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E-Fest efest 2016

The Sights Of E-Fest 2016

As we bring our E-Fest 2016 coverage to a close, we are posting a bunch of pictures from the event to help give you a feel for what it was like to be there. As you can see from the pictures, there were people and airplanes everywhere as the 2 day event attracted a large crowd of flying enthusiasts. Congratulations to [...]


Tower Hobbies E-Fest 2016

Tower Hobbies Booth At E-Fest 2016

While roaming the grounds of E-Fest 2016, we had to stop by and say hello to our friends at the Tower Hobbies booth. As always, they were super nice and full of energy for the hobby. They also had a bunch of the latest air products on display from companies like Hubsan, Dromida, and Estes. Drones are hotter than ever [...]


Hobbico E-Fest 2016

Hobbico Booth at E-Fest 2016

Early each year flying fans in the Midwest are treated to an indoor event held in Champaign Illinois called E-Fest. Sponsored by Hobbico, it brings together hobbyists from several states, allowing them to get in some winter flying time. E-Fest also has a long “manufacturers row” where companies can show off the latest and greatest in flying gear. With Hobbico being [...]


FlightPower Drone Series LiPo Batteries

FlightPower Drone Series LiPo Batteries

New for all you drone flying maniacs is a dedicated series of LiPo Batteries from FlightPower. What makes the Drone Series LiPo batteries from FlightPower so special? * No nonsense 2 year limited warranty * Ultrasonic welding on tabs & balance leads * Cell-matched packs * Capacities up to 16,000mAh * 10, 30, or 70C discharge rates * 3 to 6S cell counts * Charge rates from [...]


Aquacraft Mini Alligator Tours TTX300

AquaCraft Mini Alligator Tours Airboat Now With Tactic Radio

Like many other boats in the AquaCraft line-up, the Mini Alligator Tours Airboat is now sporting a Tactic TTX300 as its RTR radio. The popular little airboat is well known for its scale detailing and its ability to be driven just about anywhere, now it is even better by coming with the Tactic 2.4GHz transmitter. Pricing on the AquaCraft Mini [...]



The Latest ARRMA News

The folks over at ARRMA have been doing a fantastic job of promoting the hobby and their bash oriented vehicles on the web. The ARRMA Facebook Page is constantly being updated and the ARRMA Hall Of Fame has some seriously cool trucks in it. You can even hit up the official ARRMA Blog for the very latest ARRMA news. To add [...]


Pactra Polycarbonate Paint

Pactra Polycarbonate Paint Reappears

Recently we saw that Tower Hobbies posted a bunch of Polycarbonate Paint from Pactra on their website. Pactra has long been our favorite paint to use when doing up a new body and we look forward to once again being able to lay our hands on some. Tower posted about about 20 different colors in 3oz cans, all of which [...]


Elanview Cicada Ready-to-Fly FPV Camera Drone

Video – Elanview Cicada Camera Drone

To say that Camera Drones are hot right now would be an understatement, they are changing the way we see the world. Hobbico has just released a video showing off the Elanview Cicada. The Cicada is a high-tech camera drone that can be flown by a smart device and comes with a high definition 1080P/16MP camera. Watch the video to [...]


Axial Trail Breaker Electric Motor

Axial Trail Breaker Rebuildable Electric Motors

While brushless has completely taken over the bashing world, there is still a place where the controlled power of brushed motors still rules, in crawling. New from Axial Racing are a pair of Rebuildable Brushed Motors. Axial is offering 35 and 55 turn units to give your off-road rig precise power while out on the trail. * Balanced commutator * Brushes can [...]


Team Durango DEX410v5 Buggy

Full Scoop – Team Durango DEX410v5 Buggy

Team Durango has been teasing the DEX410v5 for several weeks, now full details have been announced. First off, the buggy should start hitting hobby shops early next month which is peak season for indoor racing in many areas. By that time, many racers are either looking to freshen up the buggy they’ve been racing all season, or are looking to [...]


Team Durango DEX210F 2wd Buggy

Full Details – Team Durango DEX210F Buggy

Perhaps nowhere else in the rc world has technology advanced as quickly as in the 2wd buggy class. Especially in recent years, manufacturers have been pulling out all the stops to push car designs to the limit. The latest “push the limit” machine from Team Durango is the 2wd DEX210F. Designed from the floor up for maximum performance on medium [...]


Hobbico Drone Headquarters Christmas Video

Hobbico Drone Headquarters Christmas Eve Video

Christmas is getting mighty close, but there is still time to put a drone under the tree for someone in your family or one of your friends. To help celebrate Christmas, Hobbico has released a series of short videos featuring their quadcopter products. Hit the video above to see what our little friend Proto is up to and what Hobbico [...]


HPI Racing 2015 Mustang Spec 5

HPI Racing 2015 Ford Mustang SPEC 5 RTR

New from HPI Racing is the 2015 Ford Mustang SPEC 5 RTR. In classic HPI tradition, it sports a highly detailed version of Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Spec 5 Mustang body. Also featured are HRE Tech 7 wheels which are skillfully reproduced to add even more scale realism. Underneath lies HPI’s latest touring car chassis, the RS4 Sport 3. The Sport [...]


ARRMA Hall Of Fame

Join The ARRMA Hall Of Fame

Do you go huge with your ARRMA? Do you bash your ARRMA harder than the Average Joe? If so, ARRMA has something very cool for you, their Hall Of Fame. The ARRMA Hall Of Fame is a place to showcase all you hardcore ARRMA Bash Maniacs. How do you get signed up? It is pretty easy, simply hit up This [...]


Hobbico 12 Days Of Drones

Hobbico 12 Days Of Drones Giveaway

I don’t have to tell you how hot Drones are right now, they seem to be taking over the entire world. You can’t walk through a hobby shop (or a mall) without seeing these high-tech flying machines. To help celebrate the Christmas season Hobbico is having a big Drone Giveaway. For 12 days straight Hobbico is giving away a different [...]