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JConcepts Vengeance Wheels

JConcepts 1.9″ Vengeance Wheels

New from JConcepts is a 1.9″ Wheel called the Vengeance. These were specifically designed to have a scale look that compliments many different styles of builds. 12mm hexes come standard allowing them to fit on a wide variety of vehicles and both solid and open center caps are included for even more scale detailing. The part number for the wheels is [...]


JConcepts Kyosho ZX6 Body

JConcepts Silencer Kyosho ZX6 Body

All you Kyosho ZX-6 owners can give your buggy a new look with a Silencer from JConcepts. This cab forward style body was specifically designed for high speed tracks and has a shark fin for added stability. Two 6.5″ wings are included, as are window masks and a decal sheet. The part number is #0278, they are priced at $28, and [...]


JConcepts Hustle Wheels

JConcepts Hustle Wheels for Traxxas Slash

Looking for a set of wheels that can give your Traxxas Slash more of a scale appearance? If so, JConcepts has a new Hustle wheel for you. Featuring a 6 spoke design, a silver face, and mock lugnuts, the Hustle can give your Slash the touch of style that you’ve been looking for. The part number for Slash 2wd front is [...]


JConcepts Reflex 5th Scale Tires

JConcepts 1/5th Scale Reflex Tires

After just announcing new 5th tires yesterday, JConcepts is back at it again today. Designed to fit the Losi 5IVE, JConcepts Reflex tires use small pins to get more traction on hard packed surfaces. They come in JConcepts grippy yellow compound and use horizontal reinforcement bars for more forward traction. The tires are priced at $60, they have a part number [...]


JConcepts 5th Scale Chasers

JConcepts 1/5th Scale Chasers

Bolt more traction onto your 5th scale with Chasers from JConcepts. The Chasers come in JConcepts yellow compound and were designed to fit on Losi 5IVE wheels. Hefty, medium sized lugs with recessed pins are used to provide bite, while sidewall tread is used for increased paddle traction. The tires are priced at $60, they have a part number of [...]


JConcepts Finnisher TLR 22-T 2.0 MM Body

JConcepts Finnisher Body for the TLR 22-T 2.0 MM

Need a new lid for your TLR 22-T 2.0 MM? If so, check out the new Finnisher series body from JConcepts. Like other bodies in the Finnisher line, the unit for the TLR 22-T 2.0 was made to improve handling on a wide variety of tracks. It has built in air escapes to aid in jumping on windy outdoor tracks, [...]


JConcepts Atlas Axial Vaterra

JConcepts Ford Atlas Body for Axial and Vaterra Scale T…

JConcepts continues to expend their product line-up and their latest product is a new body for the scale/trail crowd. The new Ford Atlas is designed to bring scale looks to Vaterra Ascender and Axial truck owners. The wheel wells were designed to accommodate 1.9″ sized tires and the body was molded from heavy duty polycarbonate to take a beating. * Officially [...]


JConcepts Ride Height Gauge

JConcepts Aluminum Ride Height Gauge

Get dialed in with the new Aluminum Ride Height Gauge from JConcepts. Why do you need one? Well, you could “eyeball” your ride height like our Bash Crew member Iron Mike does, but when accurately set you can count on improved handling, thus making it easier to go fast and pass your buddies. * Made from lightweight aluminum * Anodized in either [...]


JConcepts Reflex

JConcepts Reflex 1/8th Buggy Tires

The latest entry into the 8th scale buggy tires wars is the Reflex from JConcepts. The Reflex has square angled pins stacked vertically for less wear and more forward bite. The Reflexes will come with the latest gray Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts from JConcepts and will be available in four different compounds to suit a variety of track conditions. The tires [...]


Dirt Racing Products Dirt Cut Precision Scissors

Dirt Racing Products Precision Scissors

A good pair of straight cut scissors should be a part of every hobbyists tool box. They can be used for dozens of different uses and they can simply make your life a lot easier. You could steal a set out of your wife’s sewing box, or you could get a set made just for the task at hand. Dirt Racing [...]


JConcepts Dirt-Tech Foam Grip

JConcepts Dirt-Tech Foam Steering Wheel Grip

Get a better handle on that steering wheel of yours with the new Dirt-Tech Steering Wheel Grip from JConcepts. The grip is made from the same foam used for closed cell tire inserts to give it a medium/firm feel. The outer diameter of the grip is said to be neutral (we guess that means a medium size) to fit a [...]


JConcepts New Release – Scorpios SCT Tire

JConcepts Announces New Scorpios SCT Tires

JConcepts has announced that their Scorpios tread design is being released on a new short course truck tire. The Scorpios feature a scale looking tread that should work well on everything from loose dirt to rocky terrain. The tires come in JConcepts super soft green compound and come standard with closed cell foam inserts. The Scorpios are priced at $26 [...]


JConcepts Lil Chasers

JConcepts LiL Chasers SCT Tires

The JConcepts crew has just announced new tires for your SCT called LiL Chasers. The LiL Chasers feature small rectangular lugs and were designed to give you more traction on outdoor tracks. Closed cell foam inserts come standard and they are available in green (super soft) compound. The LiL Chasers are priced at $26 per pair and they are also available [...]


JConcepts Rippits Whippits

New Rippits and Whippets from JConcepts

JConcepts has announced a pair of new tires designed to give you more traction on high-bite surfaces. First off are 1/10th front tires called Rippets. These will be available in four different compounds and were designed with vertical bars to give plenty of steering. The Rippets have a 2.4″ bead and come with closed cell inserts. The second new tire is the [...]


JConcepts Finnisher Car Stand

JConcepts Finnisher Car Stand

New from JConcepts is a Finnisher Car Stand. Made from polycarbonate, the Finnisher car stand was designed specifically for 10th scale off-road and on-road vehicles. The stand comes with both small and large foam cushions as well as a large “Striker” themed wrap. The stand is retail priced at $20, it has a part number of #2370M, and you can [...]