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JConcepts New Red Hobbies Bash 4.0

JConcepts & New Red Hobbies Bash 4.0

Yesterday we posted about the RC Freaks bash in St Louis this Sunday, today we have received word about a bash coming up for hobbyists down in Florida. JConcepts has joined forces with New Red Hobbies to put on their Bash 4.0. This bash is unique that it combines a bunch of different types of rc into one huge event. [...]


JC Mugen Finnisher

JConcepts Mugen MBX7-T Finnisher Clear Body

New for the Mugen MBX7-T Truggy is a Finnisher series body from JConcepts. The Finnisher series bodies are known for their aerodynamic design that help improve handling on the track, now you can get one for your Mugen nitro truggy. * Comes with protective film and window masks * Blended wing & body design * Supplied with Finnisher decal sheet * Designed for excellent [...]


JConcepts Shock Stand

JConcepts Exo 1/10th Shock Stand

Organize your work bench while making shock oil changes easier with the new Exo Shock Stand from JConcepts. The stand is made from plastic and comes with a rubber outer cup that should come in handy for holding small parts during rebuilds. The stand is priced at $14, it has a part number of #2371W, and by hitting This [...]


JC Tire Sticks

JConcepts 1/10th Off-Road Tire Sticks

Get organized with the new 1/10th Scale Tire Sticks from JConcepts. Why do you need them? If you have loose tires laying all over your garage, tire sticks can be a great way to clean things up. Plus, they can be a sano way of keeping like sets together, and they make it easy to grab the right tires when [...]


JConcepts Diamond Bars

JConcepts 1/8th Buggy Diamond Bar Tires

What’s the latest 8th scale tire to hit the market? That would be Diamond Bars from JConcepts. Designed for exponentially less wear over time on high bite tracks, the Diamond Bars are a nice blend of speed and durability. Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts come standard and they will be available as just tires or pre-mounted on white or yellow JConcepts [...]


JConcepts 2.2″ Scorpios

JConcepts 2.2″ Scorpios Tires

JConcepts has announced some new 2.2″ sized Scorpios to get your bash on with. An extra tall height of 152mm helps them get over large obstacles, while their scale looking tread opens up at higher power levels to help shovel some serious dirt. * Molded in JConcepts super soft green compound * Big sidewall lugs for greater pinch grip * Gridded internal carcass [...]


JConcepts 2.2 Ruptures

JConcepts 2.2″ Ruptures Tires

With their “large island” tread and 151mm height, the new 2.2″ Ruptures from JConcepts were designed to help vehicles like the Axial Yeti get over the toughest of terrain. On top of that, they come molded in JConcepts super soft green compound and come with open cell foam inserts to aid in getting more grip. The 2.2″ Ruptures are priced [...]


JConcepts Bar Flys

JConcepts Bar Flys

JConcepts has announced new tires for the indoor racing crowd, Bar Flys. The Bar Flys are based on the original Bar Code tires, but have shorter tread and more surface area. To provide plenty of grip each tire is covered with loads of slotted bars and pressure point pins, and they will be available in 1/10th buggy rear and both [...]


JConcepts Aluminum Steering Rack

JConcepts Aluminum Steering Rack for 5 Series Associate…

Get a more precise feel to the steering on your 5 Series Associated (B5/B5M/T5M/SC5M) with the new Aluminum Steering Rack from JConcepts. The steering rack is CNC machined for a perfect fit and comes anodized in either blue or black. The rack is priced at $21, it has a part number of #2352-1, and Right Here is the link to [...]


JConcepts Vengeance Wheels

JConcepts 1.9″ Vengeance Wheels

New from JConcepts is a 1.9″ Wheel called the Vengeance. These were specifically designed to have a scale look that compliments many different styles of builds. 12mm hexes come standard allowing them to fit on a wide variety of vehicles and both solid and open center caps are included for even more scale detailing. The part number for the wheels is [...]


JConcepts Kyosho ZX6 Body

JConcepts Silencer Kyosho ZX6 Body

All you Kyosho ZX-6 owners can give your buggy a new look with a Silencer from JConcepts. This cab forward style body was specifically designed for high speed tracks and has a shark fin for added stability. Two 6.5″ wings are included, as are window masks and a decal sheet. The part number is #0278, they are priced at $28, and [...]


JConcepts Hustle Wheels

JConcepts Hustle Wheels for Traxxas Slash

Looking for a set of wheels that can give your Traxxas Slash more of a scale appearance? If so, JConcepts has a new Hustle wheel for you. Featuring a 6 spoke design, a silver face, and mock lugnuts, the Hustle can give your Slash the touch of style that you’ve been looking for. The part number for Slash 2wd front is [...]


JConcepts Reflex 5th Scale Tires

JConcepts 1/5th Scale Reflex Tires

After just announcing new 5th tires yesterday, JConcepts is back at it again today. Designed to fit the Losi 5IVE, JConcepts Reflex tires use small pins to get more traction on hard packed surfaces. They come in JConcepts grippy yellow compound and use horizontal reinforcement bars for more forward traction. The tires are priced at $60, they have a part number [...]


JConcepts 5th Scale Chasers

JConcepts 1/5th Scale Chasers

Bolt more traction onto your 5th scale with Chasers from JConcepts. The Chasers come in JConcepts yellow compound and were designed to fit on Losi 5IVE wheels. Hefty, medium sized lugs with recessed pins are used to provide bite, while sidewall tread is used for increased paddle traction. The tires are priced at $60, they have a part number of [...]


JConcepts Finnisher TLR 22-T 2.0 MM Body

JConcepts Finnisher Body for the TLR 22-T 2.0 MM

Need a new lid for your TLR 22-T 2.0 MM? If so, check out the new Finnisher series body from JConcepts. Like other bodies in the Finnisher line, the unit for the TLR 22-T 2.0 was made to improve handling on a wide variety of tracks. It has built in air escapes to aid in jumping on windy outdoor tracks, [...]