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JQ THECar White Limited Edition Buggy
“Good guys always wear white” (at least in the movies) and now you can get an All White Edition of JQ’s THECar. THECar white edition will not only make you instantly stand out in a crowd, but it is a full on race buggy capable of busting out fast lap times. Trick looks, fast laps, what more can you ask for.

The part number is #INT-JQB0677LE, they are priced at $599, and they start shipping on September 1st. There are only 100 of these kits being produced and you can get one on pre-order by Clicking Right Here.

Find out more about JQ Right Here on BigSquidRC.

The Cub ReportI just love it when a Cub Report writes itself, and I love it even more when someone actually agrees with one of my hard edged opinions. Last week Joseph Quagraine had this to say about the 11 day long IFMAR 8th scale buggy championships coming up later this year in Italy-


I am writing this as JQ the RC Driver, JQ the Pro RC Driver, and JQ the RC company owner. The more I think about this, whatever position I think of myself to be in, the end result is the same. Something is wrong right now, and we have to fix it. We, as in the people actually racing at these events can do so, if we just voice our opinions together!

So what is the problem, it is pretty simple. I wanted to book my flights for the 1:8th Offroad Worlds, but I realised that I do not actually know which days the event is going to be! I have heard that the worlds will be extended, running for 11 days instead of 7, I have also heard it is just a proposal, I have heard that it will be just one week because “everyone complained”. But the point is, I have not heard anything official, and I would really like to book my flights and hotel!

*THE Problem*

It had been decided that there would not be any Worlds Warm up, or extended practice sessions at the Worlds venue in an effort to save costs. This sounded great, until Ifmar announced that the race would be extended by 4 days, for more practice. How this is supposed to save costs I do not know. 4 days more hotel, rental car, tyres, fuel, and most importantly, 2 weeks off work, instead of one. This is a HUGE mistake in my opinion. The reasons are:

- Additional practice, for what? No one I have spoken with wants more practice. We already have enough (too much).

- It is hard enough for many people to get 1 week off work, now they have to get 2 weeks off? In addition the added cost, it is not good for the average racer. I have heard drivers say they won’t go because they would have to miss the practice, and feel like they will be at a disadvantage. Is this the idea of a WC?

- Added costs for the manufacturers will be substantial, fuel, tyres, parts, and all on a track that wears out tyres in 1 run? How will a person paying for his own stuff afford to go?

*Why would 4 extra days be GOOD?*

I tried really hard to think of reasons, these are the only two reasons I could come up with:

- Someone wanted a longer all expenses paid holiday.

- Someone has struck a deal with local hotels. Count for yourself how much money 4 extra days brings the hotels…..(Disclamer: This is based totally on speculation, as I said, I tried really hard to think of reasons :-))

So, people, if you agree with me that you don’t want to spend the extra money, you don’t want to take the extra time off (or on), and you don’t want to spend 11 days at ONE EVENT, please let’s stop this from happening!

I love the Worlds, it is the best race, but after Argentina, now this? We can do better….

And let’s leave these other problems for another time shall we?

- “No worlds drivers will be driving on the track before the worlds” Oh really? So no Italians are going? I seem to recall that the Italian nationals were recently held on the same track.

- The track layout/surface needs to be renewed by at least 60% – The organiser themselves told me nothing would be changed.

- The surface needs to be at least 50% natural soil. – It is apparently 100% concrete and carpet.


*THE Future*

Let’s try to remember why we race RC Cars, it is supposed to be fun! Let’s make these events affordable and enjoyable for everyone. Let’s visit locations with a large local RC scene, easy access for everyone, and great facilities. Let’s promote the event locally, and involve local media. Let’s shorten up the program, and cut costs. Why don’t we do this so that the RC scene can grow! Racing at remote locations, for almost two weeks, is not a step forward. The manufacturers, or the sport in general gains nothing.”

Hit the “Read More” button to read the event organizer’s response and what I have to say about all of this…


hrp distributing
In industry news, HRP Distributing has announced they are ending distribution of JQ Products. Read the official press release below-

“For Immediate Release – HRP to End Distribution of JQ Products

SALT LAKE CITY – FEBRUARY 26, 2014 – HRP Distributing has announced that it has ended its North American distribution agreement with JQ Products, effective immediately. HRP will begin liquidating all current JQ Products inventory until supply is depleted. HRP strives to provide the best possible service to hobby dealers and enthusiasts alike, and will continue to offer the finest RC products on the market from the most respected brands.”

To get more information on HRP Distributing simply click This Link.

For more HRP news on BigSquidRC, This is the link you want.

JQ White Edition
The crew over at JQ Products has been teasing their new White Edition 8th scale buggy for a while, now they’ve released press photos and more information.

* 16mm shocks
* Ultra long gearbox screws
* Equal length universal driveshafts
* CNC machined C hubs, knuckles, and rear hubs
* 47/13 center gearing

Pricing for the White Edition buggy is $599 and it should be available starting in November/December. Hit up This Link for more information.

Click Here for more JQ news on BigSquidRC.

HRP ihobby

HRP Distributing was out in force at iHobby with lots of new product on display.

HRP distributes Gmade and the new Sawback scaler Jeep was featured in the booth. From looking over the Sawback it looks like it will be a lot of fun out on the trail.

For short course fans the Racers Edge Pro 4 Enduro was on hand, and Viper RC had all their motors and speed controllers out on display.

HRP has recently started to distribute Team C gear here in the states and they had numerous models on display. The Team C vehicles looked like high end race machines for flying around a high bite track.

Spaz Stix paints and JQ Products were also in the HRP booth. The Spaz Stix paints have really taken off this year, and the JQ vehicles keep getting more popular. A bunch of Savox servos were also in the booth, look for our review of one of their waterproof models very soon.

To get more information on everything from HRP simply click This Link. To read more HRP news here on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.

JQ Products THEeCar
The crew at JQ Products have officially released THEeCar to the public. THEeCar is their new 4wd 8th scale electric buggy that should be an animal on the track or at your local bash spot.

Some of the specifications include-

* Wheelbase- 324-328mm
* Width- 307mm
* Weight- 3500 grams
* Internal gear ratio- 3.3:1

For more information on everything JQ click THIS LINK for their official website. For more information on 8th scale buggies check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

JQ THEeCar Electric Buggy
The new electric 8th scale buggy from JQ Products is about to hit the market. Named THE eCar it is based off their Yellow Edition nitro buggy and has a street price of around $470. For you guys that like to put your cars together you’ll be happy to learn THE eCar comes as a kit and you can get more information about everything JQ on their official Website.

What else has JQ been up to? Check out THIS LINK to find out.

JQ Racing Yellow Pre Season Value Kit
The crew over at JQ Products have just announced more value in their THECar Yellow Edtion kit. The JQ crew is now adding $100 worth of option parts for free right in with the kit. The hop-up parts include-

* New Ackermann Plate
* New Wider Chassis
* New Right Sideguard
* New Rear Brace
* New Throttle and Brake Linkages

The part number for the kit with the free option parts is #JQB578, or you can just get the hop-up parts set, which is part number #JQS027. You can expect these new JQ parts to be hitting dealer shelves within a few days.

We have more JQ Products news right HERE on BigSquidRC.

JQ Products THE RTR Snow Bash Video
There is nothing more fun after a fresh snowfall than heading outside for some snow bashing. JQ Products has just posted a neat video featuring their new THE RTR 8th scale nitro buggy and two boys getting their bash on outside in the white fluffy stuff. The video shows that the rc hobby really is great fun- anytime, anywhere and for anyone.

The new JQ Products RTR buggy goes on sale later this month with a street price of only $299, which should make it a good option for many of you bashers out there. Check out the video below for some snow bashing action, and hit up the official JQ Products Website for more information on all of their products.

Looking for more JQ Products news here on BigSquidRC? Check out THIS link.

The peeps over at JQ Products have gained the titled sponsor for their 2012 season by reaching an agreement with Skullcandy. Know for their mainstream headphones and other audio equipment, Skullcandy and JQ both share similar roots of small time start-ups. Skullcandy is the #2 reseller of headphones in the U.S. behind Sony, which is a pretty big deal that they are moving over to help out RC! I’ve said it before…RC is blowing up in a big way!

Head over to JQ Products to see the full release.

JQ Concepts has a new 41T Front Overdrive Gear for all of you THECar owners out there. This gear makes the front tires pull a little more on power in relation to the rear. It should help THECar be a little easier to drive, especially on power. JQ says this is the most important option part to try, so head on over to JQ Products and check it out.

So you bought yourself JQ Product‘s THE Car, but something has been missing.  Maybe you’re upset that the color of various metal parts doesn’t match your purse and shoes.  Or maybe gold just isn’t your color.  Well JQ has some good news for you as they are releasing a whole bunch of brightly colored parts for your THE Car.  The complete package includes all M3 and M4 shims, shock ride height adjustment nuts, servo saver adjusting nut, and throttle link collars.  They’ll be available in black, green, red, blue, and um… gold, just in case the stock gold isn’t enough gold for you.  There’s also a selection of rear wings available in white, green, and yellow.

No word on pricing or availability yet and THE website is light on info, but soon and not much should be appropriate.