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RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Truck Kit

RC4WD Beast II 6×6 Truck Kit

The 6×6 scene has steadily been growing in popularity. On the trail they can make short work of sections that a normal 4×4 struggles with and they just plain look cool. Just in time for summer, RC4WD has announced a new 6×6, the Beast II Truck Kit. Featuring a Mil-Spec hardbody and loads of scale detailing, the Beast II should [...]


Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy 2.2

Serpent Cobra 811 2.2 8th Scale Nitro Buggy Kit

New from Serpent is the Cobra 811 2.2 nitro buggy. While not an all new design, it does feature a number of upgrades to make it the best nitro buggy yet from Serpent. The upgrades for the 2.2 buggy include- * V2 rear uprights * V2 wheel axles * 98mm driveshafts * Wheel-axle boots * 2.3mm front anti-roll bar The 811 2.2 has a part number [...]


Serpent Cobra B-e 2.1 Buggy

Serpent Cobra B-e 2.1 Electric 1/8th Buggy

The competition is heating up in the brushless 8th scale buggy class just in time for summer. The Durango DEX8 is making big waves and now Serpent has announced their latest entry into the class, the Cobra B-e 2.1. The B-e 2.1 is a revision of their previous buggy, but being a Serpent, it is sure to keep up their [...]


Team Durango DEX8 Video

Video – Team Durango DEX8 Buggy

The folks at Hobbico have put together a short video showcasing some of the features of the all new Team Durango DEX8 8th scale buggy kit. As you’ve seen in recent days here on BigSquidRC in our unboxing and build posts, the DEX8 has a bunch of new features like pillow ball front suspension, an innovative gear mesh system, and [...]


Build Notes Team Durango DEX8 Buggy

Build Notes – Team Durango DEX8 Buggy

What is the hottest new 8th Scale Buggy to hit the market? That would be the DEX8 from Team Durango. We recently got a chance to put the DEX8 kit together, while doing so we took plenty of pictures and took a whole bunch of notes. How did our build go? Overall, it went exceptionally well. Our kit wasn’t missing any [...]


Team Durango DEX8 Unboxing

Hot Unboxing - Team Durango DEX8 Electric 8th Scale Bug…

Team Durango made huge news recently when they introduced a new line-up of 8th scalers and a 4wd short course truck. We’ve been lucky enough to lay our hands on the brand new DEX8, Durango’s all new Electric 8th Scale Buggy. The DEX8 has an innovative gear mesh system, an adjustable rear wing with Gurney Flap, as well as a [...]


VBC GhostEVO Touring Car Kit

VBC Racing GhostEVO Touring Car Kit

Designed to make an affordable platform for VTA Racing, the new GhostEVO from VBC Racing should be a strong performer on the track (or around the cul-de-sac). The GhostEVO is a an all new design that features an FRP chassis and top deck to keep costs down. 7075 aircraft grade aluminium is used in strategic areas (like the motor mount) [...]


Tekno EB48SL

Tekno RC EB48SL 1/8th Super Light Buggy Kit

New from Tekno RC is the EB48SL Super Light Buggy Kit. Why would someone want a “super light” buggy? For a couple of good reasons- to be able to use more affordable 2S 550 power systems, and for more agility on tight tracks. The EB48SL was also designed to be easy to drive fast with great traction and corner speed. * [...]


Xion Puma 8 Wheel

Xion 1/16th 8 Wheel Drive SdKfz 234/2 Puma

Used extensively by the German Army during World War 2, the SdKfz 234/2 Puma is a legendary armed reconnaissance vehicle. The people at Xion Military Scale Models have announced they will be releasing a 1/16th scale version for the rc community. The Xion Puma is not only incredibly scale realistic, but should also be a very capable off-road machine with [...]


Tekno SCT410.3 4WD Short Course Truck

Tekno SCT410.3 4WD Short Course Truck

Tekno RC has announced their latest short course truck, the SCT410.3. The previous versions of the SCT410 were well known for their capabilities around a track, the new one comes with many improvements to make it handle better and to make it tougher than ever. Some of those improvements include- * Lightened outdrives and couplers * Angled rear diff with larger bearing * [...]


Kyosho Plazma Carbon Edition

Carbon Edition Toyota GT-One and Porsche 962C from Kyos…

Carbon fiber is just plain cool isn’t it? That’s why Kyosho America has announced two new carbon edition Plazma Lm Series 12th scale cars. Kyosho has given the carbon fiber treatment to their Plazma Toyota GT-One and their Plazma Porsche 962C. Both come as kits with highly detailed bodies that are pre-printed and pre-cut. Kyosho includes a 380 motor adapter [...]


Axial Yeti XL Kit Review

Axial Yeti XL Monster Buggy Kit Review

The Axial Yeti XL Monster Buggy is a big, nasty, bashing machine. First introduced as a RTR, the Yeti XL is now available in Kit Form. Is the kit easy to build? Is it any different than the RTR? Is it worth your hard earned cash? Read on to find out the scoop on the Yeti XL Kit… From: Axial [...]


Serpent F110 SF2 Formula 1 Car

Serpent F110 SF2 Formula 1 Car Kit

The latest F1 car from Serpent, the F110 SF2, features a slew of changes to make it faster than ever. The SF2 was designed to be run with either foam or rubber tires and comes in kit form. The kit doesn’t come with a body or tires, but does include front and rear wings. Carbon fiber can be found just [...]


Kawada F500WS

Kawada Announces F500WS

New from Kawada is a “wide spec” version of their Formula 1 car called the F500WS. Loaded with carbon fiber goodness, the F500WS should be an agile race machine while sporting scale authentic looks. Kawada is hoping for an April release date and you can hit up This Link to check out their official website. Click Here for more F1 news [...]


Build Log Axial Yeti XL Kit

Build Log – Axial Yeti XL Kit

Our full review of the Axial Yeti XL Kit goes up next week, until then we are posting some pictures from the build process. Overall the Yeti XL went together very well with no need to shave down parts to prevent binding and there were no parts missing, making for an easy build. In total it took us roughly 16 [...]