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Phone Drone 2

Make your phone a drone!

I was doing my usual ‘shopping’ on Kickstarter, and couldn’t help but see this need little design: the Phone Drone by XCraft! Designed as a simple quad frame, this drone uses a standard flight control board and couples it with your smartphone to create a self or manual flying drone for all your aerial photography needs! Here are some of the key features:Easy [...]


Oreolai EX-Zone

OreoLai Kickstarter for the new EX-ZONE 1:10 Drift Chassis

File this under “doh!”; High end RC drift maker, OreoLai, failed to Kickstart their promising new CS and RWD chassis, the EX-Zone. The EX-Zone comes in front or mid-rear motor configuration, but both share a c low center mounted drive shaft, like you’d find on a 1:1 car. Other features include; slider steering rack (more linear steering), 4 color options (bling!), [...]


Lego Quadcopter?! Put those bricks to good use!

I keep getting more and more impressed about the types of projects that show up on Kickstarter, and this one is new exception. Presenting a quadcopter frame made of…wait for it…LEGOS. Yes, the construction toy of our youth (and landmine to parents) has a new RC implementation where combined with 3D printed motor mounts creates a working quadcopter frame [...]


Built Sumo Quad Airframe

Raging Rotor News: For the Cause! DIY Quad Supplies via Kick…

Looking to DIY some RC without too much of the Y? I have found a new source to try out new and interesting multirotor projects: Kickstarter. Granted not a standard method of looking for RC, but you would be surprised what kind of projects you can find in the technology section of that site, besides the means of providing [...]