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Father's Day Header

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to put a smile on their face than getting them that RC flying machine he’s been looking for. Better yet, get him a ‘drone’ and he’ll be part of the hottest RC craze this year. Either way, I thought that a nice list of fun flying gifts for the Dad (or Dad-like person) in your life would be the best way to save the hassle in finding the perfect gift! Read More to see what makes the list in this year’s guide!


Great Planes RC4WD
There is some big news out of Champaign Illinois that Great Planes is now distributing RC4WD products. This arrangement makes it easier for GP dealers to stock RC4WD products. On the consumer side, it means more local hobby shops will have your favorite RC4WD scale parts on the shelf, or if not in stock, they will be easier to order in for you.

For more information on Great Planes simply Click This Link and you can hit This Link to visit RC4WD’s official website.

Hobbico end of the month specials
The folks over at Hobbico are getting the word out that they’ve got some specials going on until the end of the month. Until February 28th you can save some bank on various surface and air products. Some of the more notable specials include-

* $100 off the Duratrax Nissan GTR Nitro 4wd RTR
* $40 off the 2013 ARRMA Fury SCT RTR
* $30 off the Axial Jeep Wrangler Wraith-Poison Spyder 4WD RTR and SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4WD Kit
* $30 off the Futaba 4PK Super R

There are many other items on sale, to view them all simply click This Link that takes you over to the sale page on the Best RC website.

Catch up on more Hobbico news right here on BigSquidRC by clicking This Link.

Hobbico E-Fest 2014
The BigSquidRC Bash Crew had a great time on Saturday attending E-Fest 2014 presented by Hobbico. We learned a lot by visiting all the exhibitors booths, and were in awe of the flying skills of the pilots. To give you a sense of what it was like to be there in person, please take a look at the 6 galleries below.

We would like to give a special thanks to everyone at Hobbico for their hospitality, and to all the people we met that made our stay so much fun. We had a blast and can’t wait to be at the event again next year.

Click Here to visit the official E-Fest website, and hit This Link to see all the products that Hobbico offers.

Click the “Read More” button to view 4 more galleries from E-Fest.


Hobbico E-Fest 2014
Over the weekend we had the pleasure of attending one of the largest indoor flying events in the country, E-Fest in Champaign Illinois. E-Fest is put on by the nice folks at Hobbico as a way of promoting the hobby during the cold winter months. Hobbyists from all over the Midwest drive in to get some flying time and spend time with other hobbyists.

While flying is the biggest part of E-Fest, they also have booths from various manufacturers. We spent some time in the Hobbico booth to get some pictures and check out their latest gear. The Hobbico booth featured products from Futaba, Heli-Max, AirCore, Tactic, Thunder Tiger and Flyzone. Whether you were into rc airplanes, helicopters, or multi-rotors, the Hobbico booth had something for you. No new products were announced at the show, but you can take a look at the pictures below to get a feel for what they had on display. To get more information on everything Hobbico, simply Click This Link.

Hobbico PulseTec
Our friends from Hobbico showed a new line-up of battery chargers at the Toy Fair in Germany a couple of weeks ago. The new line is called PulseTec and there were three different models on display.

The 2006D pictured above is a dual port charger capable of 100 watts of power per channel. PulseTec also has a touch screen model, the 906, which is capable of a 10 amp charge rate. Also on display was a more basic model, the 354. The 354 has a maximum charge rate of 3 amps and a maximum cell count of 4S LiPo. More information on the PulseTec line is coming soon, until then you can click This Link to visit the official Hobbico website.

Want to learn more about battery chargers? Hit up This Link which takes you to more battery charger news right here on BigSquidRC.

the cub report helion rc boatHola everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas, and welcome to the last Cub Report of the year.

First up- BigSquidRC notes. This Saturday we’ll be finishing up our latest and greatest quadcopter shootout at a track in Paxton Illinois. If you are a reader or a member of the industry and want to check out our shootout process, or just want to hang out with the bash crew, you are officially invited. For more details hit the contact us link and shoot Brian an email for the specifics.

We’ll be naming our “2013 Bash Vehicle of the Year” tomorrow. We tested a bunch of kick ass vehicles this year so we still haven’t decided the winner, but right now the top three are the Pro-Line PRO-2 short course truck, the ARRMA Granite BLX monster truck, and the Duratrax 835E buggy. The Pro-Line is super trick, tough, and flies around a track. The ARRMA Granite was our vehicle of the year last time around, the BLX version is even better. And… the Duratrax 835E is a tough 8th scale buggy that handles well and takes a solid beating. Check out our front page sometime on Tuesday to find out who we end up picking.

And yes, the BigSquidRC Bash Crew are the only people with a say in our “Bash Vehicle of the Year”, but you guys get your chance to have your voices heard when March Bashness rolls back around.

We’ve got a couple of reviews coming your way this week, the Durango DEX408 V2 buggy and a Helion Lagos boat. I’m not for sure exactly which day they will hit, but both will go up this week. Also of note, we should have a very sic video of the Durango to go along with the review, we were certainly hucking it sadistic style.

On an F1 note, if you have not heard, Michael Schumacher is said to be “fighting for his life” today after a head injury suffered while skiing in France. I only worship two people, God and Michael Schumacher, and not necessarily in that order. Here’s to hoping Schumi pulls out of this one just fine…

So… 2013 is nearly in the books, and what a year it was for rc. We saw various big names change hands, we’ve been told by an LHS owner that the hobby is in a state of “terror”, and depending on who you talk to, 2013 was either a banner year or a huge flop.

Traxxas- If anything, Traxxas had a wild year. On the product side of things they didn’t release anything crazy, although they did dust off the LaTrax name and stuck it on some low end rally cars. They are rumored to have gotten rid of a bunch of people in August, they don’t look to be a part of the TORC series next year, and it is rumored that a divorce is changing the landscape for the big Texas company. Some industry types will tell you that Traxxas has singlehandedly kept the hobby afloat since the T-Maxx, and if they are to falter, it would have huge ramifications throughout the hobby. For 2014 I can only hope they get back to doing what they do best, putting out affordable bash vehicles.

Hobbico- If there has been one rock solid company in rc over the decades, it has been Hobbico, and in 2013 they once again proved why they are number one. Solid marketing, people who have their heads screwed on right, and a commitment to the hobby have kept Hobbico/Great Planes/Tower on point. For 2014 I think you can expect more of the same. They’ve turned around their in-house Duratrax line, and with the scale scene being white hot Axial is a great showroom performer. Durango keeps getting better, ARRMA is a hit with the bash crowd, and when you throw in exclusives with Futaba, HPI, and Thunder Tiger, good ole’ Hobbico is looking mighty good for next year.

Horizon- They also had wild 2013. Vaterra, their uber slick looking scale/basher line-up, is still new and growing. Their entry level ECX line-up also continues to grow and is quickly making its way into more and more basher’s hands. Going into the new year Horizon is in the process of changing hands, which many an industry type thinks is filled with doom and gloom, but I am one of the people that thinks it will work out for the best. Time will tell, but they have a lot of good people in place and some solid product lines.

HPI- So 2013 was definitely a wild ride for HPI. While we’ve heard some of the details of their exclusive Hobbico distribution deal, there are still people out there that think they were bought out completely. They didn’t put out much new product in 2013, and their yet to materialize “Octane” series gas powered vehicles have become the punch line in many an industry joke. Alas, 2014 could be their year, they are great at scale and that genre is super hot, and their Octane stuff could turn the industry on its ear. However, do they have the capital and marketing prowess to pull it off? I see 2014 as a make it or break it year for HPI.

Associated- Ya know, I am a big Associated fan and I have driven 2wd AE buggies more than anything else during all my time in the hobby. Therefore… I have been anxiously waiting for the B5 just like many of you. Sadly, when the B5 and B5M were announced all I could think was “facepalm”. Yes, AE is much different now days, and have been since being acquired by Thunder Tiger, but I still can’t wrap my head around how far behind they get sometimes. When people think Associated, they think 10th scale buggy, and the B5 is yet another “catch-up” vehicle. Long gone are the days where AE was leading the world of rc innovation, these days AE seem to be all about hitting the showroom 2-5 years late. The B5 could have been a bold new statement that they are still capable of industry leading innovation, instead it fell short. I have desperately been wanting AE to give me a good reason to bust open my wallet on some of their product, I want to give them my money, but they still haven’t put out anything innovative enough for me to pull the trigger. “Sigh”. I hope for 2014 they skip the “catch up” products and start funding “way ahead of the curve”.

Pro-Line- The King of all the aftermarket companies pulled the trigger on their very first full vehicle in 2013, which was a huge statement piece and sounds like it has been a good seller for them. Like always, they’ve got their act together, they are dialed with their marketing, and 2014 should be huge for them. More and more companies jump into the tires/body market each year, but Pro-Line always finds a way to stay on top, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the hobby in ’14.


What will be the trends in 2014? From talking with multiple industry insider types, I think the biggest trend I heard was “less, less, less”, instead of “more, more, more”. Instead of you seeing a bunch of new company names in ’14, you will see less and less. And where companies used to put out boatloads of new products each month, several industry types think that will downtrend. For example, if Happy Flower car company put out 15 new cars in 2013, you might only see 5 or 10 from them this year. The trend of putting out a huge variety of product (with a short shelf life) might just be replaced by fewer products marketed to stay at the top of peoples wish lists for a longer time span.

Happy New Years to you all, thanks for reading BigSquidRC, support your local hobby shops and bash spots, and see ya next year.

YOUR Cub Reporter

LRP America
LRP over in Europe announced 3 new additions to their S10 Blast line-up today, an MT 2 monster truck, a BX 2 buggy, and a TX 2 stadium type truck. These look like cool basher vehicles (see the gallery below) so we gave the folks over at LRP America a ring to see what the chances are of these machines ever hitting American shores.

Right now LRP America products are distributed by Hobbico and HRP here in the states, but the product line is limited to ESCs and other light electronics like what was formerly being distributed by Team Associated. LRP America definitely sounds interested in bringing over their entire line and already have plans to bring over a limited selection of additional products.

At this time it sounds like they are still feeling things out whether or not the entire line will end up being sold here in America. LRP in Europe has an extensive surface and air line-up that includes many units that would fit right in with the bash crowd here in America, we hope at some point they make it over.

Click Here for more LRP news on BigSquidRC.

ARRMA Vorteks BLX Speed Tips Video
The crew over at Hobbico have released a new video that shows exactly what it takes to bust out 65+ mph with the ARRMA Vorteks BLX stadium truck. Watch below to see Scott Cramer walk you through the modification process, then watch see the Vorteks go 66 mph on the famous “Speed Run Road” in Champaign Illinois.

To get more information on the ARRMA Vorteks BLX simply click This Link, for more ARRMA news on BigSquidRC just Click Here.

Flyzone Aircore P-51 Mustang Cathy II Airframe 22"
Sooner or later everyone burns out. You can only huck a Revo off your roof so many times before you need a change of pace. Enter the rc airplane scene, a completely different way of getting your rc fix.

Flyzone has a new AirCore airplane called the P-51 Mustang Cathy II. First off, what is AirCore? AirCore is a modular system that allows you to install an entire power plant/receiver/servo set-up into any AirCore airplane. Basically it is a power module that just pops right in to any AirCore airframe, it doesn’t even require tools to install.

The P-51 is loaded with scale details, is set-up for the AirCore system, and is easy to fly, making it a good plane for beginners. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Foam construction for easy repair
* Wingspan: 22″
* Length: 19″
* Weight: 4.1oz
* Requires AirCore FLZA6400 ($59), 4 channel transmitter, 2S Lipo and charger

The part number for the Flyzone AirCore P-51 is #FLZA3904, it has a street price of $45, and they are expected to hit shelves any time now. Hit up This Link for more information.

Click Here for more Flyzone news on BigSquidRC.

Dromida 18th Scale Revell
If you are anything like us, you grew up building Revell models. Now, Hobbico has announced that the famed Revell brand has a new line-up of entry level 1/18th scale vehicles called Dromida.

Dromida is a hobby grade entry level line that makes it easy and affordable for new hobbyists to get their feet wet in rc. They are affordable because they are all priced at $99, and they make it easy to get going because they came RTR with everything you need right in the box. Some of their other features include-

* 2.4 GHz radio systems with dual rate
* Waterproof
* 370 sized brushed motors
* Speeds up to 20+ mph
* Easy to drive 4wd
* Option parts will be available
* Ball bearings
* Gear diffs
* Aluminum motor mount
* Big bore oil shocks
* 6 cell 1300mAh NiMH included

The part numbers are- #DIDC0041 for the SC4.18 short course truck, #DIDC0042 for the MT4.18 mini-monster and #DIDC0043 for the BX4.18 buggy. All are priced at just $99 and should be hitting hobby shops in late October. Hit up This Link to tour the new Dromida website for lots more information.

Click Here for more Revell news on BigSquidRC.

BigSquidRC HobbyTown Bash and Swap Meet 2013
On Saturday, HobbyTown USA in Orland Park Illinois was the host for our 2013 BigSquidRC Bash and Swap Meet. In the big open parking lot on one side of the HobbyTown we put on bashing events and held an open bash session, while on the other side of the building people set up tables to sell old gear in an rc swap meet. Blessed by good weather and a very organized HobbyTown USA staff, the event went off without a hitch.

Four events were held at our bash this year- Obstacle Course, RC Sumo, Shopping Cart Slam, and Demo Derby. The events turned out to be quite challenging for the drivers, and tough on the vehicles, but everyone was having a great time. The drivers got even happier when it was door prize time. Pro-Line sent in a ton of their uber gear to give away to all the bashers, Futaba supplied some cool shirts, and the big prizes were a new HPI Blitz short course truck and Helion Invictus monster truck. We had a great time meeting and bashing with everyone, we can’t wait to do it again next year.


Demo Derby- Dylan Stevens (HPI Blitz)
Shopping Cart Slam- Xerxes (ARRMA Raider)
Obstacle Course- Tim Mohr (Castle/MIP/STRC Losi SCTE)
RC Sumo- Bill Stevens (Thunder Tiger ST4 G3)

To see other event coverage, click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Hit the “Read More” button to see four more galleries of pictures from the big event.


Traxxas RCHello there everyone out in rc land, yup, you found it, THE Cub Report.

There was no F1 over the weekend. Sigh. There was “sorta” moto (if you count X-Games, Brayton won and JLaw was there!). Sigh. At least I’ve got the last season of Breaking Bad to look forward to this Sunday.

In case you missed it (read- you have been blind and deaf the last month) our big Summer Bash & Swap Meet went off on Saturday in the parking lot of the HobbyTown USA in Orland Park Illinois. The people there were lucky because I decided to grace their presence (but that really goes without saying). HobbyTown and BigSquidRC had the parking lot filled with people, rc cars, and general mayhem, all the ingredients of a good time. We have to give huge props to all the people that turned out to support the bash, to Steve the owner of the HobbyTown – Orland Park, and to Pro-Line, HPI, Duratrax, and Hobbico for all the cool swag. Expect a post full of pics and results later today.

I use events like a bash for research, it’s just how I’m wired. What did I learn? Here are a few things.

Adam “The Intern” is incredibly hard to beat at RC Sumo. I wish that kid could write as well as he wheels a car on an 8′ diameter circle.

Demo derby is much more fun to play with 30 people than 5 (and more brutal).

Xerxes is the Kinwald of putting an rc car into a shopping cart at distance.

There was a surprising amount of Thunder Tigers at the bash, that G3 platform has really taken off.

HPI Blitzs can take some insane punishment. We already knew this, but to see it again in person, watching multiple people drive/crash/huck the living daylights out of them all day is still awe inspiring.

Average users are going bigger/faster than ever. I saw more trucks 20+ feet in the air than ever before.

Those users going uber-huge are often times driving away from the big hucks to pavement, thus meaning they’ve put some serious time and mods into their trucks.

There was a kid out there wheeling better than me and he was only 5. F I V E.

High cell counts are all the rage. In the past 3S was considered “insane”, at the bash 4-6S was quite common. You might be thinking, “There is no way they can use all that power!”, you sure can when you are pulling crazy g’s up a jump face.

On to a couple of more quick notes…

We had some record numbers on the site last week, huge props to all you guys for supporting and reading BigSquidRC. Seriously, a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into the site, nice to know more than 3 people are reading it.

We are trying trying to wrap details on a St Louis Bash as we speak. Hopefully solid info on this one later in the week.

Join the BigSquidRC Bash Crew in Tolono Illinois this coming Saturday for RC Fest 2013. We’ll be there covering the show and going big. Show up, break some parts and help make some cash for blood donation.

The Bash Crew will be covering the “Make it or Break it RC” scaler comp in Fults Illinois on Sunday August 18th.

Everyone and their dog seems to want to know what I think about the whole Vaterra/Traxxas thing, but strangely I don’t really care on this one. I have the phone numbers to find out the real “scoop” behind it, but I haven’t used them, I’m not so sure I even want to know. Which really is quite odd as I normally stick my nose into anything and everything. Go figure.

That’s it ya freaks, thanks for reading BigSquidRC, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter