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HPI Formula 1 Q32 Unboxing

Unboxing – HPI 1/32 Formula 1 Q32

Here we go folks, another HPI Racing car has made it into our hands. The 1/32 Formula 1 Q32 is ultra affordable and extremely easy to drive in small spaces. Coming in at under $60, the F1 Q32 was designed to be fun to drive indoors or on smooth outdoor surfaces. Take a look at the pictures below to see exactly [...]


Video HPI Venture FJ

Video – HPI Venture FJ Cruiser At The UK RECON G6

The folks at HPI Racing recently uploaded a video featuring their Toyota FJ Cruiser being driven at the UK Recon G6. This video does a great job of showing how real the Venture looks when driven out in the wild, plus it also shows how capable it is. The Venture is shown crawling over rocks, picking tight lines, and doing [...]


HPI Racing Jumpshot MT Flux Fuzion Review

HPI Racing Jumpshot MT Flux Fuzion Review

With HPI Racing vowing to come back strong this summer, we were super stoked to get our hands on their new Jumpshot MT Flux Fuzion 2wd monster truck. The Jumpshot MT comes on one of their newer platforms and is packing brushless powered heat, as well as a bunch of other features. Can the Jumpshot MT bash with the best [...]


HPI Racing Savage XS Fun Haver Video

HPI Savage XS Vaughn Gittin Jr Fun Haver Video

With the Vaughn Gittin Jr Fun Haver edition of the Savage XS Flux getting ready to ship any day now, HPI Racing has released a new action video to promote the truck. The video features footage of Vaughn Gittin Jr himself, along with Savage XS action footage, to give you a good look at the truck’s capabilities. The action footage [...]


HPI Jumpshot MT Flux Fuzion Unboxing

Unboxing – HPI Racing Jumpshot MT Flux Fuzion

Here ya go folks, HPI Racing is back on the scene! We are super stoked to be able to post our first HPI unboxing in quite some time. Here we present to you the Jumpshot MT Flux Fuzion. The Jumpshot MT Fuzion is a 2wd, brushless powered, monster truck. It comes in the sharp packaging that you already expect from HPI, [...]



HPI Racing Savage XS Flux Vaughn Gittin JR Edition

All you Vaughn Gittin JR fans will be stoked to hear that his edition of the HPI Racing Savage XS Flux is slated to start shipping next month. The Vaughn Gittin HR Savage XS comes with a 3S capable, 4000kV brushless system along with waterproof electronics to keep you bashing regardless of the weather. This “Fun-Haver” edition of the Savage [...]


HPI Bullet Video

HPI Racing Bullet NITRO & FLUX Action Video

The HPI Racing Nitro And Flux Bullet Monster Trucks are ready to bash hard. To prove that point, HPI has released a new video showing the pair in action. Whether you are into the nitro scene, or would rather drive with intense brushless power, both of the HPI Bullets are known for their speed and durability. From high speed runs [...]


HPI Racing 2017

Video – HPI Coming Back Big This Summer!

If you are an HPI fan, you need to watch the video above. No, it doesn’t show even one rc car. What it does show is just how badly HPI Racing wants to be back on top. The video shows a boxer getting ready for battle and then it says, “Then you dominate”. Obviously the folks at HPI can’t wait [...]


Motor Trend TV Rc Racing HPI

HPI Brings RC Racing To Motor Trend TV

HPI Racing has put out a press release to let everyone know about Motor Trend TV. Motor Trend TV is about ready to invade the United States. You can see Motor Trend TV on Motor Trend OnDemand, which promises to show loads of rc racing action. Here is the official press release from HPI Racing – “RC Racing TV is the world’s [...]


HPI Racing Type M Body

HPI Racing Type M Touring Car Body

New from HPI Racing is the Type M Race Body. The Type M is made to fit 190mm electric touring cars and offers increased downforce, traction, and steering response. Designed for tight and twisty tracks, the Type M comes in regular or lightweight versions. Included with the body is a rear wing, overspray film, window masks, decal sheet, and wing [...]


Exotek RS4 SPORT 3 Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set

Exotek Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set For The RS4 Sport 3

The folks over at Exotek have announced a Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set for the HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3. The version 2 turnbuckles are machined from steel which allows them to be strong, while giving them the ability to be bent back without snapping unlike some of the other materials on the market. Exotek then applies a special gun metal [...]


MYhpi video

Video – MYhpi Custom Cars at Nürnberg

While at the Toy Fair in Nuremburg Germany, HPI Racing shot a special video about their MYhpi custom cars. Take a look at the video above to see some of the mods they were showing off and you can hit This Link to learn all about the MYhpi program. The MYhpi club on HPI Racing’s website gives HPI owners a [...]


Maverick Strada Red Brushless MT

Maverick Strada Red Brushless RTRs From HPI Racing

Announced at the Nuremburg Toy Fair by Maverick RC was their new 1/10 Strada Red Brushless Line-Up of cars and trucks. The Red line Stradas are similar to their previous versions, but instead come with brushless systems for a big increase in power output. 3000mAh NiMH packs come standard to power 3215kV motors. In all, 8 new brushless powered vehicles [...]


HPI Venture FJ Video

New HPI Racing Venture FJ Video From The Nuremburg Toy Fair

Frank and the HPI Racing crew have just posted a new video of the HPI Venture FJ. The video not only goes over some of the cooler aspects of the Venture’s chassis, but also includes some new action footage. Even more importantly, the video teases the latest release date for the Cruiser, which is now slated to start shipping this [...]


HPI Savage X SS

Re-Release – HPI Racing Savage X SS Kit

Just announced by HPI Racing is the re-release of the Savage X SS Kit monster truck. The Savage X SS is a beastly nitro burning off-road machine that is legendary in bashing circles. The latest version of the Savage comes with multiple updates including all metal diffs with machine cut gears, super heavy duty drivetrain parts, and a 2.5mm twin [...]