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STRC v2 Slash 4x4 LCG Conversion kit

ST Racing Concept’s V2 Traxxas Slash 4×4 LCG Conversion Kit

Newly updated from STRC is their Traxxas Slash 4×4 LCG Conversion Kit. Leading the list of revisions is a narrower 4mm aluminum chassis and a loss in weight, down 30 grams from the original. There is also more clearance around the rear sway bar mount and a revised battery strap. You can get the kit with either black or blue [...]


Traxxas Slash 2WD LCG Conversion Kit TRA5830

Traxxas Slash 2WD LCG Conversion Kit TRA5830

One way to get better handling out of your Traxxas 2wd Slash is to put a low center of gravity chassis on it. Now Traxxas has released a complete LCG Conversion Kit for the Slash 2wd. It comes with a blue chassis and everything you need to make the conversion. The part number for the Traxxas Slash conversion kit is TRA5830, [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 06.06.2013, Version- Quenching Your Thirst…

I Have a stock brushless 2wd Slash and want to upgrade to Anza LCG or Proline LCG chassis but keep everything else stock. I bash w/ some backyard racing. Which would you recommend? I’ve looked closely at both BSRC reviews but Proline review was w/ completely upgraded parts & Anza was stock. I know proline is a sponsor and don’t want [...]


Traxxas Slash 4x4 LCG chassis conversion kit 7421

Traxxas Slash 4×4 LCG Chassis Conversion Kit

The crew over at Traxxas now have a LCG Chassis Conversion Kit to turn your older Slash 4×4 into a lower center of gravity machine. The kit (part #7421) comes with all the parts and hardware needed to convert your Slash 4×4 over to the lower CG configuration. The conversion kit has a retail price of $75 and you can get [...]


st racing slash 4xr4 chassis

ST Racing Concepts – Slash 4×4 LCG Behind the Scenes

Recently we posted info about a possible new Traxxas Slash 4×4 LCG Chassis coming from STRC. Well it looks like we are going from Rumor Mill to reality as Steve from ST Racing Concepts is posting up a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at the development of the chassis. It seems we are going to be treated to a multi-part series [...]



ST Racing Concepts – L Bracket for Slash LCG Chassis

Own one of those cool STRC LCG Chassis’s for the Traxxas 2WD Slash? Well ST Racing Concepts has released a “L” bracket as a upgrade/improvement to their own design which is normally filled by four spacers. The bracket makes the chassis more rigid and is available in Black, Blue, Green, Gun Metal and Silver for the low cost of $6.99. [...]


pro-line pro-2 lcg chassis

Pro-Line Pro-2 LCG Performance Chassis

Way back in July we we posted pictures and some info about the new Pro-Line Pro-2 LCG Performance Chassis for the Traxxas Slash 2wd truck. Today we got some shiny new pictures along with a little more info. It sounds like it will be shipping VERY soon, and the price will be $127. For those that missed the info before, [...]


Exotek SC10 4X4 LCG Alloy Chassis

After showing us a prototype in October, Exotek Racing have released the production version of their Alloy LCG Chassis for the Associated SC10 4X4. It’s intended to improve the handling of the truck by lowering the CG and adding a bit of mass. You can fit standard sized Li-Po’s but a Carbon Fibre saddle pack mount is currently in development, and as promised it’s anodized [...]


Dynamite Hop-Ups for Slash 1

Dynamite LCG conversion for Slash

Dynamite has a load of new stuff for the Traxxas Slash. The biggest new item being a LCG conversion set. But you’ll also see aluminum arms, shock towers, sway bar sets, and more. Everything is available now or will be very soon. Keep an eye on the Dynamite website for more info. #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item { float: [...]