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HPI Bullet ST MT 3.0

Revised HPI Bullet 3.0 MT & ST

The HPI Racing crew has given an updated look to the Bullet MT & ST 3.0. Both feature 8 rugged shocks, waterproofing, G3.0 nitro engines, and slick new bodies. The ST stadium truck version has a part number of #110660 and you can Click This Link for more information. The MT monster truck version has a part number of #110661 [...]


Xtreme Racing Carbon Fiber Chassis HPI JumpShot

Xtreme Racing Carbon Fiber Chassis HPI Jumpshot MT

Have a new HPI Jumpshot MT that you want to uber-out? I would start with the new Carbon Fiber Twin Vertical Chassis Plates from Xtreme Racing. Not only will they instantly make your Jumpshot look a lot more trick, they will also save weight for better performance. The side plates comes in two different versions- standard length (#10195, $79) or extended [...]


HPI Jumpshot MT Review

HPI Jumpshot MT Review

Just like the Staind song “It’s Been A While”, well, it has been a while since HPI Racing introduced an all new off-road platform. Earlier this year HPI debuted their Jumpshot platform to the world at the Nuremburg Toy Fair, since then we’ve been anxiously waiting for one to show up on our doorstep. That day finally came a few [...]


T-Bone Racing Front Bumper HPI Jumpshot MT

T-Bone Racing XV2F V2 Front Bumper, HPI Jumpshot MT

For all you new HPI Jumpshot MT owners, the folks at T-Bone Racing have already designed a heavy duty Front Bumper for your truck. The new bumper is one of their V2 units which is designed for more of a scale look, while retaining the ability to take a massive hit without breaking. The V2 front bumper for the Jumpshot [...]


HPI Baja Power Pack Set Batteries

HPI Racing Baja 29.6V Plazma Ultimate Power Pack Set

For all you Baja 5B Flux owners out there, HPI Racing has announced a 29.6V Plazma Ultimate Power Pack Set for your buggy. The Power Pack consists of a pair of 4S 5300mAh 60 Plazma LiPo batteries with Deans connectors. These soft case LiPos fit right in your Baja’s plastic battery box and when connected in series supply loads of [...]


HPI Ken Block RS4 WR8

Latest HPI Ken Block WR8s & Micro RS4 Now Available

Hitting a hobby shop near you is the HPI Racing 2015 Ken Block WR8 Flux, WR8 3.0 Nitro, and Micro RS4. All three feature Ken’s new “Intergalactic” livery on a Ford Fiesta ST RX43 body. Now you can have Ken’s latest look while doing crazy stunts around your neighborhood cul-de-sac. The part number for the WR8 Flux is #115383, the [...]


hpi racing jumpshot mt

HPI Racing Jumpshot MT Unboxing Pictures

Our HPI Racing Jumpshot MT showed up at the office, so it’s time for unboxing photos! During the unboxing we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, which is a good thing. No leaking shocks, no loose screws. As you can see it comes with every wall plug for every country you may decide to visit. We are monster truck [...]


BigDaddy Custom RC Wheelie Bar

BigDaddy Custom RC HPI Baja 5B Wheelie Bar

While people love driving their HPI Baja 5Bs, they also love to hop them up. We see them all the time with outrageous engines spanking out massive power. For the guys that drag race their 5Bs, keeping their front end on the ground can become a major concern, hence the reason that BigDaddy Custom RC has announced a new Custom [...]


HPI Racing Ford Raptor Crawler King

HPI Racing Ford SVT Raptor Crawler King RTR

HPI Racing brings attitude to the latest edition of the Crawler King by offering a Ford SVT Raptor version. The Raptor Crawler King comes RTR with waterproof electronics, a 2.4GHz radio system, and a 55 turn brushed motor. The highly detailed body makes the truck look sharp, while HB Rover tires provide loads of traction. The Raptor has a part number [...]


83 MPH Castle Baja 5B

Readers Rides – 83 MPH Castle Powered HPI Baja 5B

Everybody likes making high speed passes, it is one of the ultimate tests of power, skill, and tuning ability. Recently we caught up with Albert Gwaltney, a BigSquidRC reader who has been putting up some impressive numbers with his 5th Scale HPI Baja 5B. You see, Albert’s HPI Baja is regularly breaking the 80 mph mark, something that is NOT [...]



HPI Racing Crawler King Unboxing

We got our hands on an HPI Racing Crawler King 1973 Ford Bronco Edition! Personally we were huge fans of the Wheelie King back in the day because it was just a fun little basher. Will the Crawler King be a fun crawler? While we aren’t expecting to win any comps, we are hoping it can take a decent bashing [...]


HPI Savage XS Ford Raptor

HPI Racing Ford SVT Raptor Savage XS Flux

First shown back in our 2015 HobbyTown USA Convention coverage, HPI Racing has released full details on the Savage XS Flux with Ford Raptor SVT Body. The latest Savage XS is much like the previous version but comes with a highly detailed Ford Raptor body. The body comes with the same style grill, fender flares, short bed, digital mud graphics, and [...]


HPI Jumpshot MT

HPI Racing Jumpshot MT RTR

The HPI Racing Jumpshot MT was first shown back in Our Nuremburg Show Coverage back in January, but the wait is nearly over as it is expected to start hitting hobby shops next month. The scoop on the Jumpshot MT is this- it’s an affordable 2wd monster truck that uses a twin vertical plate chassis like the legendary Savage. Some of [...]


HB HPI Tessmann Q32 Truggy

HB-HPI Racing Q32 D8T Tessmann Edition

The latest “big” news from HB HPI Racing is actually quite small, the Ty Tessmann Edition Q32 Truggy. You may remember first seeing it Here On BigSquidRC, but now it has been officially announced and is rumored to start hitting hobby shops this fall. The Tessmann Edition Q32 is a 1/32 scale 2wd truggy that comes with an all new [...]


HPI Screwdriver Temp Gauge

HPI Racing Pro-Series Temp-Driver

We like combo tools, or should I say that we like saving room in our tool box. That’s why when we saw the new HPI Temp-Driver we were pretty stoked. While out tuning a nitro engine the two tools you need the most are a small straight slot screwdriver and a temp gauge, luckily the new Temp-Driver has both. * Measures [...]