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video rc truck tailwhip on water

Video – Wicked ARRMA Senton Tailwhip On Water!

With the weather getting warmer, more bashers are getting outside to go extreme with their trucks. That includes BigSquidRC Bash Crew member Craig Nelson. Craig (AKA GIGAWATTSLAB on YouTube) is the ramp builder to the stars and is known for his hydroplane videos. Craig’s latest video showcases the ARRMA Senton BLX and also shows one of the latest crazes to [...]


Two New Hydroplaning Videos

Our buddy Craig “The Crazy Ramp Builder” just posted two awesome new hydroplaning videos! The first one seen here is of a Traxxas Summit cruising across a pond, and the second is a vehicle jumping a floating ramp on the pond! Great stuff!The second video is after the break.. click through…