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ASK Cubby

“Electric offroad car/truck/buggy

I am Zander. I am looking for an offroad, 4WD, electric rc car that should be fast, quite low so that it wont fall over easily on turns, waterproof electronics, good suspension so that it could do a little bit of rock crawling, etc. Pretty much an all rounder, rock racer, rock crawling offroad 4wd car/truck or whatever. Its should be atleast 4s lipo .. but i want a car that can do anything. I am looking at the Traxxas Summit and the Axial Yeti XL, looking to get the Yeti XL but not sure yet. It can be any size and any cost .. just please give me your suggestions even if its not listed above. Please reply and help me asap !

Thank You
Zann The Man”

Cubby- Yo hey “Zann Da Man”, the Zan-lander, the Zan-meister, Sir Zan-a-lot, and Mr Zannish House Mafia, thanks for the email, I have proclaimed yours as “Letter of the Month”, hit us up with your snail mail and t-shirt size so we can give you the hook up.

So… you want a vehicle that can do everything well and has zero downsides. Nice wish ya have there buddy. The biggest problem that I see from your letter is that you want it low so it won’t traction roll, yet want it high so you can crawl with it. Those two things just do not exist in one vehicle. Yes, the Yeti series from Axial comes closest and does a solid job, but they still traction roll at speed on high bite surfaces. You can change them to not traction roll, then they lose some of their rock crawling prowess.

So (#2)… you say cost is no object, so I am gonna say skip the dumb stuff and do it right, get two different vehicles. Vehicle #1 will be your insane crazy power 6S rig that can blast down trails at 60 mph and can bust out gargantuan jumps. Set it up low and stiff so it doesn’t traction roll, and it should make for a burly high speed machine. For vehicle #1 I am gonna recommend the ARRMA Kraton to you.

Vehicle #2 is your insane throw boulders out of the way, climb over all the crazy stuff yet can do 50 mph on the trail rock racer. This would of course be the Axial Yeti XL.

With those two machines in the back of your pick-up truck you will be dialed for everything you are looking for.

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Hobao Hyper MT Monster Truck
2014 is certainly a banner year for Monster Trucks. With the HPI Savage Octane and Losi LST XXL-2 leading the way on the gas side, and other big entries to the market like the ARRMA Kraton and Kyosho Psycho Kruiser, it’s never been a better time to be a monster truck fan.

Hobao is now teasing their latest monster truck, the Hyper MT Sport. The Hyper MT Sport is a big 8th scale electric powered truck aimed at competing with other “King of the Hill” trucks like the HPI Savage Flux and Traxxas E-Revo. Teaser pics is all we get for now, more information is coming soon. Hopefully the truck makes it here to the states under Ofna branding at some point later this year.

Get more Hobao news at This Link on BigSquidRC.

Hobao Hyper H2 Pro Buggy
New from Hobao is their Hyper H2 Pro 2wd electric buggy kit. The old school 2wd buggy class is still popular at certain tracks and the new H2 should be a nice option for those looking for something different. Some of the features and specs include-

* Rear or mid motor configurations
* 3 or 4 gear tranny
* CNC machined hard coated chassis
* 12mm Big bore aluminium oil filled shocks
* Aluminium inboard suspension mounts
* Rear CVD driveshafts
* Gear differential
* Dual pad slipper assembly
* Fully sealed ball bearings
* Adjustable turnbuckles
* Inline battery placement
* Accepts normal sized packs, shorties, and end-to-end saddle packs
* Clear lexan body
* 12mm Hex for wheels
* Metric hex screws throughout
* Fully adjustable suspension
* Length: 411mm
* Width: 250mm
* Height: 145mm
* Wheelbase: 285mm
* Front Track: 247mm
* Rear Track: 250mm
* Weight: 1250 grams
* Part number: #HBH2ES

The H2 Pro is being distributed by CML in the UK, but no word on a price or release date for the states. Hit up the official Hobao Website for more information on the H2 Pro and all their other fine products.

We made it to yet another TGIF! Care for a Mystery Link?

Hobao Hyper Cage Buggy-E
The crew over at Hobao has a new entry into the basher 8th scale buggy market, the Hyper Cage Buggy-E. It looks eerily similar to the old XTM Sand Rail Buggy and offers a host of features that should make it quite popular to the hard-core bashing crowd. The big roll cage on the Hobao offers extra protection when going huge and is hinged to rotate easily out of the way to make wrenching easier. Velcro is used in the battery tray to make battery exchanges quick and easy. Throw in 4mm thick shock towers, front and rear sway bars, 17mm big bore shocks with C-hub front suspension, and they’ve got a serious bash machine on their hands. Hit up the official Hobao Website for more information.

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The crew over at HoBao Racing have released more pictures and information on their new GTB-E electric 8th scale on-road car. This 4wd beast is brushless powered and ready to tear up a local side-street, cul-de-sac, or parking lot. Some of the features and specs include-

* 2.4 GHz radio system
* Brushless motor
* 3 Gear diffs
* Front and rear sway bars
* Length- 617mm
* Width- 310mm
* Wheelbase- 361mm
* Weight- 3650 grams

We have not received word when, or even if, the GTB-E will make it to the states, we will update when we receive more information. Until then, visit HoBao’s Official Website to view all their products.

Yet another TGIF mystery link? I think SO.

Another new HoBao vehicle being distributed by HPI Racing is the new HoBao Hyper SS RTR Buggy.

Thew new Hyper SS 1/8 Buggy features a 2.4Ghz radio, .28 Nitro Engine, Savox Digital Servos, 4WD, Big Bore Shocks, and an enclosed battery box. The street price is about $350, and expect it to start hitting store shelves right now. Available in black or white versions.

Looking for more HPI News? Hit the link.

Recently we mentioned that HPI Racing would be distributing HoBao products in the US and Japan. We now have some more details on the vehicles including pricing!

The Hyper 10SC-E RTR is a 4WD 1/10 short course truck that will come ready to run with a 2.4Ghz radio system, brushless 3900kv motor, 3 oil filled differentials, and a full set of ball bearings. It will be available in blue or orange and street price will be about $360, which sounds pretty good for a brushless 4wd short course truck!

Hit THIS link for more HPI news right here on BigSquidRC.

HoBao Now Distributed by HPI In North America/Japan
Some big news today out of SoCal, HPI Racing has now become the exclusive distributor for HoBao products in North America and Japan. Here is an excerpt from the press release-

“HPI RACING is proud to announce that it will be the Exclusive Distributor for HoBao RC Vehicles in North America and Japan. HoBao is a manufacturer of high quality Nitro and Electric RC vehicles with a long standing Global presence in the RC Industry. With a full line of RC vehicles for both the enthusiast as well as the weekend racer, the full line of HoBao vehicles has something for everyone. The HPI RACING distributed line of HoBao vehicles will now also enjoy the support of HPI RACING’s legendary Customer Service and Support in North America and Japan. This includes a one year warranty for each vehicle distributed by HPI RACING.

Distributors please contact your HPI RACING Sales Representatives to order the HoBao line of vehicles distributed by HPI RACING. Consumers can contact 1-888-349-4474 or “” for product Support”

Here are some HoBao models that will be shipping from HPI this October-

* 1/8th Hyper 7 TQ RTR Nitro Buggy
* 1/10th Hyper 10 SC RTR
* 1/8th Hyper SS RTR Nitro Buggy

For more information hit THIS link for the official HPI Racing website, and hit THIS link for more HPI news right here on BigSquidRC.