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Bill Jeric HRP Distributing

Bill Jeric Appointed VP At HRP Distributing

In the industry news today, Bill Jeric has just appointed VP At HRP Distributing. Bill has been in the hobby for a very long time and some of you may already know him from his work with Horizon Hobby, Losi, Tuning Haus, and Prime R/C. To get the full scoop, read the full press release that we have posted below. HRP [...]



UDI Lark FPV Quadcopter Review

As quadcopters slowly takeover the world, the next big thing is flying FPV. We recently received the UDI Lark FPV Quadcopter to check out, and of course it was up to use to see if it could take the abuse of a basher. Did it hold up? Is it a decent quadcopter? Keep reading as we go in depth for [...]


Thunder Tiger Jackal Review

Thunder Tiger Jackal Desert Buggy Review

What is a Thunder Tiget Jackal? It is a RTR tenth scale desert buggy with independent suspension up front and a solid axle with locked diff in the rear. Sound familiar? It should, that is the formula that the Axial Yeti and Vaterra Twin Hammers have used to sell a ton of vehicles. How does the Jackal stack up to [...]



UDI Lark Quadcopter FPV Unboxing

We recently got our hands on a UDI Lark Quadcopter with FVP from HRP – Hobby Recreation Products and are looking forward to putting it to the test. Initial reactions to taking it out of the box, it’s a very interesting setup as it’s very light for it’s large sizet. Not so sure we are going to dig the USB charging [...]


HRP Hobbytown usa

HRP Distributing at the 2015 HobbyTown Convention

HRP is one of the largest hobby distributors here in the United States and they had a great arrangement of new gear on display at the HobbyTown USA Convention. If your hobby shop sells brands like Savox, Thunder Tiger, Hobbywing, Gmade, or Racer Edge, they are dealing with HRP. What was hot in the HRP Booth? * The item that was [...]



Thunder Tiger Kaiser Monster Truck Video

Just added a quick video using some of the footage we shot while testing at a few of the locations while working on the Kaiser Review you can read at that link. Hope you enjoy. If you are one of those people who hate to see vehicles beat up on purpose, there is a warning for when the durability testing [...]


Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Review

Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA Monster Truck Review

When we first saw the Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA a few months ago, we couldn’t wait to get one in our hands. Its body had a nice scale look, it had a big ole’ brushless system inside, and it is one of the first trucks to hit the market with an on-board engine sound module. We’ve been bashing the daylights [...]



Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Unboxing

Since we first heard about it’s upcoming release, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Thunder Tiger Kaiser Monster Truck. When we got the call asking if we’d like the FIRST ONE before anyone else, I could only hope they didn’t hear the extra excitement in my voice. This truck is truly a beast. We like the body style, [...]


Super Hornet X650

Thunder Tiger Robotix Super Hornet X650 Unboxing

HRP Distribution delivers again shortly after the Ghost+ RTF with another exclusive unboxing: the Super Hornet X650. This kit is HUGE, and the only things missing are Flight Controller, Receiver, and Battery! See all my unboxing pictures below, and see the kit built very soon!


TTX Ghost+

Exclusive Look at New Thunder Tiger Robotix Ghost+ RTF

Hot out of the factory our friends at HRP Distribution gave us the exclusive on a Thunder Tiger Robotix Ghost+ RTF w/ 3-axis GoPro gimbal to unbox and try out. The Ghost+ features a smart ‘Follow Me’ autopilot system, retractable landing gear, and around 25 minute flight time! See all the pictures from my unboxing below.  


Helion RC Volition

THE Cub Report, 12.22.2014, Version- 16 Months…

Hello cruel rc world, welcome to yet another Cub Report, a satirical column intended to raise eyebrows (and tempers). Hey, I actually have a few topics this week, so lets get this party started… 1. Did ya see IFMAR is allowing AstroTurf as a racing surface for the 2015 10th scale off-road worlds? Of course you didn’t, you are a basher and [...]


hrp distributing

HRP Awarded Exclusive Distribution of Thunder Tiger in North…

We have just received the press release with news that HRP will have the exclusive rights to distribute Thunder Tiger products in North America starting on January 1st. As some of you may already know, Thunder Tiger has been distributed by Great Planes here in America for several years, but that is about to change, check out the press release [...]


Rage RC 5000mAh Battery Review

Product Spotlight – Rage RC 7.2V 5000mAh NiMH Battery

Sometimes you just need an inexpensive NiMH Battery to get the job done. Sometimes you may not have a LiPO battery charger, or maybe you just want to keep things simple. Such is the need for a battery like the Rage RC 7.2V 5000mAh NiMH. We received a pack for testing a couple of months ago and have been putting it [...]


TTRobotix HRP Distributing Thunder Tiger

HRP Distributing Teams up with Thunder Tiger to Distribute T…

If you are a hobby shop wanting to pick up the TTRobotix line of Multi-Rotor products, it is now being distributed here in the states by HRP. The folks at HRP Distributing have a dedicated TTRobotix customer service staff on hand and will use their 3 warehouses to ship to over 1000 hobby shops nationwide. The TTRobotix line-up is headlined by [...]


rage rc battery charger

Product Spotlight – Rage RC 80 Watt Multi Charger

Every hobbyist needs a good battery charger, but there are so many on the market it is hard to chose which one. Since we received one of the new Rage RC 80 Watt Multi Chargers we’ve been using and abusing it to see how it stacks up. Here is what we found out- * The unit is AC/DC. This makes it [...]