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Pro-Line F-11 2.8 Wheels

Pro-Line F-11 2.8″ (Traxxas Style Bead) Black Wheels

We are big fans of Pro-Line’s F-11 wheels. They look trick and take a licking and keep on ticking. Now Pro-Line has announced they are making F-11s in the popular 2.8″ Traxxas Style Bead. Now you can bolt up some trick F-11s to your Stampede, Rustler or Jato. There are two part numbers, #2743-03 for Jato/Pede/Rusty Nitro rears, Pede/Rustler electric front, [...]


ASK Cub Reporter- 05.25.2011- The Questions/Comments Pour In…

Hello I noticed this system won your approval and was wondering if you are aware of the massive rip-off of people around the world this system and There Spartan Boat have caused. Every person who bought the boat needed 300.00 dollars worth of new electronics to run it. Some the first day some made it a month or more, [...]


Pro-Line Desperado Exclusive

Exclusive Look at Pro-Line’s new Desperado wheel

A friend at Pro-Line sent along this exclusive photo and a brief description of their next wheel in the pipeline.  It goes by the name Desperado and is a 2.8″ wheel made for various Traxxas vehicles like the nitro and electric Stampedes,  Jato, and the Rustlers.  It uses the Traxxas style glue bead, so it’s compatible with Traxxas’ 2.8″ tires [...]