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Unboxing – Rise RXD250 Extreme Durabilty Racing Drone

Looking to get your feet wet with a 250mm-sized racing quadcopter? Check out these unboxong shots of the new Rise RXD250. The RXD250 is a great piece of kit if you’re looking for your first (or second, or third… We know how this hobby goes!) racing drone. Sporting a foam/carbon composite body, the RXD is “receiver ready” and comes with everything [...]



Latest Video Teaser From

Something big is coming soon from ARRMA and you can get a little glimpse of it in the latest teaser video from We know that the next ARRMA will be coming with high-tech smart diffs, but what else? Is this also the teaser for their all new 1/10th scale 4wd vehicles? Time will tell, until then check out the [...]


Futaba martin truex jr

Martin Truex Jr. Joins Team Futaba

Recently announced by the good folks over at Hobbico was the addition of full scale race car driver Martin Truex Jr. to their Futaba race team. Truex is best known as a two time Xfinity Series champion and we really look forward to seeing him help the hobby via his collaboration with Futaba. Read below for the full press release- “Champaign, [...]


2016 ARRMA Senton BLX

Updated 2016 ARRMA Senton BLX

For 2016 the ARRMA Senton BLX is getting a facelift. Actually, it is getting more than that. Yes, it does get a new paint scheme, but it also receives an upgrade to the Tactic TTX300 radio system and an updated BLX 185 brushless power system. * Waterproof 6S capable ESC * 2050kV brushless motor * Pre-built RTR * dBoots multi-surface tires * 2 year warranty * [...]


ARRMA Smart Diffs

Teaser – ARRMA Smarter Diff Technology

We posted the first teaser a couple of weeks ago, now there is a second video giving yet more clues to what Hobbico is up to. Check out the video above to see what you think ARRMA’s Smarter Diff Technology might be all about. And better yet, is that a whole new ARRMA platform shown at the very end of [...]


Duratrax Showdown CR Tires

3 New Crawling and Oval Tires From Duratrax

As we exclusively Reported Right Here, the folks at Duratrax have a bunch of new tires on the way. Today we have received pricing information on the three latest releases – the Showdown CR and Scaler CR crawling tires, plus the Bandito SC-M oval tires. Both the Duratrax Showdown and Scaler CRs start at $17 a pair for just the tires [...]


Futaba 3PV

Futaba 3PV Coming To The States Next Month

As we first reported Here, Futaba has a new bashing oriented transmitter called the 3PV and it is hitting the states next month. Nobody likes walking around like a noob with a RTR transmitter, the 3PV is a great step up from stock without destroying your wallet. So what’s the scoop on the 3PV? America will be getting two different versions, [...]


New Duratrax Tires

New Tires Coming Soon From Duratrax

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you are a bunch of New Tires from Duratrax. Ranging from crawler, to short course, to buggy tires, several new tread designs are on the way, as well some hot looking new wheels. Pictured in this post are some of the new crawler wheels/tires that we have been testing. The Deep Wood CR and [...]


rc brain hobbico

Teaser – Hobbico’s “What If An RC Car Had A Brain?”

The latest teaser from Hobbico really has our minds wandering. They put out the question, “What if an rc car had a brain?”. That got us to thinking, what would happen if a new Dromida or ARRMA came with a brain inside? Could it do homework? Could it fix dinner? Could it cure cancer? For now there are no more [...]


2016 ARRMA Typhon 6S BLX Buggy

Updated 2016 ARRMA Typhon 6S BLX Buggy

Newly updated, and coming to a hobby shop near you in June, is the 2016 version of the ARRMA Typhon BLX Buggy. The last Typhon gained quite a reputation as a great handling do-it-all bash machine, here is what’s new on the latest version- * Reliable Tactic TTX300 radio gear * More durable rear wing mount * All new wheels * Updated 6S ready [...]


Video ARRMA Granite

Video – Ditch Jumping With The ARRMA Granite

It is no secret that the ARRMA Granite BLX is a great bash machine. Recently the folks at Hobbico took one out to get some good old fashioned bashing in and shot video of their adventure. Watch the above video to see Hobbico’s surface team manager Brad Brucker get in some airtime with the Granite BLX. Brad goes into full-on [...]


video rc truck tailwhip on water

Video – Wicked ARRMA Senton Tailwhip On Water!

With the weather getting warmer, more bashers are getting outside to go extreme with their trucks. That includes BigSquidRC Bash Crew member Craig Nelson. Craig (AKA GIGAWATTSLAB on YouTube) is the ramp builder to the stars and is known for his hydroplane videos. Craig’s latest video showcases the ARRMA Senton BLX and also shows one of the latest crazes to [...]


Hobbico RC Runners

Video – Hobbico RC Runner Shoes

Hey, everybody loves those Heelys shoes, you know the ones with the wheel in the back that helps you go real fast. Now Hobbico has upped the ante with their new RC Runner Shoes. These allow you to bolt on a pair of 6S brushless powered ARRMA Sentons to your feet, making your trip to just about anywhere really, REALLY, [...]


2016 ARRMA Fury Mega Brushed

ARRMA Updates Their 1/10th Brushed Line-up

ARRMA has become one of the best and most popular bash companies on the planet. We see lots of their brushed series of 1/10th scalers at every bash we go to, for 2016 ARRMA has made a few small changes to make them better than ever. As you can see by the pictures, the Mega Series brushed Fury, Raider, Granite, and [...]


Dromida Wasteland Video

Video – Getting Your Dromida Wasteland Up & Running

For all you new Dromida Wasteland owners, the crew over at Hobbico have made a video that shows how easy it is to get your car up and running. The short 30 second video shows how to insert the AA batteries into the transmitter, how to charge the car’s battery, as well as how to load one of the foam [...]