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Oktoberfest Team CJust in time for indoor season, HRP is a having a huge sale on Team C products. During their Oktoberfest Sale you can get some pretty big savings on just the type of products that you would be racing indoors, or bashing outside. For example, the latest high-zoot 1/10th 2wd buggy from Team C is the mid-motored TC02C Evo. They normally sell for $209 but are Oktoberfest priced at just $99. To check out all the Team C specials simply hit up This Link.

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Rage RC Products
There is a new company on the rc landscape called Rage RC. The Rage line-up is brought to you by the folks over at HRP (Hobby & Recreation Products) and is focused on new hobbyists and people on a budget. We recently received several of their products for review so we took some pictures while we unboxed them to give you a close up look.

The Rage RC line-up consists of battery chargers, batteries, accessories, and servos. In the first gallery below you can see the Rage 80 watt AC/DC charger. It can charge all the common cells that we use in rc and has a part number of #RGRC80W-ACDC. It is street price at just $52.

We also received several of their new servos. The servo highlighted in the second gallery has a part number of #RGRS104-16-6VM. This is a metal gear servo rated at 104 oz of torque at a speed of .16 (both rated at 6 volts). Its most spectacular feature has to be its price, only $12. Btw, they also have a 142 oz at .16 model for the same price!

For batteries we received their 5000mAh 6 cell NiMH. You can see it in the second gallery, it has a street price of $29 and a part number of #RGRNM5000-6.

You’ll have to wait a few weeks for our reviews, until then you can hit up This Link to check out all the products in Rage RC’s line.

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HRP Distributing
HRP Distributing is one of the biggest distributors of hobby products here in the states, so we dropped by their room at the HobbyTown USA Convention to take a look around.

On the air side of things, we found out that HRP now distributes Hubsan and Walkera quadcopter/drones. If you are a local hobby shop looking for a good source of these products, get in contact with HRP for pricing and more details.

On the surface side of things, their had displays for many of the lines they carry like Savox servos, Hobbywing electronics, Spaz Stix paints, G Made trucks, and CEN. Of note from Spaz Stix was their no shine exterior matte clear coat finish that easily turns a glossy paint color into a matte type of look. The “matte” look is all the rage right now, the Spaz Stix clear coat makes it super easy to attain.

If you are a dealer wanting to pick up some of their products, or if you just want more details on HRP, simply Click Here to visit their official website.

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It’s Giveaway Time! We have teamed up with the folks from HRP Distributing to give away a new SAVOX Servo and Multi Tool. The servo is a SAVOX SC-1258TG which is their Corless Digital Servo. These things are like $80! Added into the prize combo is the SAVOX 12 in 1 Multi-tool.

We have a total of Five (5) sets to give away! The deadline for entries is July 7th at Midnight cst. The following day we will announce the 5 winners chosen at by our giveaway software.

You know the drill by now, get those daily entries in for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

hrp distributing
Hobbywing has made a splash with the bashing crowd the last few years with their speed controllers and brushless motors. Yesterday HRP Distributing announced they have picked up the Hobbywing line of electronics, making it easier for American dealers to get their products, and thus easier for you to walk into your local hobby shop and buy one. Here is the full press release -

For Immediate Release – HRP Teams with FalconSEKIDO to Distribute Hobbywing

SALT LAKE CITY – April 30, 2014 – HRP Distributing is proud to join forces with FalconSEKIDO to distribute Hobbywing products in the North America. With three warehouses, expert customer service team, $250 free freight program and over 1,000 active dealers, HRP is fully prepared to release the Hobbywing product line into the North American RC market. Hobbywing is one of the largest OEM manufacturers in the world, offering a wide variety of high performance electronic components and accessories for aircraft, boats and surface vehicles.

The XERUN Series is Hobbywing’s premium brushless surface vehicle product line designed for competition/professional scenarios. The line includes eight ESC models ranging from 90AMP to 150AMP output ratings and seven motors for 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 scale and short course truck applications, all ROAR and IFMAR approved. The EZRUN Series was created for more casual hobbyists, and includes a large selection of brushless motors, ESC’s and accessories suitable for almost every surface vehicle type. Hobbywing’s JUSTOCK Series line is the brand’s value line, with a selection of high quality motors and ESC’s at some of the lowest price points in the industry.

Hobbywing also has three dedicated lines for aircraft, helicopters and multi-rotors. The Platinum Series is the brand’s competition line, with nine ESC models ranging from 30AM to 150AMP output ratings that are RoHS complaint. A LED program card and RPM sensor are also available. The FLYFUN Series was created for novice and intermediate users and includes thirteen ESC options and accessories. Hobbywing’s SKYWALKER Series is geared towards multi-rotors, as shown by the two Quattro ESC models, which are the only two ESC’s in the world that connect directly to four motors.

The SEAKING Series is dedicated to watercraft applications. Each of the eight ESC’s are waterproof and include an innovative water cooling system to ensure consistent temperatures. A custom designed water cooled motor tube and LED program card are also available.

Hobbywing products will be available through HRP in late April of 2014. Visit or call 800-622-7223 for dealer inquires or to find a local retail shop.

Click Here to hit up the Hobbywing website, or Right Here for HRP Distributing.

HRP Hookup Program
The good folks over at HRP Distributing have a few announcements they would like you all to know about.

The first up is their new HRP Hookup Program. The Hookup program is for people in the hobby industry and qualified enthusiasts. The program gives members special discounts in exchange for feedback on the latest rc products. You can get more information Right Here.

HRP has also announced a price drop on their popular Racers Edge PRO 4 Enduro short course truck, and 25% off of select LiPo batteries. The price on the Enduro has been dropped by $60, down to $299. Check out the savings at This Link.

Savox Servos are also getting some love, HRP has announced a March Madness sale where you can save 25% off of normal pricing. You can never have enough servos and you can click This Link to check out which ones are on sale.

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hrp distributing
In industry news, HRP Distributing has announced they are ending distribution of JQ Products. Read the official press release below-

“For Immediate Release – HRP to End Distribution of JQ Products

SALT LAKE CITY – FEBRUARY 26, 2014 – HRP Distributing has announced that it has ended its North American distribution agreement with JQ Products, effective immediately. HRP will begin liquidating all current JQ Products inventory until supply is depleted. HRP strives to provide the best possible service to hobby dealers and enthusiasts alike, and will continue to offer the finest RC products on the market from the most respected brands.”

To get more information on HRP Distributing simply click This Link.

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Spaz Stix Body Painting Contest
Our friends over at Spaz Stix paints wanted us to let you know that time is running out in their body painting contest. The contest ends on February 28th and all it takes to enter is to submit a picture of a body (or bodies) that you have done with Spaz Stix paint. The winner will get a cool $250 in cash, while the top 10 runner ups will get $50 in Spaz Stix products. To get more information simply click This Link that takes you over to the official Spaz Stix website.

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LRP America
LRP over in Europe announced 3 new additions to their S10 Blast line-up today, an MT 2 monster truck, a BX 2 buggy, and a TX 2 stadium type truck. These look like cool basher vehicles (see the gallery below) so we gave the folks over at LRP America a ring to see what the chances are of these machines ever hitting American shores.

Right now LRP America products are distributed by Hobbico and HRP here in the states, but the product line is limited to ESCs and other light electronics like what was formerly being distributed by Team Associated. LRP America definitely sounds interested in bringing over their entire line and already have plans to bring over a limited selection of additional products.

At this time it sounds like they are still feeling things out whether or not the entire line will end up being sold here in America. LRP in Europe has an extensive surface and air line-up that includes many units that would fit right in with the bash crowd here in America, we hope at some point they make it over.

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HRP ihobby

HRP Distributing was out in force at iHobby with lots of new product on display.

HRP distributes Gmade and the new Sawback scaler Jeep was featured in the booth. From looking over the Sawback it looks like it will be a lot of fun out on the trail.

For short course fans the Racers Edge Pro 4 Enduro was on hand, and Viper RC had all their motors and speed controllers out on display.

HRP has recently started to distribute Team C gear here in the states and they had numerous models on display. The Team C vehicles looked like high end race machines for flying around a high bite track.

Spaz Stix paints and JQ Products were also in the HRP booth. The Spaz Stix paints have really taken off this year, and the JQ vehicles keep getting more popular. A bunch of Savox servos were also in the booth, look for our review of one of their waterproof models very soon.

To get more information on everything from HRP simply click This Link. To read more HRP news here on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.


We were recently sent a tip that there is a chance that Gmade may have a scale looking Jeep type vehicle in the near future. We have sent out the dogs to see if they can sniff out some info. Hopefully we hear back with some details soon. We will say this.. whatever is in this picture.. we want! If any of our G-made buddies are reading this… give us a call!

You can find more Gmade products on their Website Here, or you can check out more Gmade news right Here on Big Squid RC.

Spaz Stix Paint Review


Recently several major paint companies have tossed in the towel. One of the few companies left is Spaz Stix. These paints are known for being very different and cool colors. While they make regular colors like blue, they also make Electric Blue Fluorescent. Why settle for orange when you can have color changing Orange/Purple /Teal. So besides the cool names, how does the paint go on? Do you have to be a pro to use the stuff? Keep reading to find out..


Savox 540 Brushless Motors
Savox might be known mostly for their servos here in the States, but they make a lot of motors too. Savox has recently announced a new line-up of 540 sized sensored brushless motors. These motors are from their 36Ø Series and come in winds from 4.5 turn up to 23.5. Some of the features include-

* Cooling vents
* Made for 1-2S use
* Adjustable timing
* Fully re-buildable
* 3 pole design
* Weight- 180 grams

These motors have a street price of $89 and you can get more information by hitting THIS LINK over on the Savox USA website.

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