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That’s right, folks! We are teaming up again with our friends at HobbyTown Orland Park for a good ‘ol bash! There will be Obstacle Courses, Shopping Cart Slam, Demolition Derby, and Two-Car Sumo Wrestling!

Join us on Saturday, August 30th as we celebrate the last days of summer in one action packed event! Sign ups will start at 9:30am with events starting at 10:30am.

It’s only a few weeks away, so prep your 1/10th and 1/8th RC vehicles now!

See you then!

For previous coverage and general information regarding our infamous bashes, Click Here and Here.

2014 Hobbytown USA National Convention
The HobbyTown USA National Convention is going on right now in Lincoln Nebraska so we are firing up our show coverage. Later today and tomorrow we’ll be doing a series of posts to give you a taste of what it is like to attend their big show.

The HobbyTown National Convention is where dealers from across the country gather once a year to have fun, talk shop, and look at the latest hobby products from various manufacturers. The show is held inside of a hotel with some manufacturers putting up displays in a spacious exhibition area, while others rent out rooms to show their products in a more intimate setting.

The BigSquidRC crew would like to give special thanks to HobbyTown USA for generously allowing us to cover their show, and to all the vendors and manufacturers for taking the time out of their busy show schedule to show us around their booths.

Want to see what the HobbyTown show was like last year? Simply Click Here.

Father's Day Header

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to put a smile on their face than getting them that RC flying machine he’s been looking for. Better yet, get him a ‘drone’ and he’ll be part of the hottest RC craze this year. Either way, I thought that a nice list of fun flying gifts for the Dad (or Dad-like person) in your life would be the best way to save the hassle in finding the perfect gift! Read More to see what makes the list in this year’s guide!


Helion Dominus Contest
The good folks over at HobbyTown USA are giving away one of the new Helion Dominus 10SCv2 short course trucks. The 10SCv2 features 4wd, a brushless power system, and is made for bashers like you. The contest ends later today so hit up This Link to get your entry in now.

Read more HobbyTown USA news at This Link, or check out our Dominus 10SCv2 review Right Here on BigSquidRC.

Helion 10SCv2 Unboxing Pictures
About a month ago, the crew over at Helion RC announced a successor to their popular 10SC short course truck, the 10SCv2. The version 2 truck has a bunch of differences from the original, with the biggest change being the addition of a Radient Reaktor brushless power system. Street price is $289, making it quite affordable for a brushless 4wd short course truck.

Below are a bunch of unboxing pictures of the 10SCv2 so you can see what it looks like when you open one up. The first thing we noticed when we got the truck out of the box was its bright graphics, then we saw its new plastic chassis. The chassis isn’t a traditional “lcg”, it actually sits a bit higher for better ground clearance. We also noticed a nifty clear plastic cover over the pinion/spur area that makes it easy to see the gears.

Our full review goes up next week, until then you can hit up This Link for more Helion news on BigSquidRC.

Hit the “Read More” button to view 2 more Helion 10SCv2 unboxing galleries.

Ragu FlyingI might still be recovering from the post-Quadcopter Championship party, but nothing like Raging Rotors to push me along the road to recovery. Before I continue with the fun, I’d like to give a shout out to our friends at HobbyTown Orland Park, Ares, Blade, Heli-Max, and Estes for their support and generosity towards the great success of this event! I had a lot of fun, as did our participants, and I cannot wait for the next time I get to strut my RC Stuff (read ‘Amateur Flight Skill’).

Now, on to business! I am getting excited for doing a build project and sharing it here with you guys, and have been debating if I should do something a little more ‘out-of-the-box’ than the average quadcopter. Honestly, who hasn’t done it on YouTube, Instructables, etc? As Brian, 3DBill, and I were setting up the competition this weekend, 3DBill wanted me to try one of his latest multirotors, a Quadcopter setup called the ‘V-Tail’. Built to fly like a tricopter (3 motors and a servo, see my previous article), the V-tail uses 4 motors but with the rear two motors mounted at an angle and near each other. 3DBill was able to provide some pictures for me so I don’t have to get too wordy with my description, so you can see those below.


I have to say, I have built a tricopter, but its flight abilities can’t hold a candle to the lightning fast reactions of the rudder (tail end) of this quadcopter style. In addition, its unique frame layout also make figuring out orientation from a distance a lot easier. Needless to say, I think I have found the platform for the upcoming USS BigSquid multirotor (cue Captain Kirk overacting)! Now I just need to start shopping (aka turn in ludicrously large expense reports)!

Once again, a big thanks to our sponsors for their support in last Saturday’s event, and big props to all the guys at BigSquid who made this a reality, besides being able to put up with me for almost 24 straight hours! With that, I urge all you pilots out there to Stay Shiny (and warm) and Keep Flyin’!

Helion Volition SCT
The latest release from Helion is the Volition short course truck. The Volition is a brushed 2wd ready for a beginner or a day of fun at the local bash spot. To save you time the Volition comes RTR, it’s ready to drive right out of the box. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* 12 turn 550 size brushed motor
* Capable of 30+ mph with stock set-up
* 2.4Ghz radio system
* Oil filled shocks
* Comes with 7 cell, 3000mAh NiMH pack
* Lipo compatible 30 amp ESC
* Full bearings
* Waterproof

The Volition is priced at $225 and you can hit up This Link for more information.

Click Here for more Helion news on BigSquidRC.

hobbytown usa ihobby 2013
Our favorite chain of hobby shops is HobbyTown USA and they have a nice booth at iHobby this year. Their booth showcases some of their exclusive Helion and Ares products. One of the newest machines they have on display is the Ares Chronos FP 110 ultra micro helicopter. The single rotor FP 110 has an attractive price point of only $99 and they are available at your local HobbyTown USA right now.

On the surface side of things, we got a chance to talk with Gil Losi JR about the Helion line-up of off-road machines. Helion is aimed right at bashers and their new Criterion buggy is really fast right out of the box, look for our full review in the near future.

To get more information on everything at HobbyTown USA hit up This Link.

Click Here for more HobbyTown USA news on BigSquidRC.

Helion Criterion 2wd RTR Buggy
The 2wd buggy class has seen quite a resurgence in the last couple of years. The latest 2wd buggy to hit the scene comes from Helion with their Criterion RTR. The Criterion should make a great bash machine with its low price, waterproofing, and sturdy design. Some of the features and specifications of the Criterion include-

* 12 turn brushed motor
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* Full ball bearing set
* Metric 30 amp speed controller
* 3000 mah 7 cell Ni-MH battery
* 1 amp wall charger
* Length: 15.21″
* Width: 9.8″
* Wheelbase: 11.14″

The part number for the Helion Criterion is #HLNA0301, they have a street price of just $189, and you will only be able to find them at your friendly local HobbyTown USA location.

Want more information on 2wd buggies? Simply Click This Link for more right here on BigSquidRC.

BigSquidRC HobbyTown Bash and Swap Meet 2013
On Saturday, HobbyTown USA in Orland Park Illinois was the host for our 2013 BigSquidRC Bash and Swap Meet. In the big open parking lot on one side of the HobbyTown we put on bashing events and held an open bash session, while on the other side of the building people set up tables to sell old gear in an rc swap meet. Blessed by good weather and a very organized HobbyTown USA staff, the event went off without a hitch.

Four events were held at our bash this year- Obstacle Course, RC Sumo, Shopping Cart Slam, and Demo Derby. The events turned out to be quite challenging for the drivers, and tough on the vehicles, but everyone was having a great time. The drivers got even happier when it was door prize time. Pro-Line sent in a ton of their uber gear to give away to all the bashers, Futaba supplied some cool shirts, and the big prizes were a new HPI Blitz short course truck and Helion Invictus monster truck. We had a great time meeting and bashing with everyone, we can’t wait to do it again next year.


Demo Derby- Dylan Stevens (HPI Blitz)
Shopping Cart Slam- Xerxes (ARRMA Raider)
Obstacle Course- Tim Mohr (Castle/MIP/STRC Losi SCTE)
RC Sumo- Bill Stevens (Thunder Tiger ST4 G3)

To see other event coverage, click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Hit the “Read More” button to see four more galleries of pictures from the big event.


Traxxas RCHello there everyone out in rc land, yup, you found it, THE Cub Report.

There was no F1 over the weekend. Sigh. There was “sorta” moto (if you count X-Games, Brayton won and JLaw was there!). Sigh. At least I’ve got the last season of Breaking Bad to look forward to this Sunday.

In case you missed it (read- you have been blind and deaf the last month) our big Summer Bash & Swap Meet went off on Saturday in the parking lot of the HobbyTown USA in Orland Park Illinois. The people there were lucky because I decided to grace their presence (but that really goes without saying). HobbyTown and BigSquidRC had the parking lot filled with people, rc cars, and general mayhem, all the ingredients of a good time. We have to give huge props to all the people that turned out to support the bash, to Steve the owner of the HobbyTown – Orland Park, and to Pro-Line, HPI, Duratrax, and Hobbico for all the cool swag. Expect a post full of pics and results later today.

I use events like a bash for research, it’s just how I’m wired. What did I learn? Here are a few things.

Adam “The Intern” is incredibly hard to beat at RC Sumo. I wish that kid could write as well as he wheels a car on an 8′ diameter circle.

Demo derby is much more fun to play with 30 people than 5 (and more brutal).

Xerxes is the Kinwald of putting an rc car into a shopping cart at distance.

There was a surprising amount of Thunder Tigers at the bash, that G3 platform has really taken off.

HPI Blitzs can take some insane punishment. We already knew this, but to see it again in person, watching multiple people drive/crash/huck the living daylights out of them all day is still awe inspiring.

Average users are going bigger/faster than ever. I saw more trucks 20+ feet in the air than ever before.

Those users going uber-huge are often times driving away from the big hucks to pavement, thus meaning they’ve put some serious time and mods into their trucks.

There was a kid out there wheeling better than me and he was only 5. F I V E.

High cell counts are all the rage. In the past 3S was considered “insane”, at the bash 4-6S was quite common. You might be thinking, “There is no way they can use all that power!”, you sure can when you are pulling crazy g’s up a jump face.

On to a couple of more quick notes…

We had some record numbers on the site last week, huge props to all you guys for supporting and reading BigSquidRC. Seriously, a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into the site, nice to know more than 3 people are reading it.

We are trying trying to wrap details on a St Louis Bash as we speak. Hopefully solid info on this one later in the week.

Join the BigSquidRC Bash Crew in Tolono Illinois this coming Saturday for RC Fest 2013. We’ll be there covering the show and going big. Show up, break some parts and help make some cash for blood donation.

The Bash Crew will be covering the “Make it or Break it RC” scaler comp in Fults Illinois on Sunday August 18th.

Everyone and their dog seems to want to know what I think about the whole Vaterra/Traxxas thing, but strangely I don’t really care on this one. I have the phone numbers to find out the real “scoop” behind it, but I haven’t used them, I’m not so sure I even want to know. Which really is quite odd as I normally stick my nose into anything and everything. Go figure.

That’s it ya freaks, thanks for reading BigSquidRC, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ryan villopotoHey it’s Monday, time for another Cub Report, thanks to everyone that tunes in each week to see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. :)

First off, nope, not moto, not F1, but rc! Specifically- this weekend is a big dealio for us as we are having our BigSquidRC Uber Bash and Swap Meet on Saturday. Consider yourself cordially invited to come break some parts with us, to set up a free swap meet table, and to generally enjoy the basher lifestyle. We’ll be having the usual events like RC Sumo, Shopping Cart Slam, and Obstacle Course, along with a few surprises.

For consumers, entry into the bash is absolutely free, as is setting up a swap meet table. If you are anything like me you’ve got boxes of old rc gear in your garage that really should be cleared out to make space for new uber gear, so bring it with ya and make some cash. 10 am is the official start time, feel free to bring your pit table, pit chair and EZ Up. Also, Brian will be doing a raffle to give away some of our beat up old review vehicles for prizes, that should be worth the trip alone. Click right HERE to get all the info you need to hit the event.

We are also giving away a brand new Helion Invictus monster truck and Helion Animus 18th scale SCT in conjunction HobbyTown USA Orland Park. To get the info you need to win Click Here.

For industry types, and it sounds like we’ve got a few coming already, if you are interested in putting up a display of some sort hit the “contact us” button at the top of the page and tell Brian what you are thinking of doing (and yes, it will be free, we just want to coordinate). Or, simply show up and get a feel for a hardcore basher crowd for marketing research. If you’ve been stuck behind the desk more than you like, this Saturday should be a great time to rub elbows with all the people you work so hard to make product for.

On a different note…

We just finished reviewing the new Futaba 4PL Super (4PLS) with telemetry. We hooked up all the sensors, gave it a bunch of trigger time, then I had one of my super awesome ideas to test its durability (these always seem to get me in “extra” amounts of trouble). Anyways, simply dropping/hucking transmitters has become quite mundane so I thought we’d up the ante on the 4PLS (insert evil grin here). The previous 4PL was arguably the best radio you could buy for bashing, so I really wanted to see what the new 4PLS could withstand. The durability test I came up with involved the roof of a building and a Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3. Did the 4PLS prove to be the toughest radio you can buy or did it explode into a million pieces? Am I going to get punched in the face by every single Futaba employee I run into for the rest of my life? Stay tuned to later in the week to find out…

That’s it for this week ya bunch of lunatics, hopefully we’ll see a bunch of you guys this Saturday at our uber bash, until then support your local hobby shops and bash spots.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubbys haremHola rc fans and welcome to another high zoot edition of THE Flip’n Cub Report. I have zero time here, so let me get right down to it…

In BSRC News-

Adam “The Intern” smashed his existing world record over the weekend by vaporizing a Five Guys hamburger in just under 5 seconds. Mental note to self- keep arms/hands away from Adam’s mouth while at a burger joint.

We are done with our Rally Car Shootout. All the testing, bashing, smashing, and hucking is done, now we just have to shove it all into WordPress and see who the winner is. We are really going to try and get it up this week (famous last words). Who’s in the shootout? The Traxxas 10th scale Rally Car, the HPI Ken Block WR8, the Thunder Tiger ER-4 G3, and the Kyosho DRX VE Demon. 5 testers, 4 cars, and a whole lot of driving (read- crashing) went into this one and hopefully you’ll find it enjoyable and informative.

We’ll be covering the HobbyTown USA Convention in Lincoln Nebraska this week. Expect a couple scoops plus some cool show coverage. Also, if we can get a connection with a decent upload speed expect our Weds night G+ Show will be live from the show floor. That should be great fun for you and for us.

Speaking of “scoops”, it was great fun to watch the other media sources scramble after we posted the LaTrax news on Monday. Especially fun to watch other sources CCP our work without reference or link back, but then that’s the difference between us and the posers/wanna-be’s.

So… LaTrax is the big news. Some consumers are stoked, some are baffled, and well, they aren’t the only ones. I’ve spoken to more than one industry type the last few weeks about what they thought about LaTrax and they had some major questions about the line. The two big issues seem to be- LaTrax is a perfect line for Wally World, except it doesn’t have a big ole’ Traxxas sticker on the side. And number two, Traxxas doesn’t need a “low end” line because they ARE a low end line. To boil it down, Traxxas has spent millions marketing their brand name into being worth something, and for this new line they decided to ditch it. That doesn’t make good marketing sense, nor does it make good common sense.

Also, we’ll learn more this week in Lincoln when we talk to Traxxas in person, but one industry type I talked to insinuated that the new LaTrax Rally car wasn’t even designed by TRX, it was spec’ed from an overseas manufacture, sorta like what they did with their quadcopter. I can see TRX wanting to go the cheapest possible way with their new “ultra-low-end” line, but TRX are a designer/manufacture, it’s what they’ve always done, it’s where they’ve made their bones, and to depart from that formula is a great recipe for losing street cred with their core market. Speaking with a buddy of mine that works at Traxxas, even he was like “WTF” on the LaTrax line.

Personally… if I was in charge of the new LaTrax line (LOL) I’d change a couple things. Cubby’s LaTrax series would be vintage vehicles. Vintage for some goofy reason seems to be of interest now days, so “Cubbys LaTrax” would include re-issues with some modern updates (read- RTR w/ 2.4 GHz). My Wally World line-up would be under the Traxxas name and would be all new platforms just a notch above toy grade. Just say’n…

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter