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Estes Proto X Vid with Camera Nano Drone

Estes Proto X Vid With Camera Nano Drone

Looking for an affordable drone to get your feet wet shooting aerial video? Ya, me too. New from Estes is the Proto X Vid. It is extremely wallet friendly and can shoot 480p video of your flights. A 2.4GHz radio system keeps thing under control, while a six axis gyro with an “Auto Upright System” self-corrects the drone no matter [...]


O.S. Speed R2102

O.S. Speed R2102 1/8 Scale On-Road Engine

New from O.S. is the R2102 1/8 Scale On-Road Engine. Like so many O.S. engines before it, the R2102 was designed for stellar power and reliability. Some of the features on the highly revised R2102 are- * 3mm lower center of gravity * Ceramic rear bearing * Laser graphics * Works with 16% nitro fuel * DLC coating & tungsten weighted crank shaft * Power output- [...]


dromida wasteland

Dromida Wasteland Truck and Buggy Unboxing

We just got our hands on the new Dromida Wasteland vehicles. The ones with the Foam Rocket Launchers! These things look great in person. The paint jobs really look sweet. We were also very happy to see the way they work the third channel to launch the rockets. For details, head over to the official Dromida website. Watch for a [...]


RealFlight Drone Simulator

RealFlight Drone Flight Simulator

Thanks to the new RealFlight Drone Simulator from Great Planes, you can now practice drone flying & camera control on your PC. If you haven’t noticed, a good quality camera drone set-up runs easily over a grand, why take the chance on crashing it without getting in some simulator time first? The software has features like- * Lets you practice flying [...]


Hobbico Halloween Dromida Vista

Video – Hobbico Halloween: Stop in for a Spell

Yesterday we posted the teaser of a mad scientist working on a secret project. Today the secret has been unveiled, the folks at Hobbico have had some fun by making up a Frankenstein themed Dromida Vista. Check out the video below to watch the madness!!! To get more details on the Dromida Vista UAV/Drone simply hit up This Link. Click Here [...]


hobbico halloween

Hobbico Halloween: Stop in for a Spell

We just received the image above from Hobbico that is teasing something unique for the Halloween season. Is it a car? Is it a drone? Have they created a Frankenstein 2.0? No one knows for now, but stay tuned. Click Here to check out the official Hobbico website, or Right Here for more Hobbico news on BigSquidRC.


RC Gear Shop Wind Speed Meter

RC Gear Shop Vaavud Smartphone Wind Speed Meter

New from RC Gear Shop is a Vaavud Wind Speed Meter for your Smartphone. This device lets you monitor wind speed before you go out flying or before trying to break the long jump record with your monster truck. The device plugs into the 3.5mm audio jack on your smartphone and uses the magnetic field sensor in your phone to [...]


Aquacraft GP-1 TTX300

AquaCraft GP-1 Mini 3S Ultra Hydroplane w/ TTX300

Coming soon from Aquacraft is a Tactic TTX300 controlled version of the GP-1 Ultra Hydroplane Boat. The GP-1 is a very quick brushless powered hydroplane, now it will be even better thanks to the TTX300 transmitter. The GP-1 gets a new part number #AQUB1819, it has a street price of $179, and you can hit up This Link to visit [...]



ARRMA BLX $40 Rebate

Save some cash with the new $40 Rebate on select ARRMA BLX vehicles. The offer runs now through December 31st, just in time for the holiday season. The models that get the rebate are the 1/10th Granite BLX monster truck ($359), the Fury BLX short course truck ($369), and the Raider BLX buggy ($359). To get all the details simply [...]


Aquacraft Rio EP Tactic TTX300

AquaCraft Rio EP Coming Soon With Tactic TTX300

Aquacraft is spicing up their Rio EP Offshore Superboat by adding a Tactic TTX300 transmitter. The Tactic is known as a Solid Performer and should help the Rio be even easier to drive out on the water. The TTX300 equipped version of the Rio sports a new part number of #AQUB1801 with a street price of $159. To get more [...]


Estes Proto N Micro Drone

Ultra-Tiny Estes Proto-N Micro Drone

The world conquering Estes Proto-X was incredibly small, but the new Estes Proto-N is so much smaller that it makes the X look like a giant. In fact, the Proto-N is one of the World’s smallest drones, making it easy to fly in even very small areas. It is also so small that it is easily stored in a compartment [...]


Hobbico Wasteland Video

Modzilla and Wasteland Action Videos from Hobbico

New for this Christmas sales season is the Revell Modzilla and Wasteland series buggy and truck from Dromida. All three vehicles were designed to be fun while being affordable and should end up under a whole lot of Christmas trees this year. To show how much fun they can be to drive, the good folks at Hobbico have released a pair [...]


VS Tanks 24th Scale

2 New VS Tanks Coming Soon

New from VS Tanks are a pair of high detailed machines ready for infrared armored combat. First up is a Japanese Type 10 that is brand new to the VS Tanks line-up. The Type 10 has a part number of #VSKC3032. The other new tank is a King Tiger Porsche with Desert Camo. Its part number is #VSKC3026. Both tanks feature- * 2.4GHz [...]


Dromida Wasteland Buggy Truck

Dromida Wasteland Truck and Buggy

Whoa, we didn’t see this one coming. New from Dromida are a pair of Wasteland series vehicles that feature Foam Rocket Launchers! Ever get hacked and want to retaliate? With the Wasteland series vehicles now you can by shooting foam darts at your buddy. It looks like a win/win from Dromida to us, you can have fun driving an rc [...]


Revell Germany 1/18 Modzila MT

Revell 1/18 Modzilla MT RTR

Ready to make a splash during the Christmas buying season is the new Modzilla MT from Revell. The Revell Modzilla is an 1/18th scale 4wd monster truck that comes with an extremely attractive price point, just $79. It also features a Li-Ion battery with charger and will be available in two different colors, white or black. Specifications- * Wheelbase- 6.5″ * Length- [...]