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HobbyTown USA And AMain Hobbies Pardner Up

Now here is some big industry news, HobbyTown USA has just announced a partnership with AMain Hobbies. Read the press release below to get the full scoop, but to boil it down, AMain will be handling Hobbytown’s on-line merchandising, while HobbyTown USA will be licensing the AMain name to retail stores. This should be good news for brick & mortar [...]


Ares Crossfire Racing Quad

Ares Crossfire 250 FPV Racing Quadcopter

The FPV racing scene is exploding right now with new entries popping up left and right. The latest comes from Ares with their Crossfire Racing Quad. The Crossfire is a 250 class quad that was designed from the ground up for incredible performance. The Crossfire comes fully assembled to help make it a great starter quad for FPV racing. It also [...]


Helion Four 10SC

Helion Select Four 10SC 4WD Short Course Truck

The first vehicle to launch under Helion’s new higher end Select line is the Four 10SC. The Four 10SC is engineered to perform with the best in its class, while providing a great value. What lies under the 10SC’s hood? * IKONNIK Xenon ET4 2.4GHz radio with beginner mode, 10 model memory, drop-down wheel, adjustable grips, & left or right handed [...]


Ares RC Spidex 3D Quadcopter Drone

Ares RC Spidex 3D Drone

Want to try your hand at 3D drone flying? If so, Ares RC has a new quad that makes it easy, the Spidex 3D. Just hit a button and the Spidex 3D is flying upside down, then its innovative software takes over and makes it easy to keep on flying upside down. * 3 different flying rates * 6-axis control * Easy to [...]


Ikonnik ET4 Radio System

Ikonnik ET4 Radio System

Want a radio with a drop down wheel? Want a radio that can be easily switched for a lefty? Want a radio that comes with 3 different grips to fit your hand perfectly? Want a radio with adjustable wheel tension and the wheel can be adjusted fore-aft? Want a radio with 10 model memory? Then, to top it off, you [...]


Helion Animus 18MT

Helion Animus 18MT RTR Monster Truck

Coming soon to a HobbyTown USA near you is the Helion Animus 18MT. The 18MT marks the latest addition to the successful Animus line of 1/18th scaled vehicles from Helion and should make for a nice little basher with its monster truck style body and tires. Some of the highlights of the 18MT include- * All weather electronics * Brushed 370 motor * [...]


Fire Brand RC

Fire Brand RC Picked Up By Multiple HobbyTown USA Locations

There is some big news for all you Fire Brand RC fans out there, they have been picked up by over 35 HobbyTown USA stores. Soon it will be much easier to find all those trick Fire Brand RC bodies, wheels & tires, and chassis wraps at your local hobby shop! Congrats to the entire crew at Fire Brand for [...]


HobbyTown USA National Convention

2015 HobbyTown USA National Convention Wrap Up

With this post we bring a wrap to our HobbyTown USA National Convention coverage. The ’15 show was awesome, an extremely well run event with loads of fun for attendees and lots of business opportunities for the manufacturers. Take a look at the pictures below to get a better feel for what we saw at the show and we would [...]


Helion Select Four 10SC

Firelands Group Booth - HobbyTown USA National Convention '1…

For the last two days the BigSquidRC Bash Crew has been roaming the halls at the 2015 HobbyTown USA National Convention in Lincoln Nebraska. One of the most important booths at the event was from the Firelands Group. You see, Firelands has multiple different lines ranging from surface to air products, all of which are exclusively available from your local [...]


Ares FPV-HD Review (16)

Ares Ethos FPV/HD Review

Ares RC brought us their next big hit, or hits, actually: the Ethos FPV and Ethos HD. The two new quads Feature different video packages, but are they still as good in the flying and durability categories as their previous vehicles? Check out my thoughts on these aerial photography multirotors below… From: Ares RC Direct Link: FPV and HD Unboxing Pictures: BigSquidRC Unboxes the Ethos [...]


See Pro Pilots at the SAC Helicopter Fun Fly!

So I spoke very highly of my trip to Indiana for the IRCHA Jamboree last month, probably enough to make you curious as to what do you see when professional RC helicopter pilots take to the sky! For all you midwest/Chicago metropolitan area RC enthusiasts, the Surburban Aeroclub of Chicago is hosting their annual Helicopter Fun Fly this Saturday. This year they have a list [...]


Raging Rotors: See What I’m Printing?

Ever since iHobby 2013, I was excited about the coming 3D Printer revolution coming to the hobby world. Not only is 3D printing great for 100% custom anything, it was becoming affordable. After 11 months of waiting, my work (aka HobbyTown Orland Park) finally got a pair of 3D printers from Invent-a-Part called the Rigidbot. Pricing starting around $600 for a kit and works its way [...]


Join Us for the Back To School Bash August 30th

That’s right, folks! We are teaming up again with our friends at HobbyTown Orland Park for a good ‘ol bash! There will be Obstacle Courses, Shopping Cart Slam, Demolition Derby, and Two-Car Sumo Wrestling! Join us on Saturday, August 30th as we celebrate the last days of summer in one action packed event! Sign ups will start at 9:30am with events starting at 10:30am. It’s only [...]


2014 Hobbytown USA National Convention

2014 Hobbytown USA National Convention Coverage

The HobbyTown USA National Convention is going on right now in Lincoln Nebraska so we are firing up our show coverage. Later today and tomorrow we’ll be doing a series of posts to give you a taste of what it is like to attend their big show. The HobbyTown National Convention is where dealers from across the country gather once a [...]


The Raging Rotors Father’s Day Aircraft Buyer’s Guide!

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to put a smile on their face than getting them that RC flying machine he’s been looking for. Better yet, get him a ‘drone’ and he’ll be part of the hottest RC craze this year. Either way, I thought that a nice list of fun flying gifts for the [...]