run. The look on the pros face was no different than usual, cool, calm, and ready to get down to business. During the kids qual, he was all over the place (as usual), crashing too much, going into the corners too hot, and even though he was driving one of the best buggys in the country, his second qualifier was actually slower than his first. The pro guy driving the kids pile wasn’t as fast as he was in the first round, but… he was still the fastest driver of the round, finishing his second qual just 6 seconds slower than his first. The conversation between the factory shoe and kid after the second round was epic, needless to say the kid learned a lot that day.

The moral of the story? The kid actually went slower with the non-familiar factory equipment, and the factory shoe was still faster than anyone else while driving a complete pile. Will a “tuning kit” turn a Losi SCB from a basher to a racer? I think not… a tricker piece of machinery yes, but faster? Faster is much more about the driver than the equipment in rc racing.

On a different note…

Brian and I had an interesting convo the other day. We were talking about how impressed we are by the new Thunder Tiger trucks and the question came up “Has Thunder Tiger ever had a hit seller before?”. We both racked our brains (hard for both of us I know… LOL) and while Thunder Tiger has moved a decent amount of units in the past, they’ve never had what either of us would call a “hit”. The Thunder Tiger electric MT we recently tested has left one heck of an impression on us, as we both consider it the King of The Hill for bashing monster trucks right now. I know that’s a big statement, but it has proven itself to us as a great driving machine that can arguably take a greater beating than a Savage Flux or an E-Revo. Thunder Tiger is not an advertiser of ours, nor is Traxxas or HPI, so if you think we’re getting paid to talk good about Thunder Tiger, I can assure you that is not the case. Never in the past would we have considered a Thunder Tiger the best of any genre, but their new MT is that good. Is the TT MT just a fluke? Well… we are currently testing the Thunder Tiger SparrowHawk and it’s also proven itself as one hell of a machine (look for the full test in a couple weeks). Combine excellent trucks with the improved parts availability of being distributed by Great Planes, and IMO Thunder Tiger has officially become a potent threat to Traxxas and HPI’s dominance in the basher market.

That’s it for this week, support your hobby and visit your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter