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Dynamite Reaction High Voltage LiPo

New High Voltage Reaction LiPos from Dynamite

You’ve heard about the new LiHV cells right? LiHV are LiPo batteries that have higher voltage than standard packs. Higher voltage means Faster speeds, and if you bash, you can never have enough power. The new Dynamite cells can be charged up to 4.35V per cell instead of the standard 4.2, which makes a big difference, especially on higher cell [...]


Unboxing Losi Baja Rey

Unboxing The Losi Baja Rey Desert Truck

The Losi Baja Rey has been shipping for a while now, but we are just finishing up our review. We’ve been able to bash the truck for a few months, finding out what it is really made out of. If you haven’t picked one up yet, we are posting some pictures of what it looks like when you crack the [...]


Dynamite Passport Duo Dual AC DC Touch Charger

Dynamite Passport Duo Dual 400W Touch Charger

Big, burly, and sporting a touch screen display, the Dynamite Passport Duo Dual 400W Charger has just been announced. The newest Passport series charger to be released by Dynamite, it can be powered off of AC or DC power and was designed to charge LiHV/Li-Po/Li-Fe/Ni-MH and Pb type batteries. * 400×240 monochrome touch screen display * Can charge LiHV cells * Max charge [...]


ECX Barrage Scale Crawler

ECX Barrage 1.9 RTR Scale Crawler

Getting ready to hit the extremely popular scale crawling scene is the ECX Barrage. The Barrage is a 1.9 sized crawler with a scale style chassis and body. The Barrage rides on fully licensed Falken AT3W all terrain tires and is powered by a 370 sized brushed motor. Some of its other details include- * Locked diffs * Multi-link suspension * Waterproof electronics * [...]


Dynamite Absolute Force Cleaner and Degreaser

Dynamite Absolute Force Cleaner and Degreaser

You just aren’t doing it right if you get home from a long day’s bashing and your car is still clean. Made for extra dirty cars, Dynamite recently announced the Absolute Force Cleaner and Degreaser. The cleaner comes in a big 32 ounce spray bottle and contains biodegradable cleaning agents. The cleaner is safe enough to be used on plastic, [...]


HobbyZone Rezo

HobbyZone Rezo RTF Ultra Small Camera Quad

Coming soon from HobbyZone is the Rezo Ultra Small Camera Quad. Just like the name states, the Rezo is extra small, allowing it to easily be flown indoors. It also comes loaded with a camera, making it easy to get a feel for shooting video and pictures from an entry level drone. * Altitude hold * Automatic takeoff and landing button * Automatic [...]


Blade Conspiracy 220 BNF Basic

Blade Conspiracy 220 FPV Racer

Are you already, or aspire to be, a world class FPV racer? If so, Blade has an announcement for you. Blade’s new Conspiracy 220 BNF Basic was designed to go really fast right out of the box, even up to the professional level. Besides having an awesome name, what makes the Conspiracy so special? * It comes stock with a premium [...]


Spektrum SR2100 Antenna-Less Receiver

Spektrum Antenna-Less SR2100 Micro Receiver

Need to save some space in that tight install of yours? Spektrum has announced a new Antenna-Less SR2100 Micro Receiver. The SR2100 has an extremely small footprint, plus there is no need to worry about how to route the antenna. Some of the highlights on the SR2100 include- * 3 channel receiver * Uses DSMR protocol * Fast 5.5ms frame rate * Uses Reliakote [...]


Blade Race Wing

Blade Theory Type W FPV Race Wing

You have probably seen how FPV quadcopter racing has really taken off. Now taking off with the airplane crowd are FPV Race Wings. The Race Wings bring the excitement of flying FPV along with the raw speed of an airplane. The latest Race Wing to hit the market comes from Blade with their Theory Type W. The Theory Type W [...]


Spektrum STX2 Radio System

Spektrum STX2 2.4GHz FHSS Radio System

Working on a build but need an affordable radio to finish it up? Need to replace a RTR radio that has stopped working? If you said “yes” to either of those two questions, Spektrum has a new radio for you, the STX2. The STX2 is super affordable, yet comes with reliable Spektrum 2.4GHz performance. The STX2 is a 2 channel [...]


Blade Inductrix FPV

BLADE Inductrix Micro FPV Drone

Making big news in the drone world right now is the Blade Inductrix Micro FPV Drone. The Inductrix FPV brings the thrill of FPV racing to a form factor that can be flown practically anywhere. So what’s the scoop? * Comes as a RTF or a BNF (bind-n-fly) * RTF version comes with 4.3″ monitor * Completely integrated 25mW video transmitter * High performance [...]


Spektrum DX6R Case

Spektrum DX6R Transmitter Case

Now that you’ve got that uber-high-end Spektrum DX6R, you need to take care of it. The best way to ensure your new radio doesn’t get destroyed on the way to this weekend’s big bash is to store it in a secure case. To do exactly that, Spektrum recently announced a custom fit Transmitter Case for the DX6R. The case has [...]


TLR Battery Strap Carbon Fiber/Aluminum 22 3.0

TLR Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Battery Strap For The 22 3.0

Shipping right now to a hobby shop near you is an upgrade TLR Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Battery Strap for the 22 3.0 buggy. The carbon fiber strap is light and strong, plus it looks really trick. With indoor season just around the corner, this should make for a nice additional to your 22 3.0. Pricing is just $28 and they have [...]


Losi MTXL Aluminum Upgrades

Losi Aluminum Upgrades For The MTXL

Are you a proud new owner of the Losi MTXL monster truck? Have you started looking for upgrades? If so, Losi has just announced four new Aluminum Upgrades for the MTXL. All four pieces are anodized in black and CNC machined from high quality aluminum. The aluminum upgrades can make your truck tougher while adding a nice touch of bling. LOS354005 [...]


Horizon Hobby FPV Racing

Horizon Hobby Helps FPV Drone Racing Go Mainstream

Last weekend the National Drone Racing Championships in New York made some big waves. The event was exclusively covered on ESPN3, sending notice that drone racing is steadily working its way towards the mainstream. One of the companies behind the evolution of FPV drone racing is Horizon Hobby. Horizon’s Blade line of drones has helped get FPV racing get to [...]