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hb competition rock crawler

It was recently announced, and now we have some shots from the Nuremberg Toy Fair of the new HB Competition Rock Crawler. These shots show what the crawler looks like in rapid prototype form. This is a quick way to make parts and prototypes while giving you a good idea of what the product will look like, but rapid prototypes are usually pretty fragile.

It’s going to take a while to get used to the HB instead of Hot Bodies, but they are off to a good start under the HB name.

Catch all of our Nuremberg coverage by hitting this Nuremberg Toy Fair Link .

hot bodies rock crawler

A sneak peak from the Nuremberg show, it looks like Hot Bodies is going to throw their hat into the RC Rock Crawling arena with the introduction of their new Competition Rock Crawler. Only time will tell if Axial has some ‘Competition’ on their hands.

The Hot Bodies website other info. Watch for our Nuremberg show coverage this week.

It looks like Hot Bodies is making a special Hara Edition of their 21XZ-B .21 race engine. This engine is supposedly the exact same spec as the engine Atsushi Hara used to take his second 1/8th buggy Worlds podium in Thailand in 2010. First his own buggy, now the engine to go with it!

This hopped up monster features the following:

- Race legal 3.5cc capacity
- Type 21Jslide carburetor (wider range of needle adjustment for easy setup)
- Lightened Hara Edition cooling head
- Hara Editon reducer and DLC coated crankshaft
- Perfect fit for your D8 Atsushi Hara Edition or any top-spec racing buggy

It looks like this will be avaliable exclusively at Hot Bodies Online for $499.98.

Hot Bodies has decided that Atsushi Hara is deserving of his own kit.  The D8 Atsushi Hara Edition features many upgrades over the stock D8, including a thicker, 3mm chassis, lightweight drive train components, aluminum spindles and hubs, and upgraded shock towers and new longer shocks.  It also comes out of the box with all you need to replicate the world champion’s personal setup, including the proper shock oil weights and gear ratios.

Be sure to check out the Hot Bodies web site for complete details.

rc drag racing rc drag racing

A couple of months back we mentioned that the Hot Bodies TCX kit would most likely be shipping in August, well guess what! Hot Bodies just announced the new HB-TCX kit is starting to ship!
This thing has a TON of features that make the on-road guys weak at the knees like 50/50 centralized weight distribution, narrow bulkheads, LiPo/Life ready, dual link steering and a bunch of other stuff.

Check out the Hot Bodies site for more info, specs, and pictures.

Editor’s Note — Here are the facts: Adam Drake was top qualifier in the buggy class. Jared Tebo TQ’d the truggy class. Tebo then went on to win both the buggy and truggy classes. Jeff was sent there to take pictures and provide coverage of the event. What we got back from him was this “story.” There is some truth here but much of the rest may be slightly exaggerated, greatly overstated, or outright fabricated. Read at your own risk and take it all with a grain of salt. Jeff also says that places, names, and times may have been changed to protect the innocent. We think he just forgot to write down all that stuff.

– Big Squid Editorial Board

Day 1

Journal Entry – Friday 3:30pm – Dear Diary, Just got off the phone with Brian, he wants me to cover the 2010 ROAR Off-Road Fuel Nationals this weekend. Get “a story to tell,” he says.

My phone is ringing, the caller ID shows Brian (Big Squid). I ponder for a second why he may be calling me. Have I not done enough posts this week? Possible. Has my new site design not included enough ad blocks? Could be. Is the site down? Most probable.

Having decided what this call is about I pick up the phone and go on the defensive. Before he says a word I start apologizing for seeding all those Warez and pr0n torrents off the server and taking down the site again, but he acts surprised and asks me what I’m talking about. “Oh nothing, never mind…” I say, “what’s up Boss?” Brian starts barking out the orders in typical over-bearing boss fashion. “The ROAR Nats are this weekend, you live closest to them, get your camera and get out there. Don’t leave until you have a story to tell and a bunch of pictures to post!” He then starts chanting over and over again “WE NEED CONTENT! CONTENT IS KING!”

I “accept” the assignment and hang up the phone, not really knowing what to expect. Brian told me it was going to be a long weekend, that’s all I know. I’ve never been to a big national RC event. I’ve never even been to a real RC race, I’m a basher to the core baby. My first opportunity to do both and I’m going to be stuck behind my Canon 5D and “Holly Hobby – Little Journalist” notepad the whole time. Sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous weekend. But then I key in on one thing he said, “have a story to tell,” and think to myself “I can work with that.”


Hot Bodies TCX
Wondering when you will be able to get your hands on the Hot Bodies new TCX Sedan? Well wait no more! I have heard that the TCX will be shipping at the beginning of August!

Check out the Hot Bodies site for more info, specs, and pictures.

Hot Bodies has a cool new sedan.  The TCX is a very high-end race bred kit built to meet the exacting demands of hardcore racers.  It’s a LiPo/LiFe ready chassis that features 50/50 weight distribution, plenty of adjustment options in the suspension, and tons of great looking purple aluminum and carbon fiber.  As with most high end kits expect to provide pretty much everything to get it running and you’re going to end up paying out the nose for this bad boy at a MSRP of $930.00.

Check out the Hot Bodies site for more info, specs, and pictures.

Hot Bodies has a bunch of new tires for the various short course trucks out there. All of these tires are molded in Hot Bodies’ soft Pink compound for use on ultra-low traction surfaces. Check out the tread patterns to see which one might work for you.


Clockwise from top left you got the Beams, Megabite, Megagrid, and Rodeoo treads.  The Beams tread is great for hard-packed clay and blue grooved tracks.  They also an ideal tire for indoor tracks.  The Megabite tread is best for hard-packed clay with some light dust, and also regular clay.  It’s got a ton of small pins around the tire and also has a double row of wide pins down the center of the tire.  The Megagrid tread is the most all-around tread of the bunch, useful in multiple off-road and on-road conditions.  It’s suggested as the starting point tire when you are looking for a new setup at different tracks.  Lastly the Rodeoo (the extra “o” is for “oooooohhhhh”) tread is a realistic looking tread pattern.  They say it’s for the spec racing market, but before you slap these on your spec class truck you might want to check the rules.

All of these tires have an MSRP of $21.00 per pair.  Check out the Hot Bodies web site for more info.

I recently got the chance to pick up the new HB28503 .26 motor from Hot Bodies and give it a good working over! In all the pictures, the HB28503 is on the left. The previous .26 from Hot Bodies is on the right with the purple head. I have owned several Hot Bodies cars, and a few of them have come with their previous .26, which was pretty decent for being the stock motor.

One of the first things I noticed after opening up the box (besides the lack of a purple cooling head) was the lack of a midrange needle screw! I have to admit, I was happy about this. I have never been the best motor tuner, and the less settings for me to mess up the better! Other then the midrange screw and color, the engines looks pretty similar.

This new motor is supposed to be good for off-road use. It’s got 4 ports, top rpm’s of around 29000 and hopefully a lot of torque! I have been really happy with my Hot Bodies Lightning 2RR buggy, so I decided to reward it with the new motor. The old motor was still running pretty good, and I have abused it to the best of my abilities, but it was time for a change.

The motor replacement went as smooth as could be expected, and I didn’t have to make to many adjustments to get the HB28503 ready for break-in. I used 20% O’Donnells fuel. I was familiar with how well the old motor ran on this fuel, and wanted to be able to get a feeling for what the differences might be from the new motor. To my delight the motor fired right up! I love the Jump Start! The break-in went very smooth, and the motor was sounding great.

After the break in, it was time to open it up and see what this new motor could do! I was very pleased with the acceleration, and the top speed looked a bit faster as well! I was easily in the 40+ mph range, and the motor was keeping a decent temperature as I bashed it around the parking lot. I had Neil bring out his racing buggy. I won’t say the name, but it wasn’t cheap and has a lot of 7′s in the name. It’s also got a pretty expensive racing motor in it. We set up a little course with a nice long straightaway to really get the speeds up. Lap after lap we were neck and neck. To see his buggy take the last turn and open it up, and to see my Lightning Buggy with it’s new motor right there next to him brought a pretty big smile to my face. This new .26 is good and fast!

I recently brought the buggy to the new indoor off-road track we have here. The track is huge, with an insane amount of jumps as well as two huge straight-aways! After getting used to the track layout, I was able to hold my own very well against any of the other buggies out there. The acceleration from the new motor was great for getting me over the big jumps when I needed it, and the top speed in the straights kept me right there next to the big guys and their expensive racers! If you are in the market for a new motor, and you are not looking to drop a ton of money on it, check into getting the new HB28503 .26 motor from Hot Bodies. I have been really happy with its performance. It’s been holding a tune great, and it won’t break your bank!

Time to Bash 8.5/10 – Full motor change, but it went very smooth.
Workability 9/10 – The motor has been easy to tune, and holds the tune well.
Car Show Rating 7/10 – Nothing flashy here, just a regular looking motor.
Bash-A-Bility 9.5/10 – So far it’s held up to the abuse great! It’s fast, and it can handle my lack of tuning skills! :)
Big Squid Rating 9/10 – Tentacles. This is really a good motor. I have had no trouble with it, and it brings a smile to my face every time I pull the trigger!