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Big Squid RC Team - 2011

I just wanted to take a moment and thank the whole team for the amazing job they did last week at iHobby 2011 and for all their hard work leading up to the event. This year was our biggest iHobby showing ever! It was extremely ambitious and was no smooth journey getting there. From the two most talked about things at the show, our Track Drone and our premiere of the first 3D RC Bashing video, to the demos and insane live rc news posting! We gave away the most vehicles and products ever, posted the most news in a single day, and gave away the most stickers. None of this could of been done without the dedicated work of the entire crew!

Wrench (aka Bill) had been putting in some serious hours weeks before the show to get the Track Drone built, wired, running, as well as our two new demo ramps! Jeff and Evan had the networking and news responsibilities flying at top speeds. Tim had the demos running smooth as silk, while Cubby and Jim were working hard on maintaining demo vehicles and optimizing the drone for maximum quality. (We were driving that thing end to end down all the aisles!). And who would of thought I could talk Cubby into actually participating, and not just attending undercover! Craig’s wall turn was way better then we expected, and it really took the demos to a whole new level! Adam the intern had one of the most talked about show vehicles with his four wheel steering, eight wheel drive rescue truck, and the lovely ladies of Big Squid, Aurora, Mandi and Adrianna had stickers and flyers in everyone’s hands as well as catching their attention and bringing them into the booth. Even our newest writer, Robin, did a great job of holding down the fort with the other misc. press releases while we were at the show.

I can’t thank you all enough! It was a great show because of all your hard work, and I can’t wait to see the looks on your faces when we have the next meeting about the ‘next’ show!

Think you have what it takes to be a part of the Big Squid RC Crew? Click this link to get info on how you can be part it.

Cubby My goal for iHobby week was not to punch anyone… and I was successful. As much as I hate trade shows, and as much as I hate having to sit around during long boring meetings I actually had a fantastic time spending 5 days in the Rosemont Convention Center (of course the absurd amount of money Brian was paying me to be there didn’t hurt). So here is Cubby’s official iHobby breakdown…….

Traxxas- God bless Traxxas, they are the best ambassadors in the history of our hobby. The moment you walked through the doors of the convention center Traxxas had their “try me” track up and running. Anyone could come up and drive a genuine “hobby grade” rc car, there is no better way of showing off our hobby to the masses than that. I can’t say it enough, thanks Traxxas for all you’ve done for our hobby.

Traxxas part deux- Every manufacture has new product coming down the pike, I mean they’d go out of business if they didn’t, so it wasn’t any surprise when RCCA posted some moronic “Traxxas has something big coming” news last week, duh. Not to mention it was iHobby week, the one week of the year most likely for manufactures to unleash “big” news. Well… Traxxas didn’t show much new at iHobby, certainly nothing “game changing”, but… we were able to twist some arms and find out some actual scoopage on the new release- it’s gonna be big and it’s gonna set ya back close to a grand. Our post lead to dealers from across the country calling Traxxas attempting to place pre-orders. So let’s think about this for a second- dealers from around the country are pre-ordering a new Traxxas product (that cost close to a grand) without even knowing what it is or even when it will ship. That is kinda mind blowing, but it shows just how dominant Traxxas is now days.

Losi- I got some serious wheel time in with their new Mini 8ight buggy. Their is a greater chance the Earth will stop spinning and we’ll all go flying off into space than of BSRC getting a unit for review, but I will say it seemed to drive well and took a pretty good beating in the hands of all the noobs wheeling it on their test track.

Associated- They didn’t show. They used to show. Maybe they don’t care anymore? (I think you can safely remove the word “maybe” and the “?” from the previous sentence.)

Kyosho- Of course they weren’t there, I mean it’s hard to tell if they even sell product in the states anymore, but…. rumor around the show hall was they have either linked up with Horizon or are very close to a deal. It’s no secret Horizon has lost several big names in the last year (AE, HPI, Axial) and getting exclusive distribution of the big K would be great move for both companies.

GP- Great Planes had an uber new booth right up front. Myself and several others from the BSRC crew had a great time playing with their remote control tanks and hand crank slotcar demo’s.

Duratrax- If you haven’t noticed there is a whole new attitude over at the DTX and it showed at iHobby. They are seriously working their butts off to put out the best product possible at a low price point and they’ve come a longggg ways in the last year. They’ve seen the movement away from racing that has went towards hardcore bashing and are diligently working on putting out trucks that are right on the edge of what consumers are looking for.

ARRMA- The new ARRMA line made their debut in the GP booth and had a great looking display. While you might not have heard much about ARRMA yet but they’ve got their stuff straight and look like they are going to be a major player in the market given a couple more years.

ECX (formerly known as Electrix)- Some people might overlook this line entirely because of its pricepoint but they had a nice section in the Horizon booth and are obviously gaining traction in the marketplace. If you are a seasoned hobbyist, the ECX vehicles are the perfect backyard “bash-mobile”, if you are a parent they are a perfect choice for your kids, or if you are noob looking to get in they are arguable the best and most affordable choice on the market. We’ve beat the crap out several ECX products and all of them have lived. As long as their product can continue to take a severe beating it’s going to take off. Seriously, I don’t think the time when ECX outsells Losi is as far away as most industry types think. Btw- look for a full review of the new ECX Torment later this week here on BSRC.

Speed Passion- The SP crew was out in full force showing new product and generally putting a smile on everyones faces. Their new 4wd short course truck looks sic (in a good way of course).

Tekin- The Cambell crew was in full effect, they’ve had a banner couple of years, and they were there showing their support of the hobby. I think Ty had the fastest lap of the weekend with the BSRC Track Drone, he was hauling.

Track Drone- WTH is the BSRC Track Drone? Remember that “remote video controlled” truck I teased about in previous Cub Reports? Well we finally came up with a better name for it- the Track Drone. We took a Traxxas 4×4 Slash, installed a camera in it, then drove the truck remotely via watching the video feed on a monitor in our booth (steering wheel and foot pedals were mounted under the monitor). I am extremely biased, but I’m gonna huck out there that our Track Drone was the hit of the show. The Track Drone we used at iHobby was one of our earliest test units, but…. you wouldn’t believe the amount of attention it received. Industry types were studying it, consumers couldn’t wait to drive it, it was simply a hit and I’ll tell you why- the Track Drone is the next evolution of our hobby. It’s exciting to drive an rc car normally, but driving it from an in-car perspective takes the realism to a completely different level. When driving an rc car in the traditional style (via pistol from where you can actually see the car) you say to yourself “Ooopss, I think my car is gonna hit that wall, hope it doesn’t break an a-arm.”, while driving the Track Drone you see the wall coming up and say “OMG I am going to hit that wall!”. Even just putting around becomes exciting again, the in-car perspective changes everything, everything becomes interesting again. With the Track Drove it’s interesting just driving through a pile of leaves. Seriously. Anyways…. look for more info on the availability of the BSRC Track Drone in the coming weeks….

3D- While on the subject of BSRC, our 3D rc movie also was a big hit, once again because of it’s added realism. It was fun staring at the people watching the movie- watching them actually duck when they saw a Traxxas truck coming right at them, watching them put up an arm because they thought they were going to be splashed with water, etc. Brian did an incredible job on the 3D movie and it showed.

Demo Track- Oh yes we did. We went bigger and harder than ever this year. The crowds were huge, the screams were deafening. Seriously, if you’ve never seen one of our demo’s in person you are missing one of the craziest spectacles in rc.

Click through to keep reading.. Brian gets upset when I take up the whole front page..


Our last demo give away winners walked out of IHobby as happy campers. I know we said we were giving away two, but we got a third and gave it away too.

Special thanks to ECX RC for the two Torment short course trucks we gave away. And also thanks to Speed Passion for the RS2 stadium truck!

IHobby is about all kinds of hobbies, from R/C cars, planes and boats, to trains, to metal detectors and rock tumblers. Figured I’d show you some of the other goings on here.

Trains are everywhere and in every scale. N, HO, O, On2, and more. Even Lego Trains.

At our next demo we’ll be giving away not one, but TWO of the not available in stores yet ECX Torment short course truck. We’ve been bashing these at all of our demos and having a blast, now it’s possibly your turn. You have to be here to win, so get to the IHobby show for our 3:00 demo. Plus you never know, something like yesterday might happen where a company here just comes up and tells us to give away one of their vehicles!

Many thanks to ECX RC for putting up these great prizes.

Grass Jelly Drink – The official drink of Big Squid RC and Bashers Everywhere. If you want chunks of jelly in your drink, drink Grass Jelly Drink.

Lucky Patrick watched our demo and then walked away with a brand new Evader DT. And that’s all you have to do to possibly win. We have one more give away to do today at our 3:00 demo. It’s going to be a big one, we have TWO ECX Torments to give away. These trucks aren’t going to be available in stores for another couple weeks and we’re giving TWO away today! So make sure you get over here and at the Big Squid RC track.

Many thanks to Duratrax for giving us the new Evader DT to give away!

Take a look at this awesome tractor on display at the NR/CTPA pulling track. It’s the only Super Stock class tractor in the world right now and it’s packing a humongous 93cc Go Kart Engine. Hopefully it’ll run some heats tomorrow, they typically run a few at the top the every hour.

The Big Squid Booth Babes, Mandi, Aurora and Adrianna, take the track drone out for a spin… and a flip… and a roll… and a crash into the wall.

Greg Vogel, Editor-in-Chief of RC Driver dropped by the booth to shoot the breeze with our Dear Leader, Brian.

And we have our first demo give away winner! This lucky fan walked away with a brand new HPI Mini Trophy Truck of his very own. All he had to do was be here and yell louder than every one else. Congrats to Danny B.

Our next give away will be during our 3:00 demo today. Drive fast to get here!

Much thanks to HPI Racing for providing the give away vehicles for today’s demos!

Here is our first official UN…TUBING! This is one of the new Duratrax Brushless Motors! This is the 17.5T/2250kV motor 540-size sensored motor that is handwound, and features precision ball bearings and neodymium magnets. Enjoy the pics from iHobby 2011 and look for a review in the future!

Our surface drone dropped by the Losi/Horizon booth to check out the 5IVE-T.