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Yeah Racing TRON LED Light Kit
Do you want your car to really stand out at the next big bash? The people over at Yeah Racing have something perfect for you, their TRON LED Wire Light Kit. This light kit comes with a flexible LED strip to follow the contours of your car (or truck) and you can mix different colors. Speaking of colors, there are 8 different ones to pick from. The light kit easily works with most receivers and the LED lights are rated for a 3000 hour lifespan. Want more information? Click Here for full details over on the official Yeah Racing website.

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Gear Head RC Trail Pod LED Light Bars
Gear Head RC keeps on expanding their light bar line-up with their new Trail Pod LED Light Bars. These feature two ultra-bright LEDs in a low-profile Delrin housing for a proper scale look. Totally waterproof, you don’t have to worry about avoiding big mud holes, and they were designed to run off of 4.5 to 6 volts.

* Available in white, amber and yellow
* Made in the USA
* Runs off receiver aux/bat port or four AA batteries
* Includes 12″ servo lead
* Dimensions: 0.89 x 0.60 x 0.76″

The white have a part number of #GEASCA034, they have a street price of $35, and they are available right now. Get full details at This Link over on the RPP Hobby website.

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Axial LED Controller
To light up those nighttime trail drives, our friends over at Axial have a couple of products for you.

Their 3 Port High Output LED Controller fits in between a simple light kit and their #AX24251 Night Vision System and gives you the ability to power 3 separate LED strings. The controller is compatible with their 8 LED light string and includes a wire harness extension for easy body removal. The part number is #AX31097, it is street priced at $35, and they are available right now.

Axial’s White 8 LED Light String is not only bright enough to light up dark trails, but they also add a nice touch of scale realism to your rig. Made as a direct bolt-on to Axial’s CRC/Rigid SCX10 light bars, it has a part number of #AX31098, a street price of $17, and they are also in stores right now.

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Carisma M40DT LED Light Kit
Since we reviewed the Carisma M40DT it has become one of our “go to” bash machines. Recently we were out driving the Carisma but ended up running out of daylight, needless to say that was an absolute bummer. Why should the fun stop at sundown?

The good folks over at Carisma make a nifty LED Light Kit made specifically for the M40DT that helps keep the fun going when the sun goes down. We installed the kit on our M40DT and took some notes & pictures to show how easy it is to put on your truck.

How To Install an LED Light Kit on the M40DT-

1. Get everything you’ll need together. You will need the Carisma M40DT Light Kit (#15154, $25), some CA glue, and a body reamer (or drill) to make a hole in the body. A couple of zip-ties can also come in handy to tidy things up.

2. Make a hole in the top of the body so you can run the lights to the roof mounted light buckets that came on the body.

3.. Slide the LEDs into the light buckets on the roof. Add a tiny dab of CA glue to keep them from ever popping out.

4. Mount the control box for the LED light kit. There is a spot perfect for this just above the servo and the box even comes with double sided tape on its bottom to make this step extra easy.

5. Plug the wires that are coming out of the control box into the receiver. The M40DT also makes this step easy because it has a pigtail coming out of its receiver specifically for this purpose.

6. Grab a zip tie and tidy up the wire bundle coming out of the receiver. This helps keep the wires out of harm’s way during hard bash sessions.

7. Slide the LEDs into the light buckets provided on the M40DT’s front bumper. Once again use a tiny dab of CA to keep them from coming loose.

8. Plug the wire harness from the LED lights into the LED control box.

9. Hit the “on” switch on the LED control box and take a look at your job well done. It took us less than 10 minutes to do the install, and that included the time spent taking notes and pictures. The kit uses 6 amber lights for the roof, 4 for the front bumper, and we found they did a decent job of lighting up the night for some after hours bashing.

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Rabbitek Backlit Setup Board and LED Pit Light
If you’ve been looking to uber-out your pit spot the crew over at Rabbitek have a couple of new items for you. They have a new set that includes a high-zoot illuminated setup board and LED pit light. The setup board features a pair of bubble tubes to help you get it perfectly level, while the pit light is made to fold down to save space in your pit box.

* Board size- 450 x 300mm
* LED light size- 160 x 90 mm
* Input power- 12~15VDC

The set-up board with pit light are priced at $149, they are available right now, and you can get more information by hitting up This Link

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RC4WD LED Light Bar
In their quest to have the trickest products on the trail, RC4WD has announced a new 1/10 SMD LED Light Bar. This high performance light bar is not only designed up to brightly light up the trail, but to also add even more scale realism to your truck.

* Uses 20 individual LEDs
* Adjustable brackets for easy install
* Vented sides to dissipate heat
* Comes with standard receiver plug
* Designed to work on 7.4 volts
* Overall Length: 4.81″
* Overall Height: 0.81″
* Weight: 1.44oz

The light bar has a part number of #Z-E0056, a street price of $39, they are available right now, and you can get full information at This Link over on RC4WD’s website.

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Gear Head Trail Torch DC-1 LED Light Bar
The crew over at Gear Head have recently added a new LED light bar to their catalog, the 1/10th scale Trail Torch DC-1. The Trail Torch is made here in the USA and comes with nine white and four amber LEDs. The light bar can be run on 4.5 to 6 volts and comes with a 12″ servo lead for an easy install.

* Length- 4.25″
* Height- 0.60″
* Depth- 0.76″

The Gear Head light bar has a part number of #GEASCA028, a street price of $54, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Yeah Racing LED Pit Light
We’ve all been out bashing and lost track of time, before you know it the sun is going down and the Slash you were working on a couple hours ago is still in a hundred pieces on your tailgate. Suddenly you need some light, but the nearest AC power outlet is 5 miles away.

The Bash Crew has been using an LED pit light from Yeah Racing for weeks now. It folds down and takes up very little space in your tool box, yet puts out a lot of light. Perhaps more importantly, it has a rechargeable Lithium battery inside that lasts for close to 10 hours, more than enough for a day at the track, or for putting your truck back together as the sun goes down.

There are some other neat features that come on the Yeah Racing pit light like a built in thermometer, a calender, and even an alarm clock. Ours has worked well, putting out lots of light and we rarely have to charge it. Its part number is #YA-0295 and we got ours from RC Mart. It doesn’t break the bank at $29 and you can get more information at THIS LINK over on the RC Mart website.

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KO Propo LED Servos
Looking for that last bit of bling to really set your car off? Want to have something trick on your truck that your buddy doesn’t? Need a new servo anyways?

KO Propo have announced two new servo’s with built in LED lights. Three different colors are available, Blue, Red and Yellow. The two different types of servos that you can get the LED’s on are the speed type, PDS-2531 or a torque type, PDS-2532. The speed type servo has a transit speed of .13 and 9.5 kg-cm of torque at 6 volts. The torque type has a transit of .16 and 10.8 kg-cm of torque. Both have a street price of $70.

Want more information on the new LED servos from KO? Simply click THIS LINK. To see other new products from KO hit THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

TheToyz Flashing Light Bar
Want to add a little flash to your bash-mobile? The guys over at TheToyz have some new Flashing Light Bars that are sure to grab some attention down at your local bash spot.

The light bars are 106mm in length, 26mm wide, and come with a receiver plug making them easy to install. While the lights are quite bright, they are efficient and low on power consumption. Available colors include red, blue, and yellow with a street price of $16. For more information simply click THIS LINK. To see them in action check out the video below.

Are you all about scale realism? If so, you might enjoy THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

thetoyz angel halo lights
Perhaps you’ve seen a trick angel halo eye light kit installed on a full scale car or motorcycle and wondered where you could get some for your rc machine. The crew over at TheToyz now have the hook-up for you.

TheToyz offer the lights in 8 different color combo’s that feature 5mm diameter middle bulbs and 8.1mm diameter halos. They come wired in pairs with an in-line switch and receiver plug to make them easy to install. 4.2 to 6 is the recommended input voltage.

These are available right now and have a street price of $7. Hit THIS LINK for more information.

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Ram models inc booth efest 2013
The crew over at Ram Models Inc are primarily known for their LED lighting systems and they have a large display of them at the eFest 2013 fly-in.

Ram is also showing their new Quad LED systems for the Blade MQX, Heli-Max 1SQ, and Traxxas QR-1. These are plug and play systems that weight around 2 grams and have a retail price of right around $15. Hit up the official Ram Website for complete details.

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MuchMore USA MR-SHB LED 12 volt Light board
The crew over at MuchMore Racing have announced a cool new set-up board that uses LED lighting inside. Set-up boards come in handy to see if your machine is tweaked anywhere, and now with a light inside this is even easier. Us old guys with bad eyesight, or anyone who has pitted in a dark room, can really appreciate the new MuchMore set-up board.

* Size: 480 x 360 x 12mm
* Weight: 2,200 grams
* Input Voltage: 12 ~ 13.8v volts DC
* Power Consumption: 12 watts
* Light Source: LED
* Rated Life: 50,000 times
* Temp Range: 0 to 40 Celsius
* Acrylic Board
* Bag material: oxford, nylon, PVC
* Part #MR-SHB

Expect to see these hitting hobby shops later this month and you can click over to the MuchMore Racing Website for more information. Click THIS link for MuchMore news right here on BigSquidRC.