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Agama A8 Hobby Pro EditionThe crew over at Hobby Pro USA would like to announce their own edition of the Agama A8 nitro buggy. The Hobby Pro edition of this 4wd nitro powered beast comes with new geometry carbon fiber shock towers and dual height CNC machined rear hubs, making it even better for tracks here in the states.

Street price for the Hobby Pro Edition Agama A8 is right at $450 and you can get more information at This Link.

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Hobby Pro USA 10th scale buggy
The crew over at Hobby Pro USA have just sent out teaser pictures of their new 2wd 10th scale competition buggy. Hobby Pro has been known more for their 8th scale gear, but now they are branching out to the very popular 10th scale buggy class with a car that is said to be made from the finest materials and designed to race at the highest levels.

Hobby Pro USA 2wd 10th scale buggyDetailed pictures, release date and pricing information is in the works. Until those are announced why not take a look at the official Hobby Pro USA for the scoop on all of their other products.

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Intech BR-6 Electric 8th scale buggy
New from the crew over at Intech is their BR-6 8th Scale electric off-road buggy. On the new BR-6 you get features like uber carbon fiber shock towers, big bore shocks, sway bars, adjustable turnbuckles, and all the other goodies that help you bust out fast laps at the local track.

There is no word on pricing or a release date, but Intech is now distributed by VP Pro USA here in the states and we will post more information when it gets passed along. Till then you can hit up the official Intech Website for more info on the BR-6 and all their other products.

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